Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ukrainian news: two phone call leaks which say it all (plus a long Saker rant)

Two phone conversations have recently been intercepted by "parties unknown" (thank you Spetssviaz & 6th GRU!) which are truly revealing of the true nature of the folks put in power by the CIA.

The first one is a conversation between Igor Kolomoisky, mega-oligarch, Mafia don, dual Ukrainian-Israeli citizen and "junta governor" of the city of Dnepropetrovsk in southeastern Ukraine and Oleg Tsarev, ex-candidate in the Presidential election (ex Party of Regions, now independent), the one who was brutally assaulted in Kiev after participating to a show called - I kid you not - "free speech".  This is the machine translated transcript of the conversation (slightly corrected by me):

Kolomoysky: Hi.
Tsarev: Hi.
Kolomoysky: Where are you? Same place? 
Tsarev: Same place.
Kolomoysky: How are you? 
Tsarev: Good. 
Kolomoysky: There's big trouble happened . A Jew of the Dnepropetrovsk Jewish community was.
Tsarev: What happened there?
Kolomoysky: Well, a Jew got killed, one of the Dnepropetrovsk Jewish community . I am right now in the synagogue.
Tsarev: What was he doing there?
Kolomoysky: Well , no matter what he did. They said that they would put a contract on your life, fuck , big money. 
Tsarev: For my life? 
Kolomoysky: Million dollars. For your life . Yes. Moreover , they said that will be looking everywhere. Well, I just say that this so you say in Moscow, don't travel anywhere 
Tsarev: Let me tell you something . In Africa, there are ...
Kolomoysky: Tomorrow they will go after your people (family) here.
Tsarev: In Africa, there is such a ... such a poison ...
Kolomoysky: Look, I don't give a fuck about Africa.  I don't care about this. I am telling you that in the synagogue on the eve of the Sabbath there was a prayer. They prayed for the slain fellow Jew, comrade Shlemkevich, who was killed in Mariupol, fuck! 
Tsarev: So ...
Kolomoysky: And they said that Tsarev is to blame for it all, fuck . And tomorrow, fuck, the first thing they will do is look for all your loved ones, fuck . You better tell them to get the fuck out of here. Because we will hang them right on the public square, fuck ...  And tell Markov not to come here . Well, in the Ukraine. Under any circumstances . You hear me? 
Tsarev: Do not call me . Do not call me , Igor. 
Kolomoysky: Not to call you? Ok. So long Tsarev
Tsarev: Come on. Bye.

Charming no?

The second conversation, which is too long for me to transcribe here took place between a guy called Oleg Noginskii and the Israeli Honorary Ambassador to the Ukraine, Ian Epstein (spelling?).  The Russian transcript can be found here.  Two things are clear from that conversation: Kolomoiski is the guy who sent the neo-Nazis to Odessa and the Israeli diplomat and the Jewish community in the Ukraine are horrified by Kolomoiski's actions and want to distance themselves from what they call "Nazi crimes".  Noginski spells out there conclusion:
We declare that the world Jewish community, first: has nothing to do with Mr Kolomoisky, second: does not support (the actions) in Odessa, or Mariupol or any of those involved and expresses sincere sympathy. And third, says that if a Jew is involved in Nazi crimes, we will fight first him.
I find this very interesting because it perfectly illustrates something which I have been trying to hammer into the heads of the pathological Jew-haters out there for what seems like forever: YES there are Jewish oligarchs out there who are almost a perfect caricature of the loathsome Jewish plutocrat-thug and they are very bit as bad as the worst anti-Jewish propaganda likes to portray them.  But NO, they are not typical of a Jewish community which is every bit as complex and diverse as any other.  Some Jews are truly horrified by what these oligarchs to and they are acutely aware that the backlash against such scum will hit the entire Jewish community.

