Friday, August 8, 2008

Appeal to the world of the South Ossetian Government

Appeal to the Governments and peoples of the world!

Please, help us stop genocide of the small people of the South Ossetia!

The small country, which has been constantly destroying for 19 years by Georgian fascists.
And the world community conceal all the atrocities of Georgia for the sake of geopolitical interest of the USA.

Conflict resolution is completely in international law. However, the Georgian side skillfully uses methods of historical falsifications, political insinuations. Georgia enjoys the patronage of a criminal government of the USA, and presents events in the world misrepresented.

At the moment the most part of South Ossetia is erased by the Georgian aggressors. There continue to die elderly, women, children. The death toll is unknown, because of the Georgian side fired them all who tried to help the wounded. Children are among them.

Not comparable with anything Georgian cruelty let know even in 91-92 years.

When Georgians at point-blank range shot civilians of South Ossetia, as the example of the bus which was driving with people on bypass road, Zar. No one will forget it! Georgian fascists made all people go out, from the bus and fired them. They also fired point-blank women and children and kids . They fired even the little three-year-old boy, who hid away under the body of his mother.

What else can we say of Georgia?

They buried people alive, burnt them and tortured them in different methods. After all that the world community is silent and Georgians continue to kill. Saakashvili doesn’t feel sorry for anybody, even for his Georgians. For him, the notion of "people" and "meat" is not much different and probably, he prefers more the second.

There is only one way for peace - it is declaration of the independence by the world community. We call on all decent people of the world not to remain indifferent to the fate of the Ossetian people.