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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

How the Ukrainian crisis will eventually bring down the AngloZionist Empire

There are many theories out there about what exactly caused the collapse of the Soviet Union.  Some say that it is Ronald Reagan with his Star Wars program.  Others say that this is the war in Afghanistan or the Polish union Solidarnosc.  Other popular theories include the failure of the Soviet economy, the drop in oil prices, the inability to produce consumer goods, the yearning of many Soviets for western-style freedoms and incomes, national/ethnic problems, a hypertrophic military-industrial complex, a massive and corrupt bureaucracy, the corruption of the CPSU and its nomenklatura, the personal treason of Mikhail Gorbachev and many other theories.  While all of these factors did contribute to weaken the Soviet system, I do not believe that they brought it down, not even combined together.  What really brought down the Soviet Union was something entirely different: an unbearable cognitive dissonance or, to put it more simply, an all-prevailing sense of total hypocrisy.

But before I make my case about the role of hypocrisy, let me first clarify why I don't believe that any other of the theories I listed above make sense: simply because the USSR survived much, much, harder times.  Frankly, the entire period from 1917 through 1946 was much worse than anything which happened during Brezhnev's "stagnation" or after.  And yet, not only did the Soviet Union survive, it almost single-handedly defeated the biggest military machine Europe ever created - Hitler's Wehrmacht - it also deterred the Anglosphere from its plans to attack it at the end of the war.  Then it more or less won the "space race" (with the very notable exception of the race to the moon which the USSR lost on 24th of October 1960), built what was arguably the most powerful conventional military force on the planet while enjoying an internal economic boom. By any measurement, the USSR was a formidable power during a very long period.

But then something went very, very wrong.

Personally, I am inclined to blame Nikita Khrushchev who, in my opinion, was by far the worst leader the Soviet Union ever had.  

Though this is controversial, but I believe that Khrushchev and a clique of supporters murdered Stalin by poisoning him, and then engaged in a massive propaganda campaign to justify their action and legitimize their rule.  It all began with Khrushchev's (in)famous "secret speech" at the 20th CPSU Congress and it continued throughout most of Khrushchev's rule.  Khrushchev, who personally hated Stalin, used every truth and untruth possible to literally demonize Stalin.  Worse, Khrushchev objectively joined forces with the many Trotskists worldwide who had been spreading the "Stalinism" myth for decades.

Let me immediately clarify that I am not at all an admirer of Stalin whom I consider to be a bloody tyrant and a absolutely ruthless, if personally charming, dictator.  But I will say that Stalin was most definitely no worse then Lenin, Trotsky or Khrushchev and that as a statesman his was far more skilled then any other Soviet leader.  As for Khrushchev himself, he was the protégé of Lazar Kaganovich, one of the worst scumbags in Soviet history, he was also an eager participant in many bloody repressions, and generally a comprehensively immoral, unprincipled and outright evil person.

Anyway, with his anti-Stalin campaign Khrushchev basically told the Soviet people that what used to be white yesterday is henceforth to be considered black and that what was black is now white.  On a deeper level, that also showed that the Soviet Union was ruled by complete hypocrites who had no personal beliefs and who stood for nothing except for their own power.

The poison of disillusionment and cynicism injected by Khrushchev and his clique acted slowly, but surely, and by the time Leonid Brezhnev came to power (1964) it had already discreetly permeated all of Soviet society.  By the 1980 it was omnipresent at all the levels of society, from the lowest and poorest to the top party officials.  I don't want to go into all the details, but I will say that the fact that almost nobody stood up to defend the Soviet system in 1991 and in 1993 is a direct result of that poison's erosion of the Soviet society.  By the 1990s everybody knew that even if the ideals of Communism were good (which some still did believe while some did not), the modern Soviet society was built on a gigantic lie which nobody was willing to fight for, nevermind die for it.

That rot of disillusionment and cynicism is also what defined the 1990s and the "democratic nightmare" of the Eltsin years. People now say that this was the time when "every young Russian boy wanted to become a Mafia Don and every Russian girl a prostitute" - not quite literally true, of course, but generally true nonetheless.   It is only with the coming to power of Putin that this poison began to weaken and that the Russian society began to re-discover true ideals and a belief in values worth standing up for.

How does that all apply to the AngloZionist Empire and the Ukraine?

It is quite obvious, really.  I tend to agree with Alexander Mercouris, Mark Sleboda and Mark Hackard when they say that the USA, ruled by incompetent and poorly educated politicians (rather than by professional diplomats or real statemen) probably expected Russia to roll-over and accept a Banderastani regime in power in the Ukraine.  And when Russia refused to accept that and pushed back, the AngloZionists made their initial miscalculation even worse by dramatically increasing their rhetoric and by insisting that black was white and white was black.

For the AngloZionist a neo-Nazi armed insurgency which seizes power in contradiction with an agreement it had signed less than 24 hours before is a "legitimate representative of the Ukrainian people".  The Baderists are philosemites and democrats, while the people in the eastern Ukraine are either Jew-hating extremists or Russian agents.  When the folks in the western Ukraine engage in a campaign of terror, murder and looting, that is an expression of democracy, when the people in the east seize SBU buildings it is terrorism.  When Yanukovich was faced by protesters the US demanded that he not use any force at all, not even cops with sidearms, when the junta leader Iatseniuk faces protesters, he is acting with praiseworthy restraint when he sends in tanks, artillery pieces and combat aircraft.  The referendum in Crimea is illegitimate because it was allegedly conducted at the point of a gun, while the proposed upcoming Presidential election will be legitimate even though they will be organized and conducted by bone fide neo-Nazis and even though two candidates get assaulted and cannot campaign.  I could continue to multiply the example here ad nauseam, but you get the point: what the AngloZionists are declaring urbi et orbi is basically that black is white, the earth is flat, 2+2=3, up is down, etc.  They are doing exactly the same than what Khrushchev did in the USSR: they are showing their own people that they believe in nothing and stand for nothing except their own power.

Not that the American people need much convincing, I would add.

In my admittedly subjective opinion the level of disgust of most American people with the Federal government is already sky high.  Sure, most people feel impotent and believe that there is nothing they can do about it.  When they vote for peace, they get more war.  When they vote for less taxes, they get more.  When they vote for more civil rights, they get less.  There is an entire generation of Americans out there which is as disillusioned and as disgusted with their own rulers as the Soviets were with their rulers in  the 1970s and 1980s.

Interestingly, there is definitely a strong anti-regime movement of American patriots out there.  These are folks who have the wisdom to differentiate between, on one hand, their country, their people, the ideals upon which the US society was originally built, and, on the other hand, regime in DC and the 1% of the population whose interests this regime works for.  Amazing, no?  The Soviet Union had its formal nomenklatura while the USA has it own, informal, one.  About 1% of the population in each case.

