Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The civil war in Libya is about to turn into a NATO invasion - does anybody care?!

Dear friends,

First, a couple of recent headlines which grabbed my attention
Now, let's turn to what has been gnawing at me: I have to say that I am rather baffled by the very few comments I am getting about Libya and I imagine that some of you are possibly getting the impression that I am somehow supporting Gaddafi by publishing information which can be seen as advantageous for the government side.

Believe me, this is not my intention.

Frankly, I readily admit that I do not have enough personal knowledge of the situation in Libya to really side with either party to the conflict.  What my post reflect is the fact that I am  torn between two contradictory feelings:

On one hand, I have a general dislike for Gaddafi and the kind of regime he embodies.  On the other hand, what is happening in Libya is setting off all my "internal indicators and warnings"; my "baloney detector" flashing bright red alarm lights telling me that something in all this stinks to high heaven.  In particular, I find the parallels between what is happening today and the events which preceded the US/NATO invasion of Bosnia most worrisome.

Why are there so few comments on this topic?  Are you guys upset at what you might perceive as my ambiguous position?  Or do you find my concerns about the situation in Libya unwarranted?

Also - I am hearing more and more distressing news from Egypt.  Bloggers have been arrested, decrees have banned strikes, demonstrations repressed and, if I am not mistaken, the situation on the border between Egypt and Gaza has not meaningfully changed.  Finally, the butchery in Bahrain and Yemen appears to have crushed the opposition in a grandiose bloodbath which the so-called "international community" - apparently lead by Mr. Bernard Henri-Levi - does not mind one bit, on the contrary.

And now Syria is facing some major clashes.  Here again, I have very mixed feelings.  I have always intensely disliked the Assad regime, be it father or son.  And I am sure that at least some top Syrian officials - possibly Assad himself - have assisted Israel in the murder of Imad Mugniyah and everybody know that may individuals kidnapped by the USA have been tortured in Syria on behalf of the US Empire.  In my opinion Assad is as fake a 'resister' as can be.  But does that mean that the anti-Assad forces in Syria are necessarily better?  Or are they planing to put another, even more compliant, pro-Israeli US puppet in power?

I find this all most discouraging.

I am the only one here feeling this way?

The Saker