------- Non-Ukrainian interlude: Saker rant warning -------

Now, of course, a knee-jerk rabid Jew-hater will immediately reply that "oh, of course, how naive, these guys are playing both sides just to make sure to win" which is absolute crap.  I personally have known many Jews who have were active in struggles for what is right without anybody knowing about it.  Like my Jewish neighbor who was sending money to Serbs during the wars in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo and even after, and then she was sending letters of support to Milosevic in the Hague not because she wanted to play "both sides" but because her entire family except her mother had been butchered in the Nazi camps and she was grateful for the Serbs for having really fought Hitler (unlike the rest of Europe).

Now while I am at it, let me make something clear here:

I am fully aware of the role which Jews played in the horrors of the 20th century, I am aware that they declared war on Russia first, and on Germany after that (both times the order came from organized American Jewry and Jewish banks), I loathe both Rabbinical Judaism and Zionism because both are based on self-worship and racism.  I don't need lectures on all the bad things Jews have done or are still doing.  Believe me, I have read more anti-Jewish books than most people here (if only because I read them all not only English, but also in Russian which has at least 10 times as many anti-Jewish books as there are in English).  And yet, I want to make something clear:

As Gilad Atzmon correctly points out - Jews are racist, but they are not a race.  As Shlomo Sands proved it - there is not such thing as a "Jewish race".  It's an invention.  Like most nations, by the way.  So we are dealing with two ideological phenomena: a) Jewish tribalism and b) Rabbinical Judaism.  Neither of them is transmitted by genes, has any basis in biology or is somehow magically passed on from generation to generation.

So I am walking a very difficult and tight path here: I DO want to participate and support the struggle against the secular and religious manifestations of Jewish racism.  But I DO NOT want to "cross the line" and do exactly what I accuse many Jews of doing: turn racist myself and deny our common humanity.  I assure you that my position is a difficult one as I get labeled both an anti-Semite and a Jew-lover.  I am neither.  Or, I am an anti-racist and a mankind-lover if you prefer.  I will go as far as saying that Rabbinical Judaism is, in my sincerely held conclusion, Satanic at its core and at least as evil as Wahabi Islam.  And Zionism is noting but the semi-secular rendition of the same racist values (at least modern Zionism, the original one was a very different phenomenon).  But to bring all the evils of our times only to the actions of those Jews who are truly evil is plain ridiculous: there is AT LEAST as much non-Jewish evil out there as there is Jewish one.  Need I remind you all that the favorite slogan of the Ukie Nazis is: "Бий жидів та москалів" or "beat the Jews and the Russians" (notice that Jews come first!).

I am disgusted by the modern media in which no criticisms of Jews is possible or, not without at least 3 paragraphs of disclaimers.  I hate the modern "Holocaust Industry" (As Norman Finkelstein called it) for constantly rubbing it in over and over and over and over again with the "Holocaust" and its absolutely mandatory figure of "6 millions" (the only case of mass murder in history which always has to be attached to a number of victims, the only one.  Ever wondered why?).  I find Israel an abomination whose very existence is a disgrace for all of mankind.  And I am sick and tired of mediocre talentless Jews being promoted by their fellow Jews everywhere just because "he is one of us".  But NONE of that has ANYTHING to do with race, ethnicity or biology.  This is simply the hijacking of an immoral and corrupt society by a particularly immoral and corrupting *tribe* which is also ruled by its own 1%.  Just like non-Jews, the vast majority of Jews having no control over what their elites are doing in their name.  As for their elites, they brainwash them literally from birth (just study the feat of Purim for a proof of that) and then further terrify them with the constant repetition of the mantra: "the goyim hate us, they almost exterminated us many times, we have to protect ourselves or they will exterminate us again, we need to make sure we hold all the positions of power and wealth to prevent the goying from killing us all".  And the percentage of Jews who believes that crap is about the same as the percentage of non-Jews who believe the propaganda which they are taught in their own home and schools.  Guys - we are all humans, with the same weaknesses, the same inclinations and the same evil 1% ruling over us.