You want more uncanny parallels?  Sure!  How about

1)   A bloated military budget resulting in an ineffective military
2)   A huge and ineffective intelligence community
3)   A crumbling public infrastructure
4)   A world record in the per-capita ratio of incarcerated people (US GULag)
5)   A propaganda machine which nobody trusts any more
6)   An internal dissident movement which the regime tries to keep silent
7)   A systematic use of violence against the citizens
8)   An increase in tensions between Federal and local authorities
9)   An industry whose main exports are weapons and energy
10) A population fearful of being spied on by the internal security services
11) A systematic assimilation of dissent with espionage and terrorism
12) A all-prevailing paranoia about internal and external enemies
13) A financially catastrophic over-reach of the empire across the planet
14) An awareness that the entire planet hates you
15) A subservient press-corps of presstitutes who never dare to ask the real questions
16) A sky-high rate of substance abuse
17) A young generation which believes in nothing at all
18) An educational system in free-fall (the Soviet one was much better, btw)
19) A disgust with politics by the general public
20) A massive and prevailing amount corruption on all levels of power

These are just a few examples which apply as much to the USSR of the 1980 as it does to the 2014 USA.  There are also plenty of differences, of course, no need to list them here as they are quite obvious.

My main point is not that the USSR and USA are the exact same, but only that the similarities between the two are becoming uncanny and numerous.

In conclusion and to put things simply: what the AngloZionist are openly and publicly defending in the Ukraine is the polar opposite of what they are supposed to stand for.  That is an extremely dangerous thing to do for any regime and the AngloZionist Empire is no exception to that rule.  Empire often crumble when their own people become disillusioned and disgusted with massive discrepancy between what the ruling elites say and what they do and as a result, it is not so much that the Empire is faced with formidable enemies as it is the fact that nobody is willing to stand up - nevermind die - in defense of it.  Just look at the following sentence:

(in the Ukraine) "Barack Obama and the Democratic Party stand for racism and Fascism"

Amazing, no?  But it is true, even though this short sentence has enough tensions inside it to explode the brain of many Americans, especially Democrats.  I put the "in the Ukraine" in brackets to provide the context but, of course, the context does not matter one bit.  You cannot be for liberal policies at home and for Fascism abroad.  Nor can you be an anti-racist who supports racism, it don't matter one bit were that racism is located.  Values truly held are applicable to all and everywhere.  You cannot oppose torture in country 'x' but favor it in country 'y'.  That is plain ridiculous.  So let me restate the sentence above this time without the context in brackets:

"Barack Obama and the Democratic Party stand for racism and Fascism"

Blows your mind, doesn't it?

And, of course, the very same can be said of McCain and his party:

"John McCain and the Republican Party stand for racism and Fascism"

Still painful, no?

How about this one:

"The EU stands for racism and Fascism"
Or, even better:

"The ADL and the Weisenthal Center stand for racism and Fascism"

Or this one:

"Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch stand for racism and Fascism"

Pretty amazing, no?

Now try combining any of the above with this one:

"Putin and Russia stand for democracy, freedom and human rights"

Ouch!  That one would really hurt a lot of American and Europeans.

Of course, this is not how the events in the Ukraine, or any other event, is presented in the official public media and the zombified public discourse.  But neither was that the case in the USSR.  Still, not all people are stupidified zombies - though some, of course, are - and they do their own, quiet, little thinking in their own heads.  Sometimes they toss ideas around with their friends.  In the Soviet Union the "Petri dish" for politically incorrect discussion was usually the kitchen.  In the USA it might be near the barbecue.

Of course, we are not going to see mass demonstrations in the streets of Washington DC, most people are going to keep this kind of "crime thoughts" private or for a small circle of trusted friends, but let me remind you all that since we are making comparisons between the USSR and the USA, there was no "occupy the Kremlin" movement in the USSR while the Occupy Wall Street movement in the USA was very large and widely spread across this huge country.  Nor has there ever been a Soviet equivalent of the huge 1990 anti-WTO protests in Seattle.  So the American public is nowhere nearly as passive as some think.

The Ukraine is far away from the USA, and only 1/6th of Americans can place it on a map.  But the consequences of the very high visibility involvement of the US regime and the AngloZionist Empire will be dramatic, if delayed in time.  Already nobody in his/her right might would give Obama his Nobel Peace Prize again.  So even though the formidable western propaganda machine is way more capable and sophisticated than anything Goebbels or Suslov could have dreamed about, it cannot hide reality forever.

This is why the Empire is so desperate for some kind of victory in the Ukraine.  If it cannot be respected any more, it needs to be at least feared.  But if the Ukraine explodes and Russia gets Crimea and the East (which appears increasingly likely) then the AngloZionist won't even be feared anymore.  Once that happens, the life expectancy of the Empire will become very, very short.

So yes, knowing the truth does make one free, and the truth is the most powerful empire-buster ever invented.  It brought down the USSR and it will bring down the AngloZionists too.  It is just a matter of time now.

The Saker


Anonymous said...

The Soviet Union was part of the Hegelian Dialectic. Just like Al-Kaida, it was run by Zionist Khazar Bankers in New York City, which funded it until they pulled the plug.

Tom Burnett said...

That's it. I am tired of hearing you refer to America as an 'AngloZionist' empire and me and my countrymen as AngloZionists".

My roots are in Scotland. I don't know any 'Zionists" and I don't want to be called one.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget the key leaders of the October Revolution in Russia, like Trostky (Bernstein), Lazar Kaganovich and many others were all khazar zionists.
Trotsky was financed by the the Zionist khazar bankers from New York and while living in luxury in NYC, he published the Communist Newspaper only in the YIDDISH Language:)
See the documentary: In the Shadow of Hermes - Juri Lina....

Jüri Lina was born in 1949 in occupied Estonia. He was banned from journalistic work in 1975 and then worked as a night watchman until he was forced to emigrate in 1979 after repeated conflicts with the political police, KGB. In 1985, according to documents recently made available, political charges were levelled against Jüri Lina, in his absence, in occupied Estonia. He was accused of high treason in connection with the publication of two books – "Sovjet hotar Sverige" ("The USSR Threatens Sweden") and "Öised päevad" ("Nightly Days"). The KGB regarded him as one of the most anti-communistic writers in Sweden

jo6pac said...

Thanks and let hope that the empire goes out with a whimper instead of taking down as much of the world they can. Thanks for the Russian history lesson for the day.

Anonymous said...

