Monday, April 18, 2011

Request for comments: Arab speakers - can you please explain what this video shows?

Dear friends,

A rather gruesome 4 part video has appeared on the Internet showing the alleged murder and mutilation of pro-Gaddafi soldiers by anti-Gaddafi forces.  I have decided against posting the actual videos here because of their gruesome nature, but here are the links:

The person who posted this video has provided the following explanation:
Pro Gaddafi Soldiers who surrendered here were executed in cold blood.  Countless Libya Army Soldiers and Police officers have been Executed by Rebels in Cold Blood and have been Blindfolded, hog-tied, beat, Executed, Hung, beheaded, put on fire, had their bodies mutiliated, and in one documented case a Soldier had his heart cut out of his chest when he proclaimed that his "heart is for Gaddafi" and the rebel took a bite out of the heart. In Misrata the Rebels burned some soldiers and then waved and danced around with the charred remains of their corpses.(...)  The Libya Army soldiers and Libya police officers who have surrendered to the phony Rebel army have not been accounted for. Hundreds have been executed after surrendering and hundreds of others are missing after being reported as captured. In addition, the Rebels are Incredibly Racist and they take extra delight in torturing and in the execution of Black Libyan soldiers who are captured. The racist Benghazi terror Gangs continually make believe that all the Black soldiers in the Libya Army are somehow mercenaries as they are not white, failing to acknowledge that there are over 500,000 Black African Libyans who primarily reside in the southern half of the nation.
One thing which particularly puzzles me in these videos is the beheading of one of the soldiers.  Throat-cutting is one of the hallmarks, the "signatures", of Wahabi extremists who have - and still are - practicing this type of horror in Bosnia, Chechnia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Algeria and pretty much every place where there is an armed Wahabi force.  And while according to some comments the folks in the crowd as screaming "No don't do that" "khalllassss!" "enough!" "La! La!" "NO!,No!" and towards the end of the video people started to chant: "enough, enough with this disgrace!" you can clearly hear the chants of "Allahu Akbar!" by the people supporting these actions.  It does thus appear that this is clearly not a secular murder, but a religiously inspired one.

I would ask the Arab speakers who read my blog to please explain to me, and the rest of us, what exactly they can make from the dialogs heard on the video and provide us with as many details about this incident as possible.

Who are the people seen in the video?  Are they really soldiers?  What is being said, in particular in the 2nd video?  In what country and on what station was this video aired?  Do we know who shot these images?

Many thanks in advance,

The Saker