Monday, September 8, 2014

Sad Note..Ode To The Dead (Boko Haram)

by Fulan Nasrullah

Sad Note..Ode To The Dead

Yesterday Michika LGA in Adamawa State was completely overrun by insurgent forces who took about five towns including the town of Michika itself, hometown of some of my dearest friends.

All the few women left in the conquered towns are said to have been pressed into sexual service by the conquerors who gathered the few ones unable to flee and then distributed them amongst themselves. Residents from the towns and refugees from other wartorn areas e.g Izge and Damboa who fled to this area for safety have been forced to join the exodus either across the mountainous borders to Cameroon or into the mountains themselves or to not yet conquered towns.

As usual the Nigerian Armed Forces were completely unable to stop their advance and at the end were forced to yield to the insurgents superior firepower.

The problem is not the lack of courage on the part of the Nigerian soldier. No it is a lack of political will and an understanding of what it means to defend ones country by our greedy corrupt leaders.

The Nigerian soldier is a fine specimen amongst the finest I have met or served with. He is courageous and does any duty to the best of his ability. He will defend that name and that reputation that his eminent predecessors have earned in blood in The Congo in the 60s, Zimbabwe in the 70s, Liberia and Sierra Leone in the 90s, Darfur and South Sudan in the 2000s. But he has been sold by his senior command and rendered useless by the political leaders he surrendered the nation’s future to in trust in 1999.

I salute the men and the officers (note my order of precedence) of the Nigerian Armed Forces for their gallant service over and above the call of duty despite impossible odds stacked against them.. Victory Belongs To God Alone….