Sunday, May 4, 2014

Short personal annoucement

Dear friends,

Two small points:

a) I am sick with a nasty stomach flu and I am spending most of my time in bed.  I hope to get better by tomorrow. Until then, this affects my ability to reply to emails, moderate comments or write.  I apologize for that.
b) I have done a poor job enforcing the rule that comments must be respectful.  This has to change.  So from now on, any comment which is disrespectful to any other person posting here or insulting to any nationality, ethnicity, culture or religion will be tossed in the trash bin.  I apologize for having allowed many insulting comments to be posted here in the past week or more.  This is an example of what from now on I will not allow:

Ok priest/ Imam or whatever you think you are, it might be better for you to target a more vulnerable crest, an easier prey to digest, because I'm very willing, ready and able to engage the likes of you on my own terms. Don't they teach you con artists to avoid the real thing or risk exposure? I've noticed you preaching from your high perch in several posts here and I've held my fire too, but if you feel bold enough to try me, then by all means let's open that portal and settle this. Just remember, I don't play by your rules. P.S- With regards to your lord and his teachings on pigs and pearls, you better save those fairy tales for your sheep because I for one, never understood why such a silly and obvious advice would be considered "wise" by any one with an iota of common sense. Who in all of history, besides maybe your lord, would even contemplate feeding pearls to pigs? And why with all the worlds Ailments would the son of god waste his time amongst men giving advice no one needed or asked for. I doubt your lord ever even authored such an idiotic statement, you know like the tale of the sun standing still, so a few ignorant Jews could more efficiently murder and pillage their hapless victims, it is obvious that either Moses was ignorant of physics, or the scribe/ monk who pretended to be recording his thoughts was. Same principle applies here, some lying historian of a monk probably wrote his ideas on swine and pearls and presented it to the credulous sheep as heavenly wisdom. No wonder Putin is striving to keep his serfs under the thumb of the priesthood, keeps the serfs both holy and ignorant, which serves your purposes as well as his equally. You still care to school me priest?
Finally, comments which contains sentences IN CAPS or which have no interest whatsoever will also be tossed to the trash bin.

Kind regards,

The Saker