Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sibel Edmonds confirms US direct support for Chechen terrorism

This is not exactly 'news'. In fact, this info has been well-known to anybody who had made the effort to understand the truth about the wars in Chechnia. Nonetheless, I recently came across this video of Sibel Edmonds interviewed by James Corbett for Global Research TV and I decided to share it with you:

(You can see the full interview here)

Anyway, at a time when Uncle Shmuel is busy conjuring up nightmarish tales about Iranian agents and Mexican narcotraffickers planning to kill innocent Saudi diplomats it is a good time to remember that the USA and Saudi Arabia (and the UK, of course) were both direct supporters of the worst kind of terrorist insurgents this planet has ever dealt with: the Chechens.

I would also add here that the US and the UK are also directly sponsoring various terrorist organizations inside Iran.

The Saker