Sunday, August 10, 2008

Latest news update

* Russian forces have reportedly entered into Georgia proper threatening the city of Gori.

* South Ossetian forces claim to have penetrated into Georgia

* The Russian Air Force has bombed the Tbilissi airport for the 2nd time

* The Russian Navy has sunk one Georgian attack boat (part of a group of 4 who tried to attack the Russian units)

* Abkhaz forces have attacked Georgian units

* At least one American citizen has been captured by the Russian forces. He is claimed to be an 'advisor' with the Georgian military.

* Some sources claim that one of the SU-25 pilots downed by the Russian spoke neither Russian nor English.

* The Bush Administration declares it will seek to condemn the Russian actions at the UNSC

* American officials have declared that the "Russian escalation" will have a damaging consequences for the US-Russian relationship (obviously, they will not even consider what impact US actions in this war will affect Russian attitudes towards the USA)