Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fox TV: "Irregular, undisciplined, angry and humilited Georgian force"

I don't even have a TV. Much less so one tuned to American stations. And even much less so one tuned to FOX TV. And sometimes, very rarely, I regret that. Like today. But one of my long time readers helped me out (thanks LH!) and send me this hilarious video of FOX TV reporters being shot at being their Georgian darlings. Before watching it, notice a couple of things.

The first segment shows Russian troops who have clearly arrested a couple of Georgian men (infiltrated special ops, irregulars, whatever - they are not in uniform and so they could be summarily executed as mercenaries, terrorists or spies under the laws of war). Notice that these guys were caught with at least one assault weapon and a large demolition grenade. Clearly, they were not going hunting or skeet shooting. Then notice that the Russians order one of the caught Georgians to take off his shirt. The Russians clearly suspect that he might be hiding more weapons or even a bomb.

Now remember the peace plan which was agreed upon by all parties? Point #5 said:

Russian troops return to the lines they held before the start of the military operation. Before an international solution is worked out Russian peacekeepers are taking up an additional security role.

That 'additional peacekeeping role' clearly includes disarming un-uniformed combatants with military weapons, does it not?

And how does FOX TV react to these images? With utter outrage, of course. How dare these Russian not just withdraw at warp speed and how dare they disarm Georgians?! Clearly this is yet another manifestation of Grand-Russian revanchism, militarism, and imperialism - or so these doubleplusgoodthinking reporters think.

There is a profound beauty then to the fact that these same reporters go shot at by the very Georgians they seem to love so much. Watching them run (from a single guy with a pistol, it appears) just reminds how utterly full of shit the Western press is and how totally devoid of any courage - or common sense - these informational-prostitutes are. What a pity indeed that the "fat Georgian with the pistol" missed them.

Next time, maybe?

Anyway - this short video is the perfect allegory about this war. About the Russians, the Georgians and the Americans. The only ones missing from it are the 2000+ murdered Ossetians.

What this thing about running in a panic when not a single gunshot is heard?! That's exactly what Saakashvili did the other day. Weird...