Saturday, October 22, 2011

The BBC is "going mental" over Gaddafi's lynching

Muammar Gaddafi's death: NTC commander speaks

The commander of forces who captured Muammar Gaddafi has given details of the Libyan ex-leader's last moments.  Omran al-Oweib told the BBC that the injured colonel was dragged from a drainage pipe where he was hiding in Sirte, took 10 steps and collapsed amid gunfire on Thursday.  He said it was impossible to tell who had fired the fatal bullet.

Meanwhile confusion has emerged over whether a full post-mortem had been performed on Col Gaddafi.  His body - and that of his son Mutassim, who was also killed on Thursday - have been placed in a meat storage facility in the city of Misrata.

The foreign affairs spokesman of Libya's National Transitional Council (NTC), Ahmed Gebreel, told the BBC the post-mortem was carried out on Saturday.  However a senior health official within the NTC, Nagy Barakat, said there was no need for such an examination as the cause of death had emerged from a pathologist's report.

In an exclusive BBC interview, Mr Oweib said: "I didn't see who killed, which weapon killed Gaddafi." He added that some of his fighters had wanted to shoot the colonel, but that he had sought to keep him alive.  After Col Gaddafi collapsed, Mr Oweib said, he drove him to a field hospital where he was pronounced dead. "I tried to save his life but I couldn't," the commander said.
Amazing no?  Videos with all the evidence imaginable about Gaddafi's lynching are all over the Internet and yet the BBC seriously reports about some "post mortem", about some "weapon", wielded by some mysterious unknown (lone?) killer,  which killed Gaddafi, and even about somebody trying to actually save Gaddafi.  The BBC does not even bother with giving *any* details about Mutassim Gaddafi's murder, although that could imply that he died next to his father which, of course, covers-up for another crime.

In the meanwhile, the US is seriously talking about an "open" investigation, like Uncle Shmuel had nothing to do with that.

How can anybody take these BBC clowns seriously?!
Orwellian.  Completely Orwellian.

The Saker