...and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free... No greater words have been written. The beauty is that truth is always within. That said -- the turmoil and churning which results from "sleepers awakening" is having a HUGE impact on mankind. This conscious awakening is tangible and substantive. Whether it redeems Americans from years of ignoring the evil perpetrated by government -- one cannot predict. But "waking-up" is the first step. The next one is to STOP "sinning" -- i.e. stop the madness of evil behavior and policies that have gotten us to this sorry place.

As usual -- your insights and perspectives vis-à-vis Ukraine are spot-on. I don't say this to be obsequious in personal compliments. It's an expression of gratitude that you provide a forum to read and digest information which PROMOTES intellect and thought -- not filling empty vessels with lies and deceit. THANK YOU for respecting your readers intellect. In this way we are the oil.

Kindest regards,


Anonymous said...

Russian military high tech surpasses the Americans'. Have a look at this show of superiority:
The Americans were left wetting their pants.

5 dancing shlomos said...

the old soviet union was forced by the west to waste resources. russia currently is also forced to waste resources.

the zionized u.s. chooses of its own free will to destroy itself and the world.

Rowan Berkeley said...

That's extremely interesting, and on its own level it's all absolutely true, but it is a principle of Marxism not to rest content with explanations that turn merely on individuals, as it is also an axiom not to rest content with those that turn on subjective feelings, even mass ones.

Deciding why the USSR failed is no easy task. I myself would go all the way back to 1916. You doubtless know that there was a short but vivid polemic between Lenin and Rosa Luxemburg, who maintained the classical Marxist position that the revolution must, repeat must, occur first in the most advanced countries. And I think this is true. Rosa insisted that it must occur first in Germany, and then it would spread right across eastern Europe and through Russia, almost automatically, whereas the reverse, a revolution in Russia first, would abort the larger process because it would be isolated and quarantined off by the major powers, if not destroyed outright, as it nearly was.

I absolutely believe Rosa was correct. This dispute was concealed in a way that already suggests bureaucratic fossilisation of 'dogma', by a swinging Leninist counter-attack on Rosa's book, "The Accumulation of Capital", and indeed few have ever emerged from the vast and impenetrable jungle of marxian economics without serious injury (except me, because I have foresworn those awful mathematical examples altogether). So the real issue conveniently disappeared and Rosa was dismissed from theoretical eminence without its even having to be mentioned.

Doesn't that sound like the typical Soviet modus operandi to you too? It's dispiriting to think that this 'bureaucratic degeneration' was there from the very start, but at least it explains the problem.

Anonymous said...

I call that country Fahrenheit Land for a good reason. Fahrenheit symbolizes all that is irrational about that country. I remember when the Left in the early '70s started crying that with metrication that would lose their beloved Fahrenheit!

Re your post, I think you are onto something. When I was travelling to the Soviet Union in the early '70s, going camping and meeting the Russian people, There was already a cynicism in the air. Nobody believed in the system at that point but pre-Internet it was easy to fool people anyway. We met students in Oryol (or is it Orel in English?) who were collecting money to send to East Germany. They wouldn't believe us when we told them that East Germany was the most prosperous Communist country in the world!

Anonymous said...

It is so refreshing to read something thoughtful and interesting here. Please continue the good work - your analyses are very helpful.

Anonymous said...

SAKER, not sure if you are aware of this blogger/specific post, but it includes some very detailed direct quotes from a Putin speech/TV presentation or interview from last Thursday (n.b: I have not verified the accuracy of the direct quotes).

Would appreciate your thoughts/analysis on the thesis of the post, especially on Putin's comments (e.g. "“As for me, you know that the decisions we take in a critical situation depend on our experience and values. You know that I worked for the Soviet Union’s KGB, or, more precisely, foreign intelligence, where we were trained in a specific manner that boils down to absolute loyalty to people and the country.”)

Anonymous said...

Hi Saker,
I have been reading your blog for the Ukraine crisis for awhile. I like your input and analysis in this propaganda war. But I have to say I don't quite agree with you on this piece.

I think what will bring down the US empire is the economics, and the elite ruling class's inability to recognize and deal with the problem. The US is almost bankrupted now. I expect the situation is only getting worse in future. Baby boomer generation has entered the retiring age, they will draw social security and medicare benefit which this country don't have money to cover it. Another key factor that nobody can help is that the White population will be less than 50% soon(white kids in elementary school age are already less than 50%). This will bring fundamental culture and political change in the US. The lower performance of black and Latino students in school predict trouble for this country.

I'm originally from China. I think our history of communist ruling has some sort of similarities. Many people in China now demonize Mao's era too. But looking back now, I think it is not that black and white. The tragedies happened at the time had more to do with the backwardness of the country and ignorant of the people rather the Mao or his policy. We shouldn't use today's standard to measure people or leader of that time.

Pour la Syrie said...

The most frightening thing is that they seem not to understand what they have set up.Like if they were trapped in their own self-realizing prophecy.

Mark said...

The ones who can bring down a US empire are only US citizens. No outside force can do any more than inspire, the change has to come from within.

Sorry, but I'm not convinced the US citizens will be up to that task anytime soon.

First of all a great majority is still completely blinkered. What seems obvious to you Saker in the Ukraine is not on their radar. Putin=Evil because the television said so.

Second the Empire will, as it's been doing, create external enemies to keep the home base in check. Get in line or you're a traitor! Most people will get in line willingly and the rest through fear.

Third Empire would play the internal citizens against themselves on ethno- religios lines if it came to that. The winners would be those that tow to the elite and who are then in need for defence by that elite from those they've pissed off. Divide and conquer, just as the Brits did. The US is vvery multi-polar so a shrewd empire could easily pick and choose alliances there to its benefit.

No, I don't buy your analogy with the Soviet Union's collapse. And if it is to be, I believe a US empire collapse is several decades ahead, not years.

Anonymous said...

Quite a perceptive commentary and I agree that the dissonance between the stated ideals of empire and the reality of life in empire has the potential to erode men's commitment and patriotism. But this has been an ongoing process that didn't begin in Ukraine. Really the civil rights movement, particularly after WWII, struck the first blow against the myth of American exceptionalism. Part of the reason for "The Great Society" was the discombobulating images showing that the "leader of the free world" was peopled with racist, ignorant, murderous thugs. The national elite reeled from the international ridicule and condemnation and was forced to respond. The assassination of JFK, MLK and RFK all reinforced that something was terribly wrong in Camelot. Vietnam and Iran Contra again forced the US public to confront the hypocrisy of its system and all of this is a part of the historical memory of the US. And don't overlook the isolated events that reinforced this conclusion police brutality, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Fred Hampton. All of these incidents, and others, helped to reinforce, albeit to different constituencies, that the US was a police state and not the shining city on a hill.

