Thursday, February 2, 2012

NATO blinked first

This is encouraging.  To my surprise, and relief, it appears that Russia refused cave in the the US/NATO demands on Syria and that they two key provisions (regime change, weapons embargo) were dropped from the next UNSC Resolution.


As you probably know, I am not exactly an Assad fanboy, but turning Syria into the next Libya would be a disaster for the entire region and a calamity for the Resistance (to Israel).

I hope that Russia will stand firm and that it will not do what it did with Libya (which it deliberately betrayed at the UNSC - Lavrov and Churkin are both very savvy diplomats who must have known what they were doing).

More generally, considering the latest NATO attacks on Russia (ABM system in Europe and strategic psyops about "election fraud" in Russia) is it now time for Russia to bear its teeth and growl with a more menacing tone.

The West wants a "new Cold War"?

I say "let's have it!" (they are imposing it on Russia anyway...)

The Saker