Anyway, I am getting off my soapbox fully aware that I must have pissed off both those who like Jews and those who hate them.  Look, this is my opinion and I don't expect you all to agree.  What I will say is that this is my blog and this is my post and for the comments section under this post - just for this one time - I will set much stricter rules than usual.  First, if you want to call me an anti-Semite or a covert Jew or Jew-lover - don't bother.  I plead guilty both (just to confuse and piss you off) and reject your comment.  Second, IF you want to discuss the "J" topic - make darn sure that your comment is respectful to all others, well substantiated, logically organized and substantive.  Venting or slogans will be rejected.  And please posts on this topic only if you have something to say, at least in regards to my rant which I will single out in blue to separate it from the rest of the post about the Ukraine.

Oh, and for Pete's sake, please read what I actually wrote.  And if needed, read it again.  I wrote what I wrote and not something else.  Please don't "read something into what I wrote".  No "overtones" or implications.  If you are not sure - please ask.  I say this because the other day I got an email from a moron who accused me of being an anti-Semite and when I challenged him three times to quote a single sentence from this 7 year old blog to prove it he could not come up with one example.  You have no idea how sick and tired I am of constantly having to deal with idiots who simply cannot understand that I do oppose an ideology and not a race.  Or take the expression "AngloZionist Empire" which I use (and find very appropriate).  Do you know how many times I got an objection to the use of the word "Anglo"?  Once.  Do you know how often I got attacked for the second part of the expression "Zionist"?  Too many to count by now.  Though, think of it: "Anglo" is a cultural/ethnic term.  "Zionist" is a purely ideological one.  Yet it is this second, non-racial, term which gets me accused of being a racist.  How frigging stupid can people be? (Pardon my frustration, but I am sooooo tired of idiots!!!).  It is a special torture for me to write one thing, and then have to spend time trying to prove to semi-literate morons that I did not write what they thought I wrote but that what I wrote is actually what I wrote (would seem self-evident, but no, not to some idiots).

Anyway, end of rant here.  I get off my soap box, take a deep breath, drink a glass of water, wipe the sweat of my brow and feel a mixture of relief (felt good to yell) and guilt (my God, did I really yell for that long?!).

Remember the one-time comments rule for this section in blue, or you will be offended again.  Speaking of offending.  I apologize if anything I wrote above offended anybody. No, I don't care if I ruffled some hyper politically-correct and sensitive feathers.  But if I did really offend somebody I apologize.  Like you I am just a fallible human being who has a very long record of being wrong.

------- Non-Ukrainian interlude: Saker rant ends here ------- 
The  other interesting development in the Ukraine is the growing evidence that the junta is grossly under-reporting its losses.  For example, there is very good evidence that two armored personnel carriers and even one infantry fighting vehicles were completely destroyed by the resistance.  There is no way that the number of casualties could be 7 as announced by the junta.  A figure of at least 15-20 would be much more likely.  Some sources in the combat area are claiming that the real number of killed junta soldiers is close to one hundred.  What is certain is that the military commander of the resistance have now declared that they will engage in offensive combat operations and that all Ukie soldiers - whether conscripts of hired guns - will killed.

At the same time, military coordinator of Lugansk Resistance, Vladimir Karasiuk, declared that Donetsk and Lugansk will not unite because it is indispensable to unify all the regions of the southwest, including Kharkov, Donetsk, Lugansk, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhie, Nikolaev, Kherson and Odessa.

This might all be bluster, I have no way of checking, but it sounds to me like the resistance in the Donbass is getting much more confident.  Finally, I have seen some combat footage showing what are clearly well-trained and well-equipped Donbass resistance units preparing for an ambush.  This was not the typical ragtag force mix of civilians with hunting rifles, young men with pretend semi-uniforms and a few old guys with beer bellies.  The footage showed a well camouflaged unit silently progressing though vegetation while keeping in radio contact with their commanders.  Also, at least one pro-resistance website mentions radio intercepts of the junta forces radio communications.  Nice.  It looks to me that the resistance might well be getting better organized and better equipped.

Stay tuned, I will soon have a report about worldwide reactions to the events in the Ukraine.

Ooops - here is a tornado warning here.

Gotta run.

Be back later!

The Saker