Monday, September 1, 2014

Major news out of the Ukraine

This morning there are three huge developments to report.

First, RT reports that:

At talks in the Belarusian capital, the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics have urged Kiev to acknowledge their autonomy within Ukraine, but said they wish to remain an integral part of the country.  LNR and DNR representatives urged the Ukrainian government to end their military operation in the country’s east so that parliamentary and local elections can take place freely.   “The president, government and [parliament] Verkhovna Rada should accept… decrees granting immediate recovery from the humanitarian catastrophe, acknowledging the special status of the territories under the control of the People’s Republics, creating conditions - first of all stopping the ‘anti-terror’ operations - for free elections of local authorities and MPs,” the document with the republics' position reads.  The document also calls on Kiev to guarantee “the right to use the Russian language at an official level on the territories of the People’s Republics.” 

I will write an analysis of this position later today

Second, the Ukie forces near Lugansk have abandoned the airport which is now in total control of the NAF.  This info is confirmed by video footage taken today.

Third, there are very intense battles around the Donetsk airport which is now considered "contested" and neither side is in full control of it.  This indicates that the airport will most likely fall under full NAF control in the next 24 hours max.

Elsewhere, the NAF have shot down a Ukrainian Su-27.  This is significant because the Su-27 is a heavy long range high speed high altitude interceptor and not at all suited for slow speed low altitude close air support missions.  The fact that it was shot down indicates that the Ukies have practically lost their entire close air support aviation.  Two helicopters have also been shot down today.

Stay tuned, I will keep you posted.

The Saker