Friday, July 26, 2013

Speech of Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah during the annual Iftar dinner of the Women Committee of the "Islamic Resistance Support Organization"

I take refuge in Allah from the stoned devil. In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Most Merciful. Peace be on the Seal of prophets, our Master and Prophet, Abi Al Qassem Mohammad and on his chaste and pure Household and on his chosen companions and on all messengers and prophets. Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings.

First, I would like to welcome you all. I welcome all the honorable ladies and dear sisters. I thank you for this special and massive attendance every year on the Iftar dinner table of the Women's Committee in the Islamic Resistance Support Organization in Lebanon. I also would like to thank all the sisters who work in this struggling committee. I highly regard their efforts, industrious work, and special role they have been playing all through the past years to this day. This is always what is expected from you as you work with sincerity, honesty, faith, and seriousness.

After my salutation, I would like to thank you for your attendance. We have always expressed this attendance from the ladies and sisters as a show of support to the resistance on the moral, political, materialistic as well as on all levels. It is of utmost importance that the resistance be supported by its people and express their will and determination as well as their vision to defend their country, honor, capacities, and sovereignty. This resistance gained credibility by the people in Lebanon, the Arab world, the Islamic world, and also in many places in the world for many reasons and as a result of its sacrifices and steadfastness, and because it did not retreat or withdraw and because it was not defeated. It also gained credibility due to its achievements – its field and not vocal achievements – due to its victories. It is the resistance which has changed the game rules, flopped projects, and restored the land, captives, dignity, and Lebanese sovereignty. It also imposed for Lebanon an advanced position in the region as well as in regional formulas. Ladies and sisters! This resistance which you support will remain a thorn in the eyes of the Zionists and in the eyes of anyone who nurtures evil intentions towards Lebanon – our dear homeland.

Because this resistance has this attendance, this action, and this influence in regional formulas, it was and is still a Lebanese concern. On the internal level, there is always an argument over the resistance, the arms of the resistance, and the role of the resistance. The resistance is also an Arab, regional, and international concern regardless of it being a positive or a negative concern. It is a positive concern for those who believe in the resistance, support it, bet on it, pin their hopes on it, see the future in it, and consider it a source of power and pride for them. It is a negative concern for those who treat it as an enemy and consider it a threat to its expanding projects, occupation, hegemony, and domination. Thus when the resistance has such an impact, it is very natural that it gains all of this concern. It is because it is not marginal. It rather has all of this presence, action, and influence. Thus it is always targeted on all levels so as to be eliminated, crushed, and exterminated, as we said several nights ago. It is targeted on all levels whether on the military, security, existence, political, moral, psychological, social, cultural levels….

Some of the moves or decisions which we will handle tonight might not have influences which are more than moral or psychological at some times.

Well, it is natural that this present, active resistance be targeted.

Hereof, I would like to usher into the topic that imposes itself on me tonight. Indeed, I was planning to tackle other topics. However, after it was announced that the EU had taken a decision to put what they called Hezbollah military wing on the terrorist list or to categorize it as a terrorist organization, it became impossible to tackle any other topic. Anyway, what I will say tonight connotes some of the concepts I wanted to mention tonight on this blessed night of the Holy Month of Ramadan.

This decision was announced in the media as is known. No official statement was made yet to express exactly this decision and its whereas, bases, motives, evidences, and logic. So far it is still mere predictions, analyses, and suppositions. As usual, we will tackle this development according to an ordered outline.

First: Pursuant to our conventions in the resistance and based on our proprieties, we must thank all the presidents and political and religious leaderships, personalities, sides, parties and forces which objected on and condemned this decision. Such stances were abundant in Lebanon, and we will see and witness many of these kind, national, and faithful stances in the days to come. In fact, it was expected and logical that they take such stances and condemn and object on the decision especially that many of these leaderships stood by our side in such days during July War when we were bombed, shelled and threatened of being crushed. They shared our choice; they had our national stance. The statements they issued comprised just a couple of lines on a piece of paper; however, they have their value which I will talk about. This was very logical and expected.

Second: Frankly speaking, we in Hezbollah were not surprised by the decision. We were expecting it since a long time. It was weird that it came too late as here they were always working and seeking the issuance of such a stance by the EU.