The level of public commitment to official Washington is very shallow. If you doubt that take a look for a moment at the approval levels enjoyed by Congress and Obama. They are distrusted, and in some cases despised. Need more proof? Think of this, the US hasn't "won" a hot war since WWII! Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan none of them. They have lived on their "victory" of the Cold War, and even there they are busy snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. The public is exhausted, medicated, cynical and armed. There is virtually no "buy in" to any of the official myths. Even the story of 9-11 is being openly challenged in some quarters. Whether you believe the official story or not the fact that the government's official explanation is not uniformly accepted is a remarkable commentary on how the government, and the people who run it, is perceived.

Gil Scott Heron famously said "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised". He was right. It's occurring right now in the hearts of good and decent people searching for purpose and meaning to their lives and unwilling to give their obedience to an unworthy hypocritical system. We won't be able to tell when this reaches critical mass, but it could be at any moment and would only come to the fore when people are called on to defend the system and respond with a collective yawn. Kinda like the extermination exercise in anti-terrorism Kiev just order to virtually no effect. That's the revolution in Ukraine; the US version is not far off.

Cold N. Holefield said...

I don't see it, only because there is no such thing as the "AngloZionist" empire. What I know is there hasn't been a World War for going on 70 years now and during that time America has risen to prominence. Just as the Crimeans are now questioning what they wished for (at least the few who voted for annexation), anyone hoping America collapses may get something entirely different than what they expected. Any intelligent person knows what happens when swift power vacuums are created. Tyrants of all stripes, often much more brutal and sadistic than the previous order, move in to fill the void and those who worked so hard to destabilize the old order are either pushed away or run over.

Under Russia, Life in Crimea Grows Chaotic

Monica Perez said...

When Putin (presumably) leaked the Nuland call, it was the first time I saw real action outside the UN-NWO paradigm. Even Putin's push-back on Syria was through conventional methods. The fact that Putin pulled back the curtain on the tactics of the Deep State told me he no longer expected to be in a position to benefit from them. He was either planning to dominate the NWO from within but with the chutzpah to ignore the ground rules, or he was ready to walk away from the existing order altogether.

An old quote by Paul Wolfowitz I read recently articulated exactly what the US did to bring this on itself. Obama and his gang arrogantly defied Wolfowitz's roadmap to perpetual world domination and started the dominoes falling. Here's Wolfowitz's advice Obama should have heeded:

“The U.S. must show the leadership necessary to establish and protect a new order that holds the promise of convincing potential competitors that they need not aspire to a greater role or pursue a more aggressive posture to protect their legitimate interests. In non-defense areas, we must account sufficiently for the interests of the advanced industrial nations to discourage them from challenging our leadership or seeking to overturn the established political and economic order. We must maintain the mechanism for deterring potential competitors from even aspiring to a larger regional or global role.” (

Anonymous said...

Now Ukraine facists restart "antiterror" just when US vice president have been there to talk to them! Amazing isnt it?!

Monica Perez said...

I also had the thought that the Soviet Union was a foreign paradigm to the Russians. Have you ever seen the documentary evidence that agents of John D Rockefeller financed the Bolshevik revolution to prevent Czarist Russia from challenging Rockefeller's worldwide hegemony over oil? (if that was his goal, it certainly worked)

You yourself inspired an additional proof of my idea that Soviet was foreign to Russia, and it's this (please correct me if I'm wrong, it's just a feeling I have)...

the Soviets banned the Russian Orthodox Church yet it remains a pillar of strength and the best representation of what it means to be really Russian, yet it was the very anti-thesis of Soviet by the Soviets' own definition.

What do you think? Perhaps Russia merely freed itself from an infection.

Anonymous said...


The solution.

Vediki said...

Extraction from very famous Russian film "Brat 2"/Brother 2. Pay attention to dialogue between Danila Bodrov, film's main hero, and an American banker. Where's force? In money? No, force is in truth....

Unfortunately in Russian only.

Mikhail B. said...

I lived in the USSR. My parents well lived in the USSR, money was, but there was nothing to buy. I remember it... If it is necessary, I will endure it 100 more times, but I won't give to the ancestors a reason is ashamed me!

I and as all Russians in Siberia for the world! BUT! if it is necessary, we will go for war! ! !
Poland shouts about won most - she the first will receive!
1 . it isn't necessary to speak about war if you never participated in it!
2 . Russia honors ancestors fallen in the war and it to you never to understand.
3 . When you will grow to the real fighters (in spiritual sense as Japanese, you will understand), then you will understand losses... while you only look at Ukraine... The Middle East doesn't disturb you. Yes?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Holefield,
Please don't refer to the NY Times for any information about these affairs; that is like referring to Pravda in the old USSR days. Here in New York, we refer to it as the Pravda on the Hudson! They are the mouthpiece of the rulers here in the US.

Knut said...

I agree with the basic tenor of this post. The official US is doing nothing for the bottom 80 percent of the income distribution and next to nothing for the next 10 to 15 percent. They seem to think the subjects wll root for the home team, except that the subjects are beginning to understand that it's not their team anymore, and that they are not on it. It's going to be like what they said in the ols Soviet Union, 'They pretend to pay us, and we pretend to work.'

As to the fall of the Ussr, it's my opinion after reading my friend Carol Leonard's book on the end of Soviet agriculture, that it was the farm failure that brought the system down and gave it the coup de grace. That failure goes back to collectivization, but the attempts at reform in the 60s and 70s made things worse, especially after the revolt in Novocherkassk in 1962, after which the government gave up any pretense of setting food prices at the cost of production, which meant heavy subsidies paid with deb. According to Gaidar, in late 1989 there was about a 3 week supply of food for Petersburg and a month's suply for Moscow, and the regime had no credit. That's what brought them down. They were buying food with debt secured by oil exports.

Cold N. Holefield said...

What do you think? Perhaps Russia merely freed itself from an infection.

It's a pretty weak nation and people who would murder and repress each other to such an extent at the behest of a few bankers. By virtue of what you believe, the Russian people are gullible and easily swindled and duped. So, we're to believe things have suddenly changed and they're not being duped again?

But let's assume you're correct, which you're not of course, then tell us Monica, would you be open to Putin and Russia freeing you and yours from your infection? Wouldn't it be great for packs of wild dogs to harass pedestrians in the urban centers of America like they do in Russia because no one can be bothered to engage in anima control? Wouldn't it be great if all businesses in America had to pay not only federal, state and local taxes but also a tax to the mafia that's protected by the state like in Russia? Wouldn't it be great to murder and/or disappear anyone who disagreed with you like happens to journalists in Russia? And finally, wouldn't it be great to outlaw homosexuality and beat up and murder gays until they lock themselves in the closet like they do in Russia? Freedom's great in Russia, isn't it? How long until Putin annexes America, Monica? Will you throw roses at the parade for him when he arrives after his victory?

toronto mike said...

