Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The EU - acting on behalf of Uncle Sam - commits an act of piracy against a head of state!

Just on Monday I called the entire European political class "the worst hypocrites on the planet" along with a few other less-than-complimentary things. And this morning I learn this:

‘Imperial Skyjacking’: Bolivian presidential plane grounded in Austria over Snowden stowaway suspicions: not only did the governments of France, Portugal, Spain and Italy illegally close their airspace to President Morales' presidential plane, the Austrians actually had the nerve to search it and then
they proudly declared: "Our colleagues from the airport had a look and can give assurances that no one is on board who is not a Bolivian citizen," (Austrian Deputy Chancellor Michael Spindelegger).

As for President Morales, he declared "It's not an offence against the president, it is an offence against the country, against the whole of the Latin American region (...) almost a kidnapping of 13 hours".

I usually try to avoid profanity and vulgar expressions.  But sometimes only a crude and rude expression can truly convey the sense of something disgusting beyond words.  When I read the latest news this morning my first thought was that Europeans have truly become what Americans call "punk-ass bitches".

Typical EU politicians
The Mayor of London recently managed to express a similar feeling, but without using any profanity.  He called his colleagues "Great supine protoplasmic invertebrate jellies!" (see hilarious video here:

So have your pick - both the US and the UK version perfectly fit an entire continent which has clearly slouched down to a condition of terminal degeneracy.

One more thing.  Obama.  Words fail me to express my disgust with him.  Dubya at least was clearly a drooling idiot, a total ignoramus, a moron who got to "play President" only to the degree that his daddy (Cheney) let him.  But Obama is clearly intelligent, charming, well educated, which leaves him with absolutely no excuse at all for being the worst lying President in US history.  Remember how he said that he "would not scramble jets" to get Snowden?  Well, yeah, I guess he did not.  He let his European minions do that for him.

The last Russian Tsar, Nicholas II, made an amazing entry into his diary the day his entire entourage forced him to abdicate.  He wrote "all I see around me is cowardice, betrayal and deceit".  I have always thought that this was the perfect characterization of the entire 20th century, a diagnosis really.  It sure looks to me that the 21st might be even worse.

The Saker