Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Russia asks Turkey not to attack Iraq

Russia's lower house of parliament has called on Turkey not to launch a cross-border offensive against Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq.

Issuing a resolution on Tuesday the Russian lawmakers have called the US invasion of Iraq "gross violation of international law.

AP reported that in their resolution, lawmakers in the State Duma - which is dominated by the Kremlin-backed party United Russia - said the 2003 invasion had "inflicted irreparable damage to civil society'' in Iraq.

"A military operation in northern Iraq will further destabilize the already tense situation in the region,'' said the resolution, which passed 338-0.

Turkey should "evaluate all possible negative consequences of a cross-border counter-terrorism operation ... and display wisdom, foresight and restraint,'' it said.

Turkey's parliament was expected Wednesday to authorize a government request seeking authorization for a military campaign in northern Iraq.