Sunday, April 28, 2013

Two great articles by Robert Fisk reporting from Syria (both "MUST READs")

Robert Fisk
Finally some honest reporting from inside Syria!  Two articles by Robert Fisk which I highly recommend to everybody:

The Syrian Army Believes They Are Winning
Syria and Sarin Gas: US Claims Have a Very Familiar Ring

I have my points of strong disagreement with Robert Fisk, in particular about Hezbollah and the Hariri family, but at least I respect him for his courage (physical and intellectual) and his integrity.

I find the first article most interesting because it fully corroborates what Russian analysts have been saying: the Syrian Army has fully recovered, it is beating back the insurgency, and its morale is excellent.

This is very, very good news, but this also means that the US/NATO/al-Qaeda coalition has only one possible card to play: a direct military intervention (Bosnia anybody?).

The Saker