Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A message from Anthony Lawyson about YouTube censoring his latest video


As you may already know, the Petition video has been removed because of "shocking or disgusting content."

This seems to make me The Moving Target.  It has been been taken down, because someone doesn't like the pictures of what Israel did to so many little children in Gaza. The images were included in Michael Heart's music video: "We Will Not Go Down (Song for Gaza)".  The song and the images remain on several other sites.  It makes you think, doesn't it.

I would suggest those without the stomach to view such images should do something to stop the carnage in Gaza.

I'll be preparing a new video, as soon as I have the time.

Take care,

Here is the video YouTube censored:

No-Fly Zone Over Gaza — Petition from Anthony Lawson on Vimeo.

Petition written by Dr. Mohamed Khodr