Saturday, October 20, 2007

Iran to fire 11,000 missiles at invaders

(PRESS TV)- Iran warns that it would fire as many as 11,000 missiles at 'the enemy's bases' within the first minutes after any possible attack.

Brigadier General Mahmoud Chaharbaghi, a senior commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), warned Saturday Iran will immediately respond to possible attacks.

He emphasized that Iran is capable of maintaining its fire power, in case of any invasion.

The commander of the missile force of the IRGC revealed Iran is one of the few countries with the capability of destroying the enemy's mobile targets as it possesses smart munitions and the equipments to pinpoint the enemy's targets.

"Now the enemies should ask themselves how many forces they would be ready to sacrifice to pay the price of their folly,” Chaharbaghi added.

"If a war breaks out in the future, it will not last long because we will rub their (the enemies') noses in the dirt," he concluded.

The top IRGC commander said Iranian troops receive training on symmetric and asymmetric warfare in a bid to be prepared for different kinds of confrontations.

He also hinted that the enemy would not be able to locate IRGC artillery and missile units, as they are deployed all around the country.

General Chaharbaghi also added that the Iranian-made rockets' accuracy and range are unique in the world.

Now equipped with radar-evasive missiles and the most advanced rocket launchers, Iran's army is capable of defending the country's borders with Iraq, the Persian Gulf, and the Sea of Oman.

Chaharbaghi's remarks come after US President George W. Bush said Tehran's nuclear activities would lead to World War III.

Bush's remarks have drawn criticism at home and around the world with US presidential hopeful Barack Obama terming them as “cowboy diplomacy”.