Sunday, June 29, 2014

29th June IRAQ SITREP by Mindfriedo

29th June: Qassem Atta’s claims for today:
142 terrorists killed, 51 vehicles destroyed (no army in the world must be prouder of destroying its own looted equipment), 102 sorties undertaken.
29th June: Majeed Aqa Babaei, from the Iranian Interior Ministry claims that Daash will not dare attack the Iranian border for fear of retaliation. (He is trying to reason with mad men)
29th June: The Iraqi authorities are denying claims made in the local press that Iraqi politicians have stashed 1000 billion USD abroad. Enough to help Obama with Quantitative Easing.
29th June: Clashes are ongoing between Security Forces and Daash in the South of Tikrit. The fighting is in the village of al-Rwashid adjacent to Balad district. This fighting is of significance since a shrine, an Imamzadeh (son of an Imam, Imam Hadi (as)) is located in Balad and is a target for Daash. The initial assault of the security forces on Tikrit met with resistance. The security forces had to pull back initially.
29th June: Daash fighters identify and destroy three houses south of Tikrit that belonged to police officers. The family of one of the officers has been abducted by Daash. May God protect them.
29th June: Five Sukhoi Su-25 ground attack aircraft have arrived and have been inducted by the Iraqi Airforce. The Russians had initially mentioned SU 30 Multi role fighters but the Iraqis are insisting that they are Su25s that Iraq has experience operating.
29th June: Turkoman militia are trying to break Daash’s hold on the Shia village of Bashir outside of Kirkuk. Heavy fighting has left unverified number of Shia Turkoman dead and nine injured.
29th June: Following the counter offensive launched by the Iraqi government, the Kurdish authorities have restricted entry along its borders. People with proper identification documents are being allowed in. A piece of paper can get you across the Peshmergas or get you killed by Daash.
29th June: Iraqi authorities claim that the US security personnel are helping them coordinate their assault on Tikrit.
29th June: The Iraqi National Coalition (the largest block in the parliament) has put forth the following names for president:
Nouri al-Maliki (Incumbent)
Ibrahim Al Jafari (Former Prime Minister)
Adel Abdul Mahdi (Former Vice President)
Falah al Fayad (current security advisor)
Ahmad Al Chalabi (former advisor to the Americans supposed turned double agent for the Iranians)
Tarq Najem (Senior DAWA politician)
29th June: Two Peshmergas were killed and five were injured when they were targeted by an IED in the north east of Baqouba.