Third: I do not need to analyze or predict. The Israelis have talked frankly – this is for all who had listened yesterday and the day before and will listen tomorrow and the day after – that this decision comes as a result of "diplomatic" efforts. Keep the term diplomatic between two parentheses as we recall Netanyahu days ago rebuking and insulting the Europeans because they haven't yet taken and issued such a stance. This is what they call diplomatic efforts. It is clear that the Israelis viewed this decision as a victory for them and they rejoiced ultimately with it. Here I would like to tell some of the Lebanese who want to express their joy anywhere in Lebanon to hide their joy so that they won't be expressing their joy as Netanyahu is doing. The Israelis however had greater expectations and endeavors which mount to blacklisting Hezbollah as a whole. However, the innovation of the military wing and the political wing was made by the English. They are the ones who usually find such ways out. The course of events and the given assert that Israel along with the United States had exerted great efforts and practiced pressure on the EU member states to take such a position. So this does not need much reasoning or inquiries to prove that the Israelis stand behind this decision. It is they who are saying so.

Now the Americans are with them for sure. Some of the Europeans were much interested, and following the developments in the region some of the Arabs intervened also and pushed in that direction. All of that would be clear by and by. However, for sure, the form, content, background, and motive of the decision are Israeli and serve the interest of Israel.

Fourth: The course of discussion in the EU, the consultations, and the contacts that used to take place over months and years assert that Europe was forced and not convinced to take this decision. In fact this is what makes things worse. This is my evidence on the conclusion I will make. At times a group of countries is convinced and thus it takes a decision based on its convictions. Then you may say they are misled. However what is worse is that 28 countries are forced to take this decision. Some of these countries consider themselves essential in this world for the US and the Israeli administration. The proof is that when this issue used to be evoked they never used to reach anywhere. Why didn't they reach a result?

If there is logic, evidence, proof and a stance of this kind on which they depend, the decision would not have taken years or even months to be taken. Then this means that among the European Union, there are member states which used to consider that such a decision has no evidence and is illogical and illegal; however, they were subject to pressure and threat and after all submitted to these threats.

Because we are before the European Union which is submitting and yielding to the US and Israeli will, I never felt for one moment that this decision is independently European. It was rather dictated on the Europeans - if you agree with me.

Perhaps some countries – such as England - agree and are convinced as they always fall in tune with the US-Israeli project.

Moreover, the decision of categorizing the resistance as a terrorist group does not get along with the values and principles Europe talk about. This too is not in accord with its interests.

Well, let's keep the values and principles aside. If we took interests into consideration, it is clear that some wanted to hurl the European states into a struggle that serves their interests and not the interests of the Europeans states. It is Israel which is hurling the EU and exploiting it.

What is the interest of the European states in antagonizing a resistance which has its great influence in Lebanon and the region and is vastly supported in the Arab and Islamic arena? What is its interest?

What is the interest of these European states which voted for a stance or a decision of this kind?

At least tell us the principles, values and law you resorted to in taking such a decision. Nobody has told us anything of this sort so far. We make assumptions; you can make assumptions. At times, it has to do with a definite operation abroad; at times it has to do with Hezbollah's intervention in Syria; at times it has to do with so and so. Let them tell us what their logic is so that we discuss it with them.

Tonight I do not want to take your time in discussing assumptions. There are many assumptions which are being evoked. Let's wait for some time. It was said that within days the official statement will be issued. Let's see if in the statement there are evidence and logic. On light of that statement, evidence and logic, we will see if this decision gets along with their values and principles or not.

Anyway, the modern historic conduct at least asserts that the EU stance is not does not controlled by values and principles. The evidence is: Why don't you categorize Israel as a terrorist state and blacklist it? Why don't you put the military wing in Israel – i.e. the Israeli Army - on the terrorist list while you Europeans acknowledge that Israel is occupying Arab territories in the West Bank and in Golan? You also had a draft that has to do with settling in the West Bank and with buying the products of the settlements and settlers and the like while you acknowledge that the Israeli Army is occupying territories and that Israel has not been implementing international resolutions for decades. The whole world bear witness of that. There is no need for investigations. Watch on TV screens the Israeli massacres in Jenin, in the West Bank, in Gaza Strip, and in Lebanon in April 1996 and in July 2006. Well aren't those who kill, commit massacres, occupy the territories of others, displace a whole people from their territories, prevent an entire people from returning to their territories and homeland, and confiscate their properties, a military wing and a terrorist state?

So for sure the issue is not controlled by values and principles; it is rather subject to interests and pressures.

Well, this is our evaluation of the European stance. Let's talk a bit about the value of this decision and its impact and repercussions and where it will lead to and consequently, how we will deal with it.

First, the value of the decision is moral in the first place. Thus I first talked about the resistance being targeted not only on the security and military levels, but also on the political and moral levels.

Yes, its value is moral, political, and psychological. What does that mean? Indeed, we will not get along with this categorization. It is clear that the resistance is meant by it. They are saying that the Lebanese resistance is a terrorist organization. This is what they mean.

