Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Unbelievable - the Saudis are at it again!

Just a few hours after writing about how the Saudis are seriously considering crucifying a Shia cleric, I come across this news item: now the Saudis are apparently considering deliberately paralyzing a man.  Check out this BBC article: Amnesty 'outrage' at Saudi paralysis sentence.  Here is an excerpt:
The reported sentencing of paralysis for a Saudi man as punishment for paralysing another man has been described as "outrageous" by a leading human rights group.  Saudi reports say the 24-year-old man could be paralysed from the waist down if he cannot pay his victim one million riyals (£250,000) in compensation.  Amnesty International says the sentence is a form of torture.  The man has been in prison for 10 years since he stabbed a friend in the back.  Saudi newspapers say Ali al-Khawahir was 14 when he paralysed his friend in the attack in the Eastern Province town of al-Ahsa.  The law of qisas, or retribution, in Saudi Arabia means his victim can demand that he suffers exactly the same punishment as he caused.
 Good God, what is wrong with these people?  Have they lost any kind of common sense?  Do they not have a sense of shame of belonging to society which can actually adopt a law which allows for the deliberate paralyzing of a healthy person?!

This just comforts me in my belief that there is no form of compromise possible between the Wahabism and the rest of mankind.  Putin was right when he told them "change your ways or prepare be exterminated".

What also baffles me is the deafening silence of the Muslim world out there. Why? Because in the case of Sheik Nimr al-Nimr "The prosecutor invoked haraba, a form of Islamic punishment enforced by the Saudi government, involving crucifixion and dismemberment" while in this latter case, "The law of qisas, or retribution, in Saudi Arabia means his victim can demand that he suffers exactly the same punishment as he caused".  Now, I am clearly no Islamic legal scholar, but even I am aware of the fact that the vast majority of Muslim countries do not practice crucifixion, dismemberment, stoning or deliberate paralyzing.  And yet, Islamic law is invoked in these cases and that, I believe, does require some kind of a reaction from those Muslims who do not consider as legitimate the Wahabi interpretation of Islamic law.  What are the most respected Muslim scholars saying about this?  What does the Organization of Islamic Cooperation have to say about that?

Why are Iran and Syria alone in openly denouncing these murderous psychopaths?!

The Saker