Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Various "housekeeping" issues

1.  From tomorrow afternoon until Sat late morning (all US Eastern time) I will be gone and I will have only sporadic access to the Internet (I will be enjoying some badly needed time off with my wife on the Suwannee River: photographing wildlife, freediving in springs, exploring various wildlife refuges, swamps and conservation areas).  Before I leave I will post an "empty post" which I will leave as an open thread.  Considering the amount of ill-wishers of this blog, I will still have to moderate the comments which I will do as often as I can depending on my cellphone reception of GSM signals.  Please use this open thread to post news and comments about the events in the Ukraine only, okay?

2. I regularly get the suggestion to somehow rank the comments which are posted here.  As far as I know, blogger does not allow for this.  If there is a way to do so, please let me know.

3.  I have a wish.  I wish it would be possible to organize all those who can translate from Russian into English into one group.  I wish that group would also include a few people who could subtitle a video and upload it to YouTube, DailyMotion or RuTube.  I get a lot of links to good, really well done, Russian videos and it would be awesome if we could somehow subtitle them into English on short notice, less than 24 hours.  That could really help the English speakers worldwide.  I have a list of potential translators from Russian into Enlgish (seven people right now), but that is different. I would like to organize a video translation team which would include translators and "video-subtitlers" and which would specialize in working together to get the work done.  And for that I would absolutely need a video translation team manager who could organize, coordinate and supervise the work.  If you are interested, please email me and let me know, okay?

4.  God willing, before I leave tomorrow I should have a joint SITREP with Juan out.  I will also be at the computer for the next couple of hours and tomorrow morning.

Kind regards to all,

The Saker