Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Personal announcement: When it rains it pours...

Dear friends,

I am sorry to say that I am sick yet again, this time with some Florida food poisoning.  In fact, I am writing this in bed on my tablet.  I have a few requests to submit to you:

1) Sobcors: please stop using the sobcor email list as a discussion list.  Please ONLY use it to contact your REGION'S sobcors to get in touch and/or coordinate work.
2) Please, at least while I am sick and cannot moderate comments effectively, stop discussing the topics of Hitler and Jews.  First, I am bored to tears with this topic and, second, it appears to always draw racist and simply stupid comments.
3) Again, at least while I am sick - can we please stick to the topic of the events in the Ukraine?!

And just for the record: I have no objection to discussing Jens and/or Hitler, but not all day, every day, on every post and no matter what the original topic is.  Let us please stop this obsessive-compulsive focusing on only these two (admittedly important and interesting) topics.

Sorry for being sick again, I hope to feel better by tomorrow, kind regards,

The Saker