Saker, I mostly agree with your analysis re: the USA but don't underestimate the American capacity for self-delusion. The mythos of the "shining city on the hill" is very strong.

An example that blew my mind: a couple of years ago I heard an interview with a retired US army surgeon. He may have been the head of the medical corps, I'm not sure. He was a witty, urbane, well-educated man with lots of good stories to tell. He had served as a medical officer in many wars starting with Korea.

At one point, the interviewer asked how he reconciled his medical ethics with serving the military, which is in the last analysis, about killing people.

His answer: "that would be a problem in any other military but the USA has never in its history fought a war that wasn't purely defensive."

Yeah, I know.

Anonymous said...

Stalin - last secret of red imperator

Anonymous said...

this article is pretty good, thank you for inspiring my thoughts. Pavel, czech rep.

Anonymous said...

@ Cold N. Holefield “Wouldn't it be great for packs of wild dogs to harass pedestrians in the urban centers of America like they do in Russia because no one can be bothered to engage in anima control?”

In America's biggest bankrupt city (Detroit) -- currently more than $18 billion in debt and home to 70,000-plus vacant structures -- there is another problem: Tens of thousands of stray dogs roam the streets.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, but a bit polarised in that you leave out one player, the EU - who has been a major instigator in this Ukrainian mess.
Therefore I think a bit of attention needs to be paid to the fact that on May 25th there are Europe-wide elections to the mainly powerless EU Parliament.
It looks as if the various parties in various European countries who are highly critical of the Eu will gain a large number of seats.
Why is that important?
Because one 'power' the EU Parliament has is they can agree to the newly proposed EU 'representatives' - Madame Ashton will go, for example, and won't stand again. (Well, she's earned enough money and has a huge EU pension to look forward to ...).
The quirk here is that th EU Parliament cannot reject one candidate, they must reject the whole list of candidates - leading to new negotiations.
The candidate for Ms Ashton's job as 'foreign representative' is the current Polish FM, Mr Sikorski ... yes, him, one of the signatories of that 'pact' which led to the outsing of PM Yanukovich.

Now do you see why the these EU elections are hugely important? An ad-hoc coalition of all EUrosceptic parties could be able to scupper Mr Sikorski's anointment.

This also means that the Kiev regime will be hanging in the air because Brussels won't be fully functional before autumn.
You can draw your own conclusions as to what that will mean for the country ...

Blink said...

Sometimes when I read what people say is happening in Russia I wonder if we're living on the same planet

Anonymous said...

I'll add this one:

"Democrats and Republican stand for Al-Queda"

Though the Americans in general couldn't buy it when their rulers wanted to bomb Syria to protect insurgents.

Anonymous said...

Is The US Military Preparing For The Collapse Of The Dollar?

Oso said...

interesting article, will need to let it sit awhile then read again.

I would say to Mr Burnett, what else would one call the putrid american empire? the country is rife with zionists, although many who endorse the policies are unfamiliar with the word. and whether one is from scotland or elsewhere in europe, if one is not indigenous or ones ancestors did not pass thru the Middle Passage, then one is a colonizer and subject of the empire. that's only bad in a subjective sense from an indigenous perspective, in an objective sense it's only an observation.

Anonymous said...

Under Russia, Life in Crimea Grows Chaotic NY Times

This article is typical of the agitation propaganda emitted by the bankster establishment.

Nearly all of the dislocations experienced by the Crimeans is similar to what the Ukrainians are experiencing. What the NYT conveniently neglected is that the Ukrainians, instead of receiving pay, pension and public security improvements like Crimeans, will be IMF'ed, with huge gas price hikes, sales tax increases, 50% cuts in pensions, wage freezes, currency controls, domination by oligarchs ad nauseum. Moreover, they will be dominated by a fascist led coup government that sends the military to stifle dissent. Take you pick.

Anonymous said...

Re: Cold N. Holefield
Outlawing Homosexuality in Russia,

This is another western lie. Homosexuality between consenting adults (16) is legal. Besides, if the US really cared, why do they tolerate relations with Saudi Arabia where gays are stoned to death?
Hypocrisy anyone, or an inability to tell the difference between white and black due to common core education and the promotion of moral relativism (aka cultural marxism)

The US loves to promote homosexuality since it is not a threat to the state. Try exercising your rights to peaceful public assembly in the US and watch how the uniformed armed thugs called police are ready to break your bones. If the eastern Ukraine was located in Florida, the American government would not hesitate to murder them. Assassination by police in the US is so common now that it rarely makes the headlines.

uh-huh said...

Hey you anonomice, get a nick, stop the confusion!

Everyone's got a bad word for Stalin. The ones who fib about everything else. Assad, Putin, Chavez, undemocratic, brutal tyrant, yaddida yaddida...

I'm with "originally from China." Not a good idea to judge the past from our own pleasant perches. Stalin fought the Whites; he knew how easy it was to sweep in from the west. He knew what was on Hitler's mind. It is a slander to conflate Fascism with Communism; Stalingrad proved it!

If the Banksters helped fund Trotsky it was probably because they hoped to usurp the revolution. Russia was the greatest prize! Huge forests, untapped mines, mile after mile of pasture!

Anonymous said...

@ Cold N. Holefield wrote “Wouldn't it be great to murder and/or disappear anyone who disagreed with you like happens to journalists in Russia?”

David Bird, Wall Street Journal Reporter, goes missing after his statements contradicted the thesis that the U.S. is on the path to economic recovery.

Ben said...

This is probably a most interesting piece of information about a building project in the Ukraine to convert a school building into something like a guantanamo in the crimea... screenshot of the contract modalities from the US Navy included

Nora said...

I'm not sure I agree, Saker. Certainly your observations are spot-on, but whenever I try to look ahead, I just... don't know. Part of my hesitation has to do with the deeper "structure" (?) of things here, i.e., while our elected officials are in one of two supposedly different camps, they're by and large owned by the same interests -- Wall Street, Big Oil, Big Pharma, the MIC, etc.; they just buy the Dems cheaper. And at the same time, We The People have *been* divided-and-conquered, by both sides deliberately ginning up our pre-existing racial, religious and/or regional attitudes and beliefs. But my two biggest hesitancies come from the underlying attitudes most Americans do seem to share, first, that we're somehow set apart from everyone else bc of our wonderful system of governance and second, that all we need to do to fix things is return to whatever that person's "team" finds responsible for whatever problems bother them. Also, we're just so incredibly ignorant even about our own system: I just read today of some clown running for office I forget where who believes majority rule is socialism! He'll probably make it, too. But ultimately I think a very large part of the reason the USSR crumbled was that people there could compare their form of government and its effects on their lives, with other forms of government and how other people lived. We can't do that, partly because we're so damned arrogant and incurious, partly because those of us not yet bankrupt still do live a lot better than lots of people elsewhere, and finally because our media has ensured our total ignorance of everyone else, including how much better the healthcare system is right next door in Canada. So, the vast majority of Americans still believe very strongly in the superiority of our system to anything else anywhere but disagree vehemently on what needs to be done to fix it, while the 1% continue to rob us blind and crumble the country with the acquiescence and support of our elected officials. Maybe I'm too emotional about this but I just can't see what happens next.

guest77 said...

