Friday, April 26, 2013

Is there really no limit to how idiotic the anti-Assad propaganda can get?!

Over the past few days I tried really hard to ignore the propaganda about the use of chemical weapons by Syrian government forces?  Why?  Frankly, I am very busy these days, and that entire story is so self evidently ridiculous that I naively hoped that somehow at least the governments in the US and UK would not feel like they have to pretend like this is anything but the usual war propaganda.  I had hoped that maybe the NGOs which fabricated this story would be content to have the mainstream media pick it up and that maybe, just maybe, London and Washington would have the common sense to ignore it.  I know, I was naive.  Whether this was all setup by some Anglo secret service, or whether they were just happy to go with the story really makes no difference to me since I honestly believe that anybody with just a modicum of intelligence would realize how stupid this latest fairy tale is.  I was wrong.

Ok, the let's go down the basics here:

a) The US/NATO/al-Qaeda coalition has not had a single meaningful success so far.  In fact, its the opposite: the Syrian army which initially showed rather poor tactical skills has very skillfully adapted to this new environment and is doing a great job keeping the insurgents on the defensive in most of the country.  To put it simply - the regime has zero interest/motive/reason to use chemical munitions.

b) Since both the US and Israel have been making all sorts of threats about how absolutely and totally unacceptable any use of chemical weapons would be, the regime has all the interests/motives/reasons to make absolutely sure that under no circumstances could chemical munitions be involved.

c) The civil war in Syria is, to a large extend, a war for the hearts and minds of the Syrian people and thanks to the barbaric behavior of the insurgency in the zones they temporarily occupy, an increasing number of Syrians who never liked the regime are still siding with it as a lesser of two evils.  In this context, using chemical weapons would make no sense at all

The situation of the insurgency is diametrically opposed to the one of the Syrian regime.

a) Since the insurgency has not been able to win using conventional insurgency tactics, it has nothing to lose and everything to gain from using chemical munitions.

b) Since the insurgency has not been able to win using conventional insurgency tactics, it has nothing to lose and everything to gain to give the US and Israel the excuse to get involved in this war.

c) Since the insurgency has clearly lost the battle for the hearts and minds of the Syrian people - hence its very heavy reliance on foreign fighters - it does not need to worry about its popularity since the only way to win for it now is to rely on even more violence and terror.

And, besides that, I have also seen the articles out there about the fat that the chemicals used were not even from Syrian stockpiles, but that they were brought in from Turkey (Google it, I cannot do that now).  Oh, and one last point: most of the victims were pro-regime civilians, treated in government hospitals (again, a Google search will corroborate that).

The only thing which amazes me is that no "freedom fighter" has found a laptop with the detailed plans of Assad  (all in English, of course), on how he personally orders to use chemical weapons on innocent Syrian civilians and then on how we will then fire all his chemical weapons at Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, to commit another genocide of 6 million Jews...  That would have been perfect.

But now that even that sorry Uncle Tom of Obama has begun making threats about this fiction being a "game changer" I want to categorically state that anybody who seriously believes this latest invention of the Anglo propaganda machine is a drooling idiot whose lack of even basic common sense is total.

The Saker