Saturday, August 16, 2008

Al Sayyid Hasan Nassrallah Speech on the second anniversary of the Resistance victory over 'Israel' in 2006

Al Sayyid Hasan Nassrallah Speech on the second anniversary of the Resistance victory over (Israel) in 2006

In the name of God

In the beginning of this speech made due to the very important anniversary of the holy victory in Lebanon, I would like to deliver condolence to the families of the martyrs of the Lebanese army and the martyrs of our families in Tripoli, those martyrs who were killed by criminal hands and organized crime targets the entire country, the army and the people. And for all who were injured I hope their recovery soon. May Allah give the families the ability to be patient for this crime takes place as this country and the region are going to face a new stage. All Lebanese must condemn this crime in Tripoli and it must be a reason to get all of us away from the nervousness, tensioning, agitation and dispute and to move to a phase of cooperation to have out country protected.

In the 14th of August, the anniversary of the resistance victory and the historical defeat of the (Israeli) and preventing it from achieving any of its black goals, we pay contribute to the sacrifice of martyrs of the resistance, the Lebanese army, the people and most of all the commander martyr Imad Moughniyah as well as their honorable families; I pay contribute to the injured ones and some injuries are still bleeding; I pay contribute all of those who were displaced and whose houses got destroyed, to those who showed endurance and whose belonging got ruined; to all of those who supported the resistance; to all of those who welcomed the displaced people in the different Lebanese regions and sects; to all of the political and religious leaderships in Lebanon and nation wide and who were partners in the resistance, the positions, and the making of the legend; to all of the Arabian, Muslim and global leaderships who stood with Lebanon, its people, Resistance and Army during the brutal (Zionist) aggression.

Now during these two years it’s becoming clearer and clearer on one hand the extent and the danger of the aggression and the amount of the security and military capabilities being used by the enemy and the dimension of the global and regional collusion; and on the other hand the extent of the endurance that we altogether showed and the challenge that we expressed confronting this war, aggression and collusion. It’s becoming more and more obvious that what happened in July 2006 war reflects the range of the energy in Lebanon and the Ummah’s ordinary and honorable people and not just the resistance or the political leaders. Those people expressed a high and elevated amount of patience and capability of confronting dangers, suffering and sadness. Many of the study centers came after the war bearing in mind that they would see men, women and children with psychological difficulties that must be in need of a special treatment. What happened is that they found people who are happy of what they had faces as they believe it was a part of their duty. These centers said that the result is due to their faith, faithful culture, conscious notions based on their culture and civilization that is deeply rooted touching the roots of the history. After these two years, it’s becoming clearer that what happened is a sort of a real miracle and a divine victory for all of those being oppressed who are few and lack the capabilities but not the will or the determination in front of the strongest army in the region- the army that was backed by the greatest aggressors in the world.

The second anniversary comes to assure that the precautions of the war are still continuing on many levels: on the intellectual strategic military and political level, and fighting schools and ideologies. That is shown through the amount of the deep studies being done in the world and mostly in (Israel) and the USA, the two states that are more concerned than any other with the lessons that must be taken from this defeat and failure. The persecutions are also continuing within the enemy’s army that resigned and still resigning the majority or half of its first class leaders and generals. The (Israeli) miserable government insinuated the foundation and the training of the Georgian special forces. Georgia that depended on (Israeli) experts and weapons in its confrontation of Russia is facing the failure which it has learned form failing generals. What happened in Georgia is a lesson to all of those who accept being involved in wars and adventures upon insinuations from US that satisfies in delivering statements at the end of the day for it interest is grater than anything else. After all, the Ehud Barack the enemy’s chief of staff and one of its greatest leaders as well as its current minister of war stated that the reason behind the defeat is the lack in experience of the leadership and especially the military one that led July 2006 war.

Who has the experience especially in military leadership then? Who’s experienced if all the (Israeli) Generals who were engaged in wars have failed? Now is Barack experienced? Or is Ashkanazi experienced? They were defeated in 2000. Let me remind Ashkanazi who was a military command in the northern area, let me remind him of his failure on the hands of the resistance although its tactics experience and capabilities were not as great compared to today’s. Now I should remind Ehud Barack about his speeches when he was a candidate of the prime ministry in year 2000, about his failure as he said that (Israel) has not choice but to withdraw form Lebanon, it was the resistance that forced him to withdraw in May 2000 in that particular scenario without being able to take any political or security advantage either from Lebanon or Syria. These people who are threatening on the (Gholan heights) as if they are historical leaders- those whose failure has been proved by experiments Ashkanazi and Ehud Barrack; if they were new figures it would be okay, but they were those who have proved their own failure before.

