Monday, July 1, 2013

European politicians must be the worst hypocrites on the planet!

I have read a report about all the outrage the so-called "Snowden revelation" have triggered in Europe.  I was particularly amused by German politicians asking why New Zealand, Canada, Australia and the UK were *allegedly* excluded from the NSA spying program while Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, has ordered a massive security sweep of the EC offices.

What massive load of bovine excreta!!

First, let me assure you that all the European politicians have known for *years* that the US spies on them.  The French, in particular, have lost many juicy contracts to the USA because of successful US spying.  

Second, all European governments participate to various degrees in one form or another of electronic spying.  Even independent Switzerland has its own mini-ECHELON called Onyx.

Third, all European politicians and government officials know that continental Europe is a US colony and that while NATO countries can play at the silly "partnership game", some are more equal then others, in this case: it is an Anglo Empire, for and by Anglos, and all others can go a screw themselves.

Fourth, European intelligences services share massive amount of data with each other and, of course, with the Anglo "Big Brothers". That is also something which every single European politician or government official knows.

So why the big hysteria?  Why all the dramatic posturing?

For one simple reason: European politicians and government officials do not want the general population of Europe to realize that the entire continent is just a pathetic, submissive and fully controlled US colony, run by local satraps who all, repeat, ALL work for Uncle Sam!

That is what is going on.  Uncle Sam does not want the US public know that there is no such thing as private communications in the USA, while European politicians do not want the European public to know that they are all prostitutes working for the Anglos.

As for Snowden, I have said so before, and I will repeat it here: he did not "reveal" anything.   Don't take my word on it, but you can trust Putin who openly said so as have quite a few Russian experts including and at least one former FAPSI official, Duma members, and others.  Snowden was a junior sysadmin for CIA, NSA and Booz Allen Hamilton who knew far less than any medium ranked Russian intelligence official would know.  His "revelations" are only "revelations" for the general public, not for professionals.

The sweep of EC offices ordered by Barroso is just part of some kind of ridiculous Kabuki theater aimed at convincing the European public that EU officials are both upset and determined.  Let me tell you this: Barroso knows full well that the NSA does not need to put bugs in his office to snoop on his telephone calls or emails.

What we are fed by the politicians and their corporate media is absolute, total and unadulterated baloney.  Crap. Bull.  Nonsense.  Garbage.  Call it whatever you want, but for Heaven's sake do not take that seriously.

I find it revolting that not a single European politician, NOT ONE, has had the guts to say what I wrote above.  They all know it, every single one of them, and yet they are playing "raped virgins"...

Disgusting beyond words.

The Saker

PS: thanks to Wikileaks, I discovered that besides having its own mini-ECHELON "Onyx", Switzerland also has a real-time Internet interception program of its own which has been working since August 1, 2009. Makes me wonder if Andorra, Lichtenstein and Monaco also engage in that kind of spying...