Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Kindergarten false flag ops and other nonesense (UPDATED)

Remember the ridiculous fairytale about the  "Iranian terrorist' arrested in the USA"?  Well, it looks like these kinds of "kindergarten false flag operations" are picking up pace.  After the clueless Iranian 'terrorist' in the USA, we were told about a clueless bomber in Delhi (who only managed to wound a few people) and a homemade toy bomb in Georgia (it used a regular hand grenade).  Now it get even better: we have "Iranian bomber blows himself up" in Thailand.

This reminds me of The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight comedy: if that is all the terrorism the world is facing, we can all safely sleep and just wait for these wannabe terrorists to blow themselves up to smithereens...

And to think that deputy secretary of state Richard Armitage called Hezbollah the "A-Team of terrorists" only to have the Iranians and Hezbollah act like teenage wannabe terrorists who cannot get a single attack to produce even one fatality!

Seriously, one can wonder what is going on here.  After all, the US/Israeli Empire has the world for most experts on false flag terrorism!  The people who organized Operation Gladio in Europe and who did 9/11 at home are not teenagers, but world-class experts with an impressive record of extremely well executed complex false flag operations.

And yet, the nonsense does not stop here.

Turns out, the Yanks are have sent an aircraft carrier into the Strait of Hormuz for a second time already.  Now what are they trying to prove to the Iranians?  How stupid they really are?  Seriously, if there is one place on earth were you do not want to put an aircraft carrier it is a strait, any strait (nevermind an enemy controlled one!).

All this talk about the Iranians sinking a US carrier is utter nonsense unless, of course, the USN is dumb enough to actually put a carrier into the SoH!   That is about the only spot in the world oceans were the Iranians really could sink a US carrier, rather rapidly and easily in fact.

But the USN is not dumb, not at all, and it fully understands that an aircraft carrier is a blue-water beast, that has to be keep hundreds of miles away from its potential targets. This is why USN air operations doctrine does not call for sticking a carrier in any strait, much less so an enemy-controlled one.   In fact, I predict that the USN will flush all its major surface vessels out of the Persian Gulf before any strike on Iran (that would be a good 'indicator and warning' of an imminent attack) as any USN ship trapped inside the Persian Gulf when the missiles start flying would be a sitting duck for the Iranian military.

So unless some super secret (and skilled!) Iranian-Hezbollah bioterror attack force has managed to infect the Empire's leaders with an infantile stupidity inducing virus, I don't really understand what all this means.

It all looks like a bad B-series slapstick comedy movie and it all would be hilarious indeed if many thousands of innocent lives were not potentially at stake.

The Saker

UPDATE: good article here: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article30543.htm