The consequences are continuing also of on the political level within the enemy’s entity; the whole political team who raced the battle in 2006 has finished. The minister of war is done; the chief of the staff who usually dreams of being a minister of defense is done; Olmert will say good bye in September and (Israeli) and Arabian media mentioned two weeks ago that Olmert is dead and will be buried in two months! the results of the war will have its effects on all the conflicts of the (Israeli) politics and all the (Israeli) leadership; the (Zionists) are admitting that they are confronting the worst and most complex leadership in the history- this is due to the war on July 2006. Now we look and the repercussions on the regional level, before the end of the war we said that we said that Great Middle East Project is frozen or delayed. But after two years it becomes clearer that it has fallen or delayed for a long time and we are not hearing any one especially Condoleezza Rice speaking about it. Doubtless, this Middle East would have led to dividing many Arab countries. Lebanon as people, country, resistance, and army have to stand and tell the Islamic and Arab world that it’s by our flesh, blood and tears that we have preserved this division; so we don’t hear Condoleezza Rice making statement that this project has now been aborted. And also continuing on the regional level, (Israel) is incapable of facing the rockets of the Palestinian resistance. (Israel) has been shifted from threatening against Syria to accept the strategy of negotiation with this country on the conditions that Syria would break its alliance with the Islamic republic of Iran on one hand and its alliance with all the Resistance movements on the other hand. (Israel) speaks very clearly about the Syrian’s military developments. (Israel) stands afraid in the face of Iran not sure whether to step forward or backward.

Again the other repercussion was in the growth of the culture of Resistance. Even before July 2006, this culture was strongly found in more than one country facing occupations, but the endurance and the victory of July war was growing and enforcing the spread of the resistance culture in the Ummah on behalf of the culture of moving back or surrender. That’s what study centers show in their opinion polls being done in these two years.

The (Israeli) has always talked about pressing the Arabian awareness. But where is the Arabian awareness after July war and the victory? And where’s the (Israeli awareness) after July war? And who is the pressed one now? Let’s have a look at the Palestine where although all of the internal events that have led to instability, the resistance stays as the only exist among the majority of the Palestinian people especially after the deadlock of any other (Israeli) compromise and its lowliness conditions that couldn’t be accepted by any Palestinian. One of these compromises is what Olmert offered the head of the Palestinian authority. The same could be said concerning Iraq where a tough resistance is fighting the foreigner occupation.

As I mention the Iraqi resistance I mean not those involved in criminal acts for ethical, political, religious or regional differences. The recent coming news have talked about suicide-bombers targeted Karbala pilgrimages; having women and men totally ready to be involved in killing is a mere ridiculous. Why aren’t they sent to target occupation forces? Or they are just set for the purpose of killing whom they differ with in customs and worship. These are criminal groups have no relation with the Iraqi Resistance. Which is Iraqi resistance is the one that is serious and which is found in various Iraqi areas and coming form various sects. Media is broadcasting operations that seem excellent and affective on the future of the occupation and its project in the country. Those resistant men are honorable and working amid highly complicated situations. To be more scientific rather than accusative or slogan raiser, I will depend on the results of the opinion polls got by institutions- which some of them are pro-occupations- but still show that more that 70% of Iraqi people is pro-resistance, its right and legitimacy as well especially in the southern districts of the country. This broad support of the resistance is the outcome of the strong spread of the resistance culture in the Ummah in the last years; doubtless, July war has played a fundamental role in that. I would like to address politicians as mentioning that the great percentage of engagement in any Iraqi election process on the parliament or municipality level doesn’t swallow portions from the support degree of the resistance. It’s well-known that the aggrieved and honorable Iraqi nation is seeking the embrace of its country whether through political channels like elections or military means presented by the resistance.

The second anniversary of the victory comes after the return of the war prisoners among who were the martyrs and Samir Al-Quntar plus his brothers. The day of their return was the most beautiful national wedding here; in the meantime the enemy was gowned with shame, defeat and failure. I would talk more about the “Rodwan” operation, but I prefer waiting for more days to get the results of the DNA test of the four martyrs among which two are supposed to “Dalal Al Moughrabi” and “Yehya Skaf”. It’s known that “Al Moughrabi” is a martyr, but it’s crucial for determining the destination of “Skaf”. I will make a press conference to speak about the results of the release operation, the destination of the four Iranian diplomatists, the received (Israeli) reports, the complete file of war prisoners, these arrested in Lebanese jails, the four Lebanese Generals, and the missing in both Lebanese and Syrian jails.

The second anniversary of the victory comes and a national Lebanese government has already been established after a 2-year severe political argument. The argument had a relation with the results, the trends and the reasons of this victory. This new government has issued a ministerial statement that treats the Resistance fairly and disappoints the (Israeli) enemy who bet on finishing it or at least isolating it. Here it’s failing in doing so either.