All these people who speak of Russian Communism being some Wall Street creation is complete garbage, the latest suckers who get yanked into an ever more narrow, America-centric view of history - this one designed to add more fog to the reasons for the outburst of social revolution that occurred at the end of the First World War. The aim is to discredit a great movement by calling black/white and white/black - this time by claiming that Communism was the creation of all of ours enemy - Wall Street. And it is specifically aimed at the duller minds of the left.

The same goes for those who spout this "Communism was a Khazar Jewish Conspiracy" line and it serves the same purpose - to discredit a social idea that moves people from the forests of India to the Jungles of Colombia. Except this one is aimed at the uniformly dull minds of the right-wing. I expect next to hear that Mao Tse Tung and Ho Chi Minh were jews too.

Anonymous said...

@ Cold N. Holefield wrote “wouldn't it be great to outlaw homosexuality”

It is Utah that prohibits “the advocacy of homosexuality.” Arizona prohibits portrayals of homosexuality as a “positive alternative life-style” and has legislatively determined that it is inappropriate to even suggest to children that there are “safe methods of homosexual sex.” Alabama and Texas mandate that sex-education classes emphasize that homosexuality is “not a lifestyle acceptable to the general public.” Moreover, the Alabama and Texas statutes mandate that children be taught that “homosexual conduct is a criminal offense” even though criminalizing private, consensual homosexual conduct has been unconstitutional since 2003.

Eight U.S. states, and several cities and counties, have some version of what we call “no promo homo” provisions.

Anonymous said...

Good article, Saker! I'm sure the end of our empire is not too far now.

On a similar note, you all, I read a great piece by Thierry Meyssan over at Voltairenet, also describing how Washington is losing control of the narrative:

marco said...

hey saker,

i realise this is off-topic, and if you feel you should not post it, i understand. nevertheless, i think this article from the bbc is important at least for two reasons.

The founder of Russia's most popular social network [VKontakte] site says he has been fired and that allies of President Putin have taken over his site.

the news item itself is, i think, newsworthy because founders being pushed away by board members is fascinating in itself. steve jobs was pushed away by the apple board in 1985. however, as it’s happening in russia, the article implies that putin’s allies are running the show.

if this is true, and i don’t know that it is, then i find this disturbing; i understand that when in rome, do as the romans do, but taking control of a company because it doesn’t toe the government line removes any incentive to create the next big thing. why would you if your creation can be taken away from you arbitrarily?

counterpoint to this is the connivance of companies such as facebook, google and microsoft in the NSA’s mass surveillance scheme. i suspect that none of these companies would have stood a chance to survive had they not agreed to participate with the NSA. and that certainly hasn’t hurt the perceived ability to innovate of the US Internet companies.

the other reason that i think this link is important is its source. the bbc is hardly an impartial source of information and is known to present the news in ways that correspond to the political agenda of the british and americans. the bbc quotes techcrunch, which in an earlier article about VKontakte reported that

The freedom of speech issues have reached a peak as Russia has progressively clamped down on platforms where people express viewpoints opposing those of the Kremlin, which is embroiled in a crisis in Ukraine that is spilling into wider diplomatic rifts with other countries like the U.S.

(see? i just managed to pull my comment back on topic!)

and this, to me, is the crux. i share your arguments about the unfolding of events in ukraine in particular, and in general about the danger that the US and their allies pose to the world. however, regarding the internal politics of russia, i am

a) much less informed;
b) skeptical and worried. and i don’t like this latest development one bit.



Blink said...

Yeah can you look into Pavel Durov vkontakte page, I find the news very disturbing myself

Anonymous said...

"Ben said..."

"This is probably a most interesting piece of information about a building project in the Ukraine to convert a school building into something like a guantanamo in the crimea... screenshot of the contract modalities from the US Navy included"

Yes, it's there:

Renovation of Sevastopol School #5, Ukraine
Solicitation Number: N33191-13-R-1240
Agency: Department of the Navy
Office: Naval Facilities Engineering Command
Location: NAVFAC Europe and Southwest Asia

Nora said...


He may well have made himself persona non grata by creating a particularly odious piece of putschist propaganda:

Also, here's some other interesting reading I posted a couple threads back:

The crisis in Ukraine is seen pretty clearly by at least some in Arab media:

The BBC is now admitting that "armed Neo-Nazis led the so-called 'Euromaidan' uprising". Yes, the BBC: Tony Cartalucci discusses this:

Valentin Katasonov discusses what the FBI will most likely do to or with "stolen" Ukrainian assets located abroad:

And last but far from least, Lavrov gave Kerry at least as good as he got: "Before giving us ultimatums, demanding that we fulfill demands within two or three days with the threat of sanctions, we would urgently call on our American partners to fully accept responsibility for those who they brought to power,”

And finally, Tom Burnett,

D'ye ken your Scots history, lad? Or quite likely the future of the land your ancestors fought so bravely to keep? ;~) Scots continue to perform well in various aspects of the Empire -- the Black Watch certainly did in Northern Ireland, for example. Afghanistan also.

roger said...

To those, like you, who eagerly await the collapse of Anglo-American capitalism and the social underpinnings of that system; freedom, private property, individual liberty and responsibility. I would caution that you should be very careful what you wish for, you might just get it.
If you think that a society based on: "Despotism, tempered by assassination, that is our Magna Carta" will be an improvement you have a very unpleasant surprise coming to you.
Simple question: Why do you live in Florida?
roger in florida

Anonymous said...

In reply to marco 20:15

An alternative view:

"Durov sold his remaining stake earlier this year to a company that Usmanov controls, after two co-founders unexpectedly sold their stakes to United Capital Partners (UCP), a Kremlin-friendly investment firm. He appeared to announce his resignation from the company on April 1st, but later claimed that it was an April Fools' joke, and that he would remain onboard. In a statement issued Monday, however, VK said that Durov submitted a resignation letter on March 21st and never withdrew it within the mandatory one-month window. Because of that, Durov said, he will be "automatically relieved" of his position."

Anonymous said...

In reply to marco 20:15

An alternative view:

"Durov sold his remaining stake earlier this year to a company that Usmanov controls, after two co-founders unexpectedly sold their stakes to United Capital Partners (UCP), a Kremlin-friendly investment firm. He appeared to announce his resignation from the company on April 1st, but later claimed that it was an April Fools' joke, and that he would remain onboard. In a statement issued Monday, however, VK said that Durov submitted a resignation letter on March 21st and never withdrew it within the mandatory one-month window. Because of that, Durov said, he will be "automatically relieved" of his position."

Tea said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Now Ukraine facists restart "antiterror" just when US vice president have been there to talk to them! Amazing isnt it?!"
22 April, 2014 17:33

The Western objectives require the theatre of West Ukraine vs East Ukraine.


Tea said...

Anonymous Anonymous said..

The solution."

22 April, 2014 17:40

And going after the Ukranian Oligarchs.


halduell said...

Not quite on topic, but since many followers of this blog also follow Moon of Alabama, I wonder if anyone else is being blocked from that site? I haven't been able to access it for two days now.

Mikhail said...

Very good analysis, Saker. Internal nationalism at least partially brought the S.U. down, which seems unlikely in the U.S., until the Hispanic community much gets larger. Also, they tend to assimilate.

Question regarding Stalin: Came across a book recently, “Khrushchev's Lied”, by Grover Furr, which contends that every accusation against Stalin and Beria in the Secret Speech is demonstrably false, based on readily available evidence. Here’s a bunch of reviews: . Do you have any familiarity with the book ? Is it worth pursuing further ? Is it worth wasting money on ? The author, from his web page, is a professor of Medieval History at a Montclair State university in New Jersey, who seems to have an avocation researching the Soviet archives. Some of his work has been published in Russia. From his web site, he seems to be some kind of Unitarian Marxist !

C Stegiel said...

If the West wants a little war over the Ukraine they must bet that Russia will allow this to remain limited and localized. Possibly they even hope fir US casualties so as to bring NATO into the Ukraine. I recognize Rusdua does not want war but the West does and this I think alters the ungolding if events. Indeed I suspect war was always option 2, preferred to "losing" the Ukraine. Further this objective goes to destabilizing the CIS by any means necessary.

Kumiko said...

"Wouldn't it be great for packs of wild dogs to harass pedestrians in the urban centers of America like they do in Russia because no one can be bothered to engage in animal control?"

Apparently you've never walked an urban or suburban street in America. I have. A few years back a pack of 4-5 Dobermans did exactly that to me, twice, while the "owner" stood across the street doing nothing. Guess they thought it was amusing their dogs terrifying passerbys.

In another incident, a neighbors' Rotweiler took after my nephew, who barely ran and got inside my house unharmed. I called the police and the dog, still roaming around outside, charged the cop and got shot in the rear (survived). Hearing the dog's yelp, the cowardly "owner" suddenly emerged from behind his house wall wailing, "You shot my dog!". WTF! A week later we and some other neighbors - yes it seems others had had similar bad encounters with this vicious dog - had to go down to police HQ to testify against dog and owner. The dog was not put down, however, and was returned to its so-called owner. The cops just need to cover their rears since they were involved.

I have had more unpleasant encounters with dogs in an "urban setting" that I care to recount here. I always walk out on the street in any residential neighborhood in case some vicious dog comes charging at me out of some backyard (because that has happened). And this is a relatively "civilized" part of the USA (California). I'd hate to think about what it is like in, say, Texas.

No doubt you meant "feral" dogs in Russia, not surprising in a big country with lots of unsettled space. But what's the difference when the so-called "domesticated" ones are just as vicious here in the United States of America.

Kumiko said...

"Wouldn't it be great for packs of wild dogs to harass pedestrians in the urban centers of America like they do in Russia because no one can be bothered to engage in animal control?"

Apparently you've never walked an urban or suburban street in America. I have. A few years back a pack of 4-5 Dobermans did exactly that to me, twice, while the "owner" stood across the street doing nothing. Guess they thought it was amusing their dogs terrifying passerbys.

In another incident, a neighbors' Rotweiler took after my nephew, who barely ran and got inside my house unharmed. I called the police and the dog, still roaming around outside, charged the cop and got shot in the rear (survived). Hearing the dog's yelp, the cowardly "owner" suddenly emerged from behind his house wall wailing, "You shot my dog!". WTF! A week later we and some other neighbors - yes it seems others had had similar bad encounters with this vicious dog - had to go down to police HQ to testify against dog and owner. The dog was not put down, however, and was returned to its so-called owner. The cops just need to cover their rears since they were involved.

I have had more unpleasant encounters with dogs in an "urban setting" that I care to recount here. I always walk out on the street in any residential neighborhood in case some vicious dog comes charging at me out of some backyard (because that has happened). And this is a relatively "civilized" part of the USA (California). I'd hate to think about what it is like in, say, Texas.

No doubt you meant "feral" dogs in Russia, not surprising in a big country with lots of unsettled space. But what's the difference when the so-called "domesticated" ones are just as vicious here in the United States of America.

Anonymous said...

halduell said...

Not quite on topic, but since many followers of this blog also follow Moon of Alabama, I wonder if anyone else is being blocked from that site? I haven't been able to access it for two days now.

I can't access it either. Message says: "unknown domain:"

Tom Burnett said...

The difference between being subjected to oligarchic rule and being called a participant in it is immense.

Almost n thinking person in the US is happy with the status quo, but our votes are no longer counted in the grand scheme.

whoever is in charge, we do not support them - but we have a way to go before the citizenry is ready and willing to replace the government.

I do not choose to be affiliated by ingerence with the people who actually run the country. It is certainly no longer the citizenry.

We know that, but developing a revolution is impossible on a full stomach.

Dr. Tom

Anonymous said...


Again, an excellent analysis. I've long thought that the demise of the USSR was due to something like what you called cognitive dissonance about the total perceived hypocrisy of the government there. People no longer believed in it, but had gone along out of fear, mostly, I think, and because they were mostly isolated and unable to successfully band together in a meaningful way to change thing. They had no voice and knew it, and no longer believed the government had their well being in mind, but was just out to maintain the power of the people at the top. A lot like the USA now, as you pointed out.

I first heard about the disillusionment among Soviet citizens through my grandmother back in the 1970's. She was born in the Ukraine, though the family left Russia when she was very young. This was before WW1. She kept up her knowledge of Russian and Ukrainian over the years and in the mid 70's took a 2 week vacation in the USSR. Said she had a wonderful time and that the people were very pleasant, but they were also very demoralised. Like a demoralised army, a demoralised populace is unable to overcome adversity. With all those other things bringing the USSR down during the 80's, that demoralization reached critical mass and the Yeltsin fascists met little resistance when did their coup.

But some level heads retained a healthy skepticism of the westernization process the Yeltsin crew was shoving down their throats. This song, for instance represents some of that. It's cautionary message about all the worthwhile things the USSR had being tossed out with the negative stuff, the good going in the bin with the bad, and what is replacing it all is a gamble with the odds being mostly unknowable.

