Friday, April 19, 2013

Assad and the Syrian Army are fighting for all of us

So it turns out that the Boston bombers are two Chechen brothers who are "refugees" even though neither is from Chechnia proper (they are from Kyrgyzstan). But nevermind that, here is the interesting part: check out the Russian "Facebook equivalent"  (called "V Kontakte") page of the younger of the two brothers, Dzhohar (named after Dudaev I suppose...):

How do you like that combination: "World view: Islam; Personal priority: Career and money".

Which clearly tells us that this young man's "Islam" is a micron thin.  He calls himself Muslim, but that is only a label.  His *real* ethos is one of a typical post-modern teen, centered on worldly goods.

I bet you his older brother is the real crazy one, this was just a typical follower.

Yesterday I watched an interesting report by the "Vice" reporters entitled "Killer Kids" which shows how the Taliban use 6-12 year old kids to carry bombs to specific locations and how then they remotely blow them up.

Again and again and again and again, I can only repeat what has become my deeply held and sincere belief: there is no possible dialog or co-existence with these crazed thugs, nor does it make sense to shed crocodile tears on the "innocent civilians" supporting or even harboring them.  The *only* way to deal with these guys is to offer them the "Putin choice": "either stop and renounce your ways, or be prepared to be exterminated".

Please notice that I said "renounce your ways".  I have no problem at all with somebody wanting independence for his/her region, nor do I have a problem with any religious belief system (except Wahabism and Rabbinical Judaism).  But the kind of crazed thuggery and blind terror these Wahabi/Taliban/al-Qaeda/etc. types engage in cannot be dealt with in any other way.  

And yet even this bombing will do nothing to change the way the USA deals with this issue: they will make outraged speeches about these bad bad bad terrorists in Boston, and then give standing ovations to the very exact same terrorists when they blow up (not pressure cookers, but entire cars!) in downtown Damascus.

So you will forgive me if when I see the bombings in Boston, I think of the many bombings in Syria, and I sincerely wish the Syrian Army all the success possible in ridding the planet from all those who commit such acts.

In Russia many analysts have said: "Assad is fighting for us, because every Jihadi he kills in Syria is one less Jihadi we will have to kill in Russia".

I wish the folks in Boston (and the rest of the USA) also understood that simple truth.

The Saker