I would like also to tackle the loud (Israeli) voices that are talking about the ever growing power of Hezbollah. Of course the collection excludes that of Olmert for it’s breathless in these days, and it includes that of Barack, Ashkanazi and Livni who are promoting that Hezbollah has a developed air defense weaponry system. I will not confirm anything for working in secret is a part of the Resistance power. We do sometimes announce something but it comes as a part of a well-studied plan, psychological warfare, and well using of the deterrence before really using the deterrence itself. We don’t announce to show off as well as we don’t hide something for fear; all that we do is well-studied. When July war began the enemy was surprised; he hadn’t been aware of our Earth-Sea weapons, the anti-tanks developed weapons, the rocket power as well as this power capacity and extent.

It’s important to know how to deal with such a noise; it’s clear that the resistance which has included all parties, powers and sects has defeated the enemy in 2000, but militarily. Since that time (Israel) has been busy in convincing the international society to get the resistance disarmed. The ex-(Israeli) foreign minister Silvan Shalom was the busiest one on this track, and he considers (1559) decision as one of his diplomatic ministerial achievement.

Blocking financial funding and weapons supplies channels is an aim. Three Lebanese officials were banned form getting visa for a $300 donation in one of the Resistance Support Board dinners. They worked on enlisting Hezbollah on the various “terrorist lists” in the world. All of their attempts have been failed adding to it the failure of July 2006 war that expressed the utmost (Israeli) and American anger from the Resistance and the desire of vanishing it. Today, it’s publicly speaking in their media and everywhere else that disarming Hezbollah is an (Israeli) aim. All Lebanese attention must be drawn to this particular point. Now, all the (Israeli) threats are a kind of pressure that they promised to create after the release operation. I say to (Israel) that’s useless.

Other (Israeli) aims include creating pressure cloud over the head of the national dialogue table to badly affect the discussion of the National Defense Strategy. As Lebanese are getting ready for this dialogue, the (Israeli) works to beg the world for military support pretending being the one whose existence is threatened by a neighboring power but disclosing its oppressing and killing truth practiced on daily basis. That’s why they are exaggerating the military power of Hezbollah. However this (Israeli) attempt is a real reflection of God’s verse “they are deceiving but God has his own ways” because the (Israeli) nation, the Lebanese nation and all Arabian and Muslim nations are listening very well. And that will lead to two results: firstly, the creation of a scary situation among the (Israeli) people; it’s a psychological war for free; we are paying no penny; and secondly the empowerment of the trust of the Lebanese nation and the Arabian and Muslim nations in the resistance that has the capacity to draw new victories. It is true that the resistance owns an air weaponry system- and I don’t think that would upset any in Lebanon for it will break the balancing power in the region.

This noise must be faced strongly by Lebanese unity among the army, the nation, and the resistance and by supporting the ministerial statement as well. It’s only then that the collective fallen (Israeli) group of Barack, Ashkanazi, Livni, and Mofaz will be disabled of doing anything against Lebanon.

To the (Israelis) I say we know that you are plotting for more assassinations of the resistance leaders among whom you have killed Sheikh Raghib Harib, Sayyid Abbas Al-Mousawi, and Haj Imad Moughniyeh; Martyrdom doors are open for other leaders; we fear you not; we haven’t felt so before, and we won’t feel it; go to hill with your threats; we are staying here; our main cause is getting Lebanon stronger and stronger. Our culture has smoothed martyrdom not only in the eyes of our leaders but also of the women, children and olds as well.

Concerning the national dialogue, I would emphasize on the need of establishing it as soon as possible with a prior serious preparation. Different powers are calling to be involved in this dialogue, and this must be taken into consideration too. It’s a real chance to discuss the national defense strategy and the ways of defending Lebanon from any dangers. We are full ready for a scientific calm purposeful dialogue. we informed the delegate of the Lebanese President that we insist on discussing another two main points on the national dialogue table: the need to discuss a national strategy to build a just and strong state that is re-assuring for all Lebanese and that is based on honest and obvious principles; however building such a state doesn’t mean canceling “Al-Taef” agreement but rather taking it into consideration. None can cancel the other whoever this other might be in this country. That’s what the experience has shown.

The other point that we emphasized on is the need to discuss a national strategy to treat the economical, financial, social and living situation which is a mere national and continuous crisis that all Lebanese are suffering from per minutes and seconds.

Upon the powerful and weak elements found in us and those found in the enemy, one can guarantee a victory; war situations can be lived for days and war consequences can be born for months and years but economic issue is a more complicated one.

The interest of our nation and country must be on table in the coming dialogue. we have to cooperate to draw decisions and have them implemented.