Well, there were in this country and are still fighters who confronted the Israeli occupation which occupied almost half of Lebanon and fought the occupation. They fought faithfully. They bore much pain and many consequences. Many of them fell as martyrs. Many of them were wounded. Thousands of them were hurled in detention centers and prisons and spent their youth in prisons and detentions centers. They could restore the land to its owners, the dignity to this people, and sovereignty to this homeland. They still hold their arms to ward every conqueror, every aggressor, and every offender off their country, their people, their sovereignty, and their dignity. Here you are calling these fighters who are the sons of this people and who are embraced by their families and people as terrorists! This is an insult. This is something very bad for the fighters who are accused of terrorism, for their people who are a part of them and who embrace them, for their country, and for their governments too. You are saying that you respect governments. The successive governments used to support the resistance in their statements in various terms the latest of which is the army-people-resistance formula.

So this is an insult to Lebanon, the Lebanese government, and the Lebanese people and not only to the resistance fighters.

Well, we view this as an insult. However, let's be clear. Here I am telling you all: This insult will not harm our morals as long as it has to do with the moral dimension. For over thirty years, these fighters have been offended. They were accused and placed on US, Canadian, Dutch terrorist lists. It is among the consequences and the sacrifices of defending your country, people, dignity, sovereignty, and honor. As being killed, or having a dear one killed, or being wounded, or having your home demolished, or being displaced from you house, or having your properties, stores and fields ruined are part of the consequences, being offended, accused, or insulted are other consequences. This exists since the resistance existed. Thus I do not believe that this insult will harm the morals of the resistance fighters at all. In fact, these countries had offended themselves and their principles, interests, and sovereignty too when they submitted to the will of the Americans and the Israelis more than they had offended the resistance. This is the scope in which we see the issue as far as the moral dimension is concerned.

Second, this is dangerous. It is legal but it is dangerous. From which perspective it is dangerous? These states must know and their ambassadors in Lebanon must report to them – indeed they are reporting to them one way or another – that they are granting Israel a legal cover for any aggression against Lebanon. That's because as such Israel is able to say that it is leading a war against terrorism. We are waging a war against a terrorist side. We are shelling terrorist posts and destroying terrorist institutions. Consequently, these states are making themselves a full accomplice in any Israeli aggression against Lebanon or the resistance or any target for the resistance in Lebanon. That's because they have offered a cover – though the Israelis do not need this cover. They are offering a free service. Israel does not need this cover but they are offering it this cover.

I also would like to say that this will not harm our will though the EU member states are offering a legal cover to Israel now. That's all the previous wars which were waged in the past gained such a cover one way or another. That was whether through remaining silent or through attaining such a cover or support or the like. Under all conditions, you still remember and we are now recalling the days of July war. Together we used to remain steadfast and resist – everyone from his position whether military, political or social. Not only Europe was with Israel; rather over 90% of the world was with Israel. Still it could not defeat Lebanon or the resistance in Lebanon or the people in Lebanon.

Third: It might be said that this European stance has its consequences and repercussion and soon they will confiscate the money of the so called military wing, confiscate their properties and deposits. They will not grant them visas or allow them to partake in conferences or the like.

The jokes which were circulated in these couple of days on communication networks to this effect are enough: We are displeased. This year we will not spend our summer vacation in Sardinia or whatsoever. There is nothing of this sort. In fact, we are national even in this perspective too. We spend our vacations either in the south, or in Bekaa or in Mount Liban. We do not need your visas. We do not have deposits in European banks or in any bank abroad. Even in Lebanon we are not able to put our money in banks because they fear the Americans. We do not have money as a party, as officials, or as resistance fighters. We do not have money.

So what are the repercussions of this decision from this perspective? Some people will talk about besieging the party economically and financially and the like. There is nothing of this sort. Anyway, since a long time and day after day it is being asserted that if you want to stand in face of Israel, Israel's project, and Israel's greedy schemes, you – as a resistance - must not have any economic project in the world. You must not deposit money in any bank in the world – that is if you own money or possessions. That's because the world which embraces Israel will one day confiscate this money.

Anyway, on this occasion and because the Resistance Support Organization is concerned in financial support, I would like to reiterate that we do not have economic or investing projects in Lebanon or abroad. Well yes we have service projects. However, we do not have projects that bring in profits and money. I will even make use of this occasion to tell the Lebanese that if anyone tells you that I have a commercial project in which he invested a capital and ask you to share with him or partake with him claiming that its returns are for the party or the party has a share in it, be sure that he is a liar. That's because some confusions used to take place to this effect in the past.

We do not have any commercial project or investing project or economic project whether in Lebanon or abroad.

