Saturday, June 28, 2014

Russia's western frontier has become a desert

Warning: the following is not an analysis, it is a "cri du coeur" !

Looking at the photo of the three stooges oh so proud of having "prevailed" over that evil Russia I have very mixed feelings.  On one that, I have a sense of immense disgust.  No, not for the the Eurobureaucrats or for Poroshenko - they are true to character.  No, my disgust is directed at that sorry pseudo-ethnicity called "the Ukrainians" and which now has fractured into two mutually exclusive groups: the real "Ukrainians" - the Russians from "core Russia" (which is the real meaning of the expressions "Malorossia" or "Small Russia") who live on Russia's western frontier (the real meaning of the word "u-krainy") and the pseudo-Ukrainian ex-homo sovieticus (I call them Ukies) who mutated into pseudo-Europeans and who now fancy themselves as "Europeans" just because they volunteered to become the next AngloZionist colony.  These are the folks who traded a 1000-year old history for the (imaginary) prize which the capitalists have been dangling in front of their collective noses like a carrot before a donkey.  Two things characterize these folks: they are phenomenally ignorant of pretty much everything, but especially of their own history, and their credulity is quite literally infinite.  In other words - they are terminally stupid.  As for their spiritual or cultural values, they don't extend beyond what is shown on a typical commercial on TV.

It is at this point my thinking that I move from disgust to relief.  Relief that modern Russia will not have to deal with such a morally degenerate and spiritually corrupt population.

I am Russian.  My family roots go far back into the Russian middle-ages and for me each phase in Russian history - whether good or bad - has its own spiritual significance.  From the birth of Russia at the baptism of Saint Vladimir, to the heroic resistance of Saint Alexander Nevsky, to the gradual formation of a new Russia under Ivan III, to the tragic period of Ivan IV, the Stoglav, the tragic Old Rite Schism, the spiritual desert of the reign of Peter I, to the rebirth of Russia through the times of Alexander II and Alexander III and to the martyrdom and final transition form an earthly empire to a spiritual reality under the Czar-Martyr Nicholas II - each of these moments in history can only be understood through spiritual eyes and not by means of materialistic categories.  And even though modern Russia is still spiritually sick, very sick, I clearly perceive the signs of a spiritual revival, or a gradual shedding of the materialistic delusions which had been imposed upon the Russian people during the 20th century. 

What some (correctly) call a "clash of civilizations" between Russia and the West is a reality.  Likewise, when the Ukrainian propaganda speaks of a "civilizational choice" it is inadvertently expressing a profound spiritual truth.  Russia is barely standing up, still shaking and in many ways confused, but already it is resisting the capitalist rot which is corroding the western civilization and Russia is already (correctly) perceived as a threat by the western plutocracy.  If this is what a weak and still confused Russia is capable of, just imagine what it could do if it fully recovered its true spiritual and cultural identity and strength!

So this for me is a crucial question: does the slowly healing Russia really need to live under the same cultural/civilizational roof with the kind of folks which brought Iatseniuk or Poroshenko to power?  I say let Europe deal with them!  In fact, the Ukies and the EU richly *deserve* each other.

Yes, I know, Kiev is the cradle of the entire Russian civilization, but did Christ Himself not say "And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell." (Matt. 5:29).  I don't want Russia to perish for the Ukraine, much less for for the pseudo-Ukraine I call "Banderastan".

The Pope's Crusaders came from the West.  Napoleon's Masons came from the West.  The German and Austro-Hungarian imperialists came from the West.  Then the Nazis came from the West.  Now the AngloZionists are coming from the West.  In the past, each time the "outer-Russians" (the correct translation of "Grand Russians") came and saved the Ukraine from these invaders and they did that a a huge cost for Russia.  But at least in the past the real Ukrainians never confused the occupier and the liberator.  Nowadays this has changed.  In fact, the modern  "Ukrainians" think that they are feeling a deep kinship with the invader, they even identify with him.  I think that Russia should stop pretending that this is not happening and that these two are "brother" nations.  Okay, maybe they were brothers in the past, but now all they share is the brotherhood of Cain and Abel.

There is no continuity between Saint Vladimir and Poroshenko and what we are observing in Kiev today is what the Scripture call the "the abomination of desolation standing in the holy place".  And the Ukies like it that way.  They have no use for holiness.  I say let them have it!

Yes, of course, there is Novorussia which Russia cannot and will not abandon.  And Crimea will forever remain part of Russia.  And there are still real Russians in Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Mariupol, Nikolaev, Odessa and even in Kiev.  But these Russians either cannot or don't want to fight to free their land from the current western occupier and they need to live with the consequences of this choice.

As for the rest of Russia, I hope to see it turn to the North and the East were its real future lies.  Let the EU deal with Banderastan, let Banderastan deal with the EU and let them jointly enjoy their role as faithful servants of the plutocratic elite which administers the European AngloZionist protectorate on behalf of the USA.   Let the Ukies, the Balts and the East-Europeans all race each other to see who will get the title of "employee of the month" from Uncle Sam.  Let them bask in their newfound pride to have finally become full members of the civilization of Walmart and McDonalds.  And let them keep on digging a deep trench all along the Russian-Ukrainian border.  While it is, of course, militarily useless (what in the world are the Ukie generals thinking?!) is a a fantastic symbol of what the ex-Ukraine now "EU-associated Banderastan has become".  Russian kids should be bussed in from their schools and shown this trench while their teachers explain to them what kind of people dug this trench and why.

Russia's western frontier has become a desert.  It is high time for Russia to accept this reality and act on it.

The Saker