Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I love the BBC (again and again!)

The BBC is wonderful.  Here are the two Russia-linked headlines today:
However, they did mention the massacre in Lugansk (in the middle of the 2nd article).  Like that:
In Luhansk, there was an explosion in the main regional building seized by the separatists several weeks ago. It was not immediately known what caused the blast. Unconfirmed reports say there were casualties. Pro-Russian groups accused Ukraine's military of carrying out an air strike. Kiev denied the claim, suggesting that separatists in the building could have mishandled a portable anti-aircraft missile system.
Ain't it wonderful? And notice the politically correct Ukie spelling of Lugansk as "Luhansk".

They are just *priceless* in their absolute indifference to even most obvious and over-proven facts.  Alain Soral is absolutely correct, nowadays a journalist (in the West) is either a prostitute, or unemployed.

The Saker

PS:  Will the BBC hire Jen Psaki next?