Thursday, November 25, 2010

US Jarheads "Winning the hearts and minds" in Iraq


Commentary: What this testosterone-poisoned moron clearly does not realize is that these "fucking pussy cowards with their thumbs up their ass" (as he so delicately puts it when talking about, and to, the Iraqi Shia) have comprehensively defeated every single US tactic and strategy in Iraq and have won both the civil war and the war against the occupation.  

It is rather pitiful to listen to this idiot calling them "unmanly" and saying that he can beat up anyone of them when in reality, they have already beaten him and his entire military into a bleeding pulp.

Even more pathetic is he outrage at the fact that one of them smiles.  I would suggest that these Iraqis are true masters of self-control for not rolling around on the ground in hysterical laughter at the sight of this hybrid between Robocop and a Neanderthal thinking that he and his likes would ever rule a country with 5'000 years of history and which has seen invasions far more impressive that Dubya's truly pathetic army.

I can just image how much these Iraqis despise these dumb jarheads...