Friday, June 6, 2014

June 6th combat SITREP update by "Juan"

1. Commo around Slavyansk is busy with reports of much movement of Nats forces.

2. Semenovka is under continuous bombardment since 07:00 06.06.2014. Vast areas are destroyed. Grad missiles are used but not in salvo. 15.2 cm howitzers and 12.2 cm mortars plus heavy field guns and tank cannon.

3. Lugansk City proper is under air attack 18:05 06.06.2014. At least 2 Su25 aircraft attacked living areas. Casualties unknown.

4. Nats An 30b surveillance aircraft shot down 06.06.2014 18:45 local time. First 2 vids.

5. Slavyansk water supply system hit by Nats arty. Water supply to most of city cut off.

6. Slavyansk electric supply system hit by Nats Arty. Electric off for most of city as of 14:00 06.06.2014.

7. Krasni Liman. All males ages 18-40 being arrested by right sector. Those arrested are being taken out of town. Fates unknown. Photos. Militsiya (police) car with right sector.

8. 2 strong armor columns moving toward Slavyansk. Numerous tanks and supporting troops.

9. 3 cm anti aircraft guns are shooting down in to Slavyansk City from overlooking hills. Living areas and shops are targeted.

10. An agreement was reaching with Nats Army CO Slavyansk area to evactuate two columns of buses with children and young mothers. First column left city using designated route and was fired upon by right sector units. Casualtied, if any, are unknown. Second column left by a different route. No commo with either column since 16:14 06.06.2014.

11. Donbas Army has made appeal for qualified tankists and pilots.

12. Reports of heavy fighting developing outskirts of Slavyansk City proper 18:45 local Ukraine time.

14. Personal conversation by phone mid day today with person living near Krasni Liman. Person states right sector is looting shops, confiscating cars, trucks and buses. A few civilian men shot down in local streets. Some young women have been outraged. Person says no food allowed in to their living area location. Person states person and children eating porridge made from stored cattle food using water from local stream. Porridge is not cooked, barley soaked in water until soft, eaten cold. Water and electric cut off. Right sector going door to door checking documents and confiscating computers and cell phones. If no one answers door right sector breaks door down. If anyone in house or flat they are beaten and sometimes shot. Citizens with Russian passports are arrested and taken away. Fate unknown. Could hear screams and shouts at not great distance from cell phone, person stopped phone in mid sentence. I did not call back for fear of endangering person.