We have some money from you and from the good people in the world. We fight and confront our enemy with this money and with our capabilities and faith. So after all this decision does not have any consequences or repercussions.

Fourth: We want to examine the influence of decision on Lebanon as a country, as a state, as a government, and as an economy. Yesterday, European delegations in Lebanon tried to reduce the influence of the decision saying that the support to Lebanon would go on, financial support would carry on as well as Europe's interest in Lebanon's stability. I call for contemplation as far as this point is concerned. I mean that we can't say there is nothing at all, and at the same time we can't over exaggerate the issue. For days by now some members in March 14 Bloc have been over exaggerating the impact of the decision on Lebanon in a remarkable extraordinary way. The Europeans are saying they will go on supporting Lebanon on the financial, stability and political level adding that they want a government and they will not veto anyone, while these March 14 members say the country is lost and ruined "because of you". This is an inappropriate exploitation of the decision.

As far as the influence of the European decision on Lebanon as a state and as an economy is concerned, let's say this needs examination, contemplation, and inquiry. This indeed is everyone's responsibility. On light of such scrutiny, we would see what is the procedure and stance to be taken.

I still have a couple of words to the European Union and the Lebanese internal.

I tell the European Union: Every decision usually has a goal. The goal of the decision you took is clear. Its goal is to make us submit, retreat, regress, hesitate, and feel worried and frightened. Here I am telling you: You will not gain from this decision but failure and disappointment. You will gain nothing else. Misled and ignorant is whoever believes that the resistance which was confronting like these days the strongest army in the region all through 33 days while bleeding would submit under the effect of such an absurd decision.

This decision can't achieve any of its goals. Thus we call on them to take back this mistake. We do not like them to go on this mistake. The officials in Lebanon are calling on them to reconsider this decision. That's great. We too call on them to go back on this mistake because it won't lead anywhere.

Anyway, our stance from this decision is what we said on May 25th, 2000. Here I will repeat what I said resorting to this colloquial proverb: Let them infuse this decision and drink its water.

My word to the Lebanese internal is as follows: In the past couple of days, we have read statements, analyses, and stances for some political forces in the other party. I have previously called some days ago for appeasement and against going into arguments with anyone. Consequently, I will remain calm, and I will not make an argument. Thus I will not comment on the content of their words or on their background or repercussions.

I only want to tell these sides: You won't be able to exploit this decision in Lebanese political considerations. So let none of you think of seeking the opportunity to isolate or besiege us. Imagine that yesterday some were saying that the decision asserts that the government must be formed without Hezbollah. This is at a time the Europeans themselves are saying that they have no problem should Hezbollah partake in the government! You see they are becoming more royal than the king. This is how things go in Lebanon. They are more royal than the king. Well they are making the decision bear what it can't bear as far as this point is concerned.

Here I am telling them: No for internal exploitation. The post EU decision era is the same as the pro EU decision era. On the internal level, the formula is still the same. The size of the forces is known, and the composition is known; thus nothing will change.

Indeed, I won't take much of your time. This is after all an Iftar dinner and people want to go back to their homes. However, I would like to say this nice joke. I was thinking of making this suggestion on my brethrens as it is logical that the government won't be formed without Hezbollah. This is not because we are eager to partake in the government. This is not the case. This is true for reasons there is no time now to explain. However, jokingly I will say – though I disagree on such separation or division – that I suggest that our ministers in the upcoming Lebanese government be from the military wing of Hezbollah! This will be convenient and helpful too!

Thus here I am telling you not to bet on this decision. Don't bet on exploiting it in the internal Lebanese formula. That will not lead anywhere. You will only be perpetrating another mistake or misconception to be added to your political mistakes and misconceptions which I do not need to reiterate.

Local considerations are different. Thus people are called on again to meet together and talk together, as I said in the previous meeting, to search for a way to form a political government which is able to protect Lebanon and lift Lebanon. My brother! If you do not want to address Lebanon's problems, at least defend or guard Lebanon in face of the storms – so it is not one storm – blowing around us in more than one Arab country and in the entire region. This is the responsibility of the Lebanese. Consequently, let's not carry on wasting our time. Let no one try to isolate the other, or evoke the other, or exploit a foreign stance.

Ladies and sisters! This resistance springs from its belief in Allah Al Mighty. It is convinced in the righteousness of its case and its path. It is based on the embrace of its people. Thus it is permanently willing to offer the soul and the son and everything precious without limits. Thus this resistance could persist and gain victory, and thus it will persist and gain victory Inshallah.

Again I thank you for your attendance. I ask Allah Al Mighty to return these blessed days and night on you. Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessing.