Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Footage from Bahrain

I good friend of mine has recently emailed me and told me that I was paying too much attention to the situation in Libya and not enough to the situation in Bahrain.  She sent me a long list of videos, some of which had already been removed by YouTube, some which were only in Arabic, some which did not explain what was being shown, and some which were duplicates of others.  I have made a selection of the remaining ones and I submit them to you here below (under their original titles).

Just for the record, and I have already written this on my blog, what is taking place in Bahrain is a bloody crackdown by the puppets of the Saudi Wahabi regime against the majority of the population in general and the Bahraini Shia in particular.  This crackdown is accompanied by massacres of civilians which are far worse than anything taking place in Libya and probably of the same order of magnitude as what is happening in Yemen, the other bloody crackdown "overlooked" by the Western corporate media.

I would be most interested in publishing information about the situations in Bahrain and Yemen, but it is hard for me to come across good information in English.  Any help with this would be most appreciated.

The Saker

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