Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Let's make sure this video goes viral!

Dear friends,

I am still personally in "maintenance mode" until this evening, but I wanted to drop by to urge you all to check out my latest post on Russia Insider and, especially, the "forensic video" RI posted today which clearly shows the face of one the leaders of the Nazi gangs of "Ukrainian Interahamwe" which murdered an unknown number of people (officially 42, according to Novorussian sources over 200) in Odessa on May 2nd 2014.

If you can, please circulate this video for three reasons: first, it could force the Ukrainian authorities to take action against this man; second because the issue of gross human right violations by "Euro-Ukrainians" needs to be raised to force the regimes in power in Europe to look at the kind of Nazi thugs they have taken as "allies" in their war against Russia; third, to try to get the MSM to look into this issue.

Please send the following two links to all your friends, contacts, social media, mailing lists, etc. to help us demand an investigation in these, and many other, events in Junta-controlled Ukraine:



Ukrainian Interahamwe leader
Let's try to put a name on this face:

We are already making a difference but we must continue our struggle to make the world realize the truth about the civil war in the Ukraine. 

Thank you,

The Saker