Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Meet the folks who are now trying to seize power in Syria

A new video of Gaddafi's murderers having a great time playing with his dead body has recently emerged.  Look at the faces of these folks, their attitude, their "playful" joy at having fun with the body of a dead man.

These are the exact same crazed Wahabi thugs who are now trying to overthrow Assad in Syria and whom the West, and some terminally stupid Arabs, is now arming and supporting in the hope that they will repeat their "success" in Libya.

This time, nobody will be able to say that he/she "did not know".

God knows that I always had a profound dislike for Gaddafi and his regime, but what was done to this man is disgusting beyond words.  I am not so much appalled by the fact that a group of crazed Wahabis could act like a pack of drunken hyenas (I remember what these folks did in Bosnia and Chechnia), as by the fact that after such images are shown worldwide nobody gives a damn or reaches some conclusions about the type of ideological rationalizations which made all this happen in the first place.  Really - after what happened in Libya, how can any person with even a small residual ounce of decency cheer on the so-called "Syrian opposition"?

To all those who cheer on the "Free Syrian Army" I only will say this: your crass stupidity and lack of basic decency disgust me beyond expression.

The Saker