Ирина Климова (Я так устала ждать)!!! 1996

Also last night I read an article on the same subject as your piece here that you might find interesting.

Сдерживая – ускоряешь (Reining in [or restraining] - accelerates)

While I disagree with the author's view that the US is trying to contain Russia, as they tried to do with the USSR (I think the US is continuing the plan they had in the 80's to destroy Russia as a viable state), he makes many interesting points. One, for example, he shows that despite pretty much the whole capitalist world being against them, politically, the USSR continued to gain allies through the cold war and was winning on that front.

вот так

Tom Burnett said...

-I belatedly suggest that 'anonymous' posters ought to leave the forum. I use my name - I am not afraid.

Anonymous said...

saker , anglo saxon evil empire will not wind down easily unless forced by outside forces.
economics will not force it because england and usa shoudl have ben declared bankrupt long time ago atleast in 2008 . but they get triple a from rating agencies despite printing money. that they get away with is ebcause of military and political bullying.
so only way to pack the bankrupt anglos empire is to militarily defeat it-which is very much possible if only one example be made that anglos dictate does not run any more like in vietnam war loss.
unless england and usa are made to pay for their crimes in manpower and money andshown to the rest of world that they can be stopped from bulying-the evil nation will go on.
so to cut short this pest anglo empire one msut try to destablise their countries.
start with supporting all divisive tendencies intheir countreis. do what they do in other countries. tit for tat is the answer.

marco said...


thanks for that excellent linkon VKontakte's founder's pro-Maidan propaganda. he must have been looking for a fight - not sure why.

incidentally, durov is busy working on telegram, a competitor to facebook's whatsapp (notice a pattern here?). whatsapp sold for 19 billion dollar. durov may have jumped ship to stand a chance at a couple of billions himself.

i still don't think it's ok they pushed him out of VKontakte, but given that i don't know enough about the conflict, nor whether such involvement from up above to move him out would work in russia, my opinion on that isn't too firm.

Nora said...


I certainly don't eagerly await our collapse, and I've lived through enough assassinations to certainly not want any more, anywhere, ever. What on earth are you talking about? Why are you so touchy? We *are* having problems right now, a lot of them, in case you haven't noticed. It would be nice to solve them but first we do have to admit they exist.

Anonymous said...

It's complete garbage because you said so. The facts speak for themselves. Mr Marx and and Engels were both Freemason Khazars with one making a fortune on the British Stock Market while at the same time writing the manifesto. Get your head out of the rear, or if you're a khazar, it sucks to be you, and the truth hurts:)

The end goal of communism was globalization, which was readily achieved with the so called capitalism of the USA, so the USSR Plug was pulled....

Anonymous said...

OT, but sort of related to Durov and vkontakte.

Senator suspects Google of violating Russian law with new terms of service

Being an obvious agent of the ziofascists in the west, Durov was likely facilitating western spook access to vkontake. He was certainly facilitating their "color revolution" crap. Hopefully, those at vkontake who were in cahoots with Durov's role are going to get booted, along with whatever tools they installed at vkontake to facilitate the peeping toms at NSA and Mossad.

вот так

Anonymous said...

Here is an excellent summary of how the US is covertly using social media and NGOs to interfere and disrupt the internal politics of others nations:

mjm said...

Greetings from Singapore:

My suggestion is to ignore postings from this person:

Anonymous Cold N. Holefield said...

If you have doubts, please click on his name/blog.

uh-huh said...

@TB, contributors should take a nick to avoid confusion. Fear has nothing to do with it. If the feds need to track you down it shouldn't be too hard whoever you
sign off as.

Good to see MoA alumni here. b, you around? What happened to your site?

aka "ruralito"

Anonymous said...

Interesting analysis, great blog. The gist of the matter is presented by the article "All Wars Are Bankers Wars". IMHO ideologies/religions ( bolshevism, nazism, zionism, French revolution ideals) - not personal faith - have been used to implement the "divide et impera" imperialist strategy for centuries, with the judaist cult of bloodthirsty Moloch and its variations (mosaism, judaism, talmudism, zionism, "christianity" since 3rd century, mormonism, wahabism, takfirism, salfism) being at the center of these machinations of the "learned" masters (as in "Protocols"). Add to that many "liberation" movements similarly rooted "in defense of the suffering unfairly treated minorities" starting often with just cause (oppressed peasants, women, working class, now gays), sometimes artificially created/manipulated (humiliation of the Germans after WW1, Jews after WW2, USians after 9/11), soon to be hijacked by the masters and their minions, who use rabid chauvinism (cheap currency, bestowing the right to "do as you will" in exchange for loyalty to the "cause" of the group uased as the vehicle forthe drive to power: feminists, Jews, recently gays) profusely to turn the righteous fight into a revenge frenzy widely applying collective punishment and introducing reign of terror (often suing false flag operations). Right away after the regime change new puppets of old masters are brought to power, old "revolutionaries" removed and yet another formula of the population control implemented in this ongoing social experiment.
The global, centuries old elite ruling the Western world are monopoly (oligpoly) men, they consider competition "a sin" (Rockefeller), hell bent on creating total world domination and police state - until then they need to maintain illusions among the western societies of "freedom", "democracy", higher living standars to use the masses as the leverage against target nations, and as cannon fodder, stupid addicted consumers). They rule by monopolies on currency (FED), food (patents by Monsanto, Big Agra, WalMart, UN Codex Alimentaris), information (6 MSM giants), energy (Exxon, BP, RDS, Chevron), finance (JP Morgan, Goldman Sucks, BoA), water supply, land (in Africa), healthcare (Big Pharma, Big Insurance), education ("reform by Rockefeller Foundation), history (Smithonian), communications (Verizon, ATT,). Big Corporations protected by private armies (Blackwater/Academi/Monsanto), throwing dissenters to prvate prisons have free hand to engage in really profitable businesses of war, human trafficking, organ harvesting, weapon sales, drug production and distribution, slave labor.
The ruling elite made of pychopats, engaged in pedophilia, human sacrifies and other barbaric perversions to close ranks and keep checks on each other.
The centerpiece of this satanic scheme is the PetroDollar printed at will, almost at no cost, with limitless suplly needed to pay off all the evil men (financial speculators, presidents, dictators, juntas, gangs, mafias, terrorists, mercenaries, armies, politicians, professors, journalists, doctors, teachers, managers, law enforcer) supporting this satanic contruct exploiting every corner of the dark side of the human nature. Similar role is of the British pound (governs the Commonwealth) and French franc (governs the African Union).
If you want to make the US citizens free - end the FED.
Who's on the top? