Monday, November 22, 2010

First it was Der Speigel, now it's the Canadian CBC

It appears that the Zionists have decided to initiate their next round their anti-Hezbollah campaign by using the Canadian CBC to, yet again, accuse Hezbollah of the murder of Rafik Hariri.  That's a way to give at least some cover to the now thoroughly discredited UN investigation.  Remember how the Zionists used the German magazine Der Spiegel to "leak" their accusations? Now they do the same with the CBC.  This latest move is also a way to cover up the proof presented by Hezbollah of Israel's involvement in Harari's murder.  I frankly doubt that this latest stunt will have much traction, at least in Lebanon (they have already heard it all, a million times over).  Mostly, this latest move is a "psyop preparation of the battlefield" before the official release of the indictments of various Hezbollah officials by the UN investigators.

The Saker