Monday, June 16, 2014

Kindergarten? Nuthouse? Zoo? You pick!

Remember the assault on the Russian Embassy in Kiev?  Well here is some footage of the Ukie Foreign Minister - the counterpart of Sergei Lavrov - who, when he came to express his support for this violation of the Vienna Convention, is heard agreeing with a demonstrator and saying "Putin khuilo".  The word "khuilo" can be translated as "dick" or "fucker" or "dickhead" (no need to believe me, the Guardian and Maidanites agree).  See (and hear) for yourself:

And that, my friends, is literally the "voice of the Ukrainian diplomacy".  So please understand that when I speak of "freaks" in Kiev I am not being over the top at all - they are truly and literally freaks.

Ditto for the crowd of Euromaidanites which immediately begins to chant this now apparently official slogan.  This is why I refer to these degenerates as "Ukrainian Interahamwe" - they are exactly the type to use a machete to murder their neighbor.

My reaction?

Glory to the Ukraine!  To the heroes glory!  (what else can I say?!)

The Saker