Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Some quick comments about the latest "Iranian terror plot"

I just came home and found this idiocy staring at me from  the BBC's website

Iran agents 'planned US terror attacks'

First, quick calendar check: is it April 1st?  Nope. Crap. I was hoping this was a lame joke.  Okay then, let's take a look at the latest idiocy conjured up by the Ziocon propaganda machine.

According to this story, the Iranians have been caught trying to kill the KSA ambassador to the USA.  For that purpose, they used a dual Iranian-US citizen who has already confessed.  The entire plot was, according to Eric Holder, "conceived" in Iran by the Quds force.
US officials said that on 24 May 2011, Mr Arbabsiar made contact with an informant for the US Drug Enforcement Agency, who was posing as a Mexican drug cartel member.

Over a series of meetings, it is said that details emerged of a conspiracy involving members of the Iranian government paying $1.5m (£960,000) for the assassination of Saudi ambassador Adel al-Jubeir on US soil.

But in conversations secretly recorded for the US authorities, Mr Arbabsiar also allegedly considered having the ambassador killed at a purported favourite restaurant, despite the possibility of mass casualties.

The plot would have been carried out with explosives, Mr Holder said. But he added that no explosives were ever put in place and the public was not in danger.

Mr Holder said Mr Arbabsiar, with approval from Mr Shakuri, wired $100,000 to a US bank account for the informant as a downpayment.
If one is to believe this latest fairy tale, the Iranians are just about the dumbest wanna-be terrorists on the planet.  Think about it:
  1. They use a dual US-Iranian citizen.  Probably the most monitored category of individual possible.
  2. Their agent contacts the Mexican drug cartels not in Mexico, but in the USA, probably to make conversation recording easier.
  3. They wire the downpayment to a US bank, not to Mexico or some offshore account.
And then come the 'whys'?  Why would Iran want to kill a Saudi diplomat in the most difficult spot on the planet?  Why would they need Mexican help?  Why would the DEA know about it and send a covert argent to offer assistance?  Why was the "Iranian agent" arrested in JFK before any explosives were found?

Frankly, this makes me wonder who stupid the Obama regime really thinks that we all are?  Are we just expected to accept this latest nonsense and demand a strike on Iran?

Because this is exactly what this is all about.  Airstrikes on Iran.  Remember how Clinton bombed Iraq over the alleged plot to kill Papa Bush during a trip to Kuwait?  Same nonsense here.

After "Kosovo redux in Libya" we now have "Iraq redux in Iran".

Man, this planet is really sicking into an ocean of abject stupidity.

This is all so totally depressing...

The Saker