Concerning Lebanon-Syria relations I would say that one can take advantage form Lebanese President Michael Suleiman’s visit to Syria for it smoothes the ground for a new stage; we hope that none would throw obstacles in front of these attempts or have them complicated. Based on my own knowledge and following over years of this issue, I could say that dealing in a positive spirit would be for the interest of the two states and would also treat their stranded files.

Concerning the internal Lebanese relations and the National Lebanese Government, I would say that we watched the severe discussion of the ministerial statement in the parliament. A great deal of the discussion was irrelevant to this statement, and it was just an art of delivering speech. We heard also the hurting attacks on the resistance project and weapons. I have always called my brothers to show more endurance and staying calm despite of the hardness of what is being said.

But I would say that all the attempts presented in media campaigns against the resistance or accusing and disturbing it are useless and will not affect its will or determination or hide its sun that has been shining victory over this country for years. Such campaigns would just heat congestion on the street which is rather in need of some sort of rest.

A lesson has to be absorbed from the fact that a 33-day war launched by the most aggressive side in the world and backed by the international support was incapable of shaking the resistance, its men, its supporters or its weapons; moreover, it empowered it. And here it is enemy talking about Hezbollah’s ever growing power. So, some annoyed and angry speeches will not change a bit in the scene. I say to my angry brothers and to those who make speeches while they are angry that this noise is useless either inside or in the region. The resistance is a well-rooted, aware, and rational project that is based on strong and tough fundamentals as well as very deep intellectual, cultural, political, national, psychological and civilized structures. Therefore, such a simple movement will not change the trend of this resistance.

Let’s leave aside all what might irritate the street for it needs rest at the moment rather than irritation. Let’s face the new stage with full responsibility.

Some attempts to ignore the presence of the national government; this government is existing. We preferred having a wider presentation of other political, public and national powers in the government, but they have chosen to be presented by the opposition. Let’s consider it as a chance for which we should provide with the factors of success.

David Walsh and the ex-US ambassador are saying that the de-activated or guaranteeing third issue is worthless; I would ask if it were , why have you had been paralyzing and ruining the country in these two years? They are trying to simplify it. This indicates that it wasn’t the opposition that deactivated the country, but they were. Now the government has taken the vote of 100 MPs which is worthy trust, we call the government not to have time passed but rather to work seriously on real and severe files. Hezbollah is ready for a real and sincere cooperation with the government and all its ministries to achieve national interests for our country and people. I would say for all political powers: let’s work on lightening this congestion and show more calmness in speeches, discussion and criticism. Calmness doesn’t mean stop criticizing the other or making notes, but the structure, the style, the language and attitudes would either calm the country or place it on a volcano hole. We are all in front of this great national and dangerous responsibility; it’s very important and we have to cooperate for it.

In the 14th of August, I remember the great scene drawn on the day when the displaced people, form different cities and villages that had been bombarded, quickly returned back to their places although the (Israeli) enemy hasn’t announced a seize fire till this day; it declared the stoppage of the operations with out really stopping them, and it still considers itself in a war with Lebanon. Although these people were told that your houses, gardens, villages and cities are full with bombs, they returned back.

We also remember the child, old person, woman, farmer, student martyrs who passed away due to these bombs that still endanger other lives- the fact that discloses the extent of the (Israeli) malice against our children, women, and people.

This great scene reflects the culture, will, faith, determination, and the liveliness of the people who wants life, steadfastness, and staying on their lands whatever the dangers might be. These people want a valuable and bountiful life but refuse lowness and disgrace.

We also remember the people, the open gardens, the mosques, the churches, the universities and schools that welcomed the displaced people. Some asks us to greet one place and another especially Beirut- the place that we don’t consider ourselves out from; we are not foreigners to greet Beirut: One thousand greetings to Beirut the capital of Arabian nationwide, the resistance, the home, and endurance. Greetings for the north that is bleeding and bled yesterday.

Greetings are passed to the Beka’a and the south, the two enduring and resisting fighters. I greet specially the southern suburb of Beirut that got the great portion of destruction and displacement during the days of the war. Greeting is passed for every town, city and country, house and every family that embraces the resistance and insists to have Lebanon as free lord and independent. Greetings to all our Palestinian people in the camps in Lebanon who have been all along the past decades and during July-August war partners of the resistance, the sacrificed blood, endurance, and they are always the partners of the hard living just like all Lebanese who are living on their own lands, but they are still deprived away from theirs as Imam Mousa AL Sadr used to say.

This anniversary comes to assure that we are capable of having our victories completed by our unity, cooperation and forgiveness. In the past, we managed to overcome the ill-will; let’s do it again; let’s seize the chance of being in front of a new phase and spirit. That will be the greatest ever loyalty to the martyrs of the resistance, the people as well as the army.

Happy victory; live the resistance; live Lebanon; live Lebanese people dear and proud; live our Ummah that will hold back its sanctities by the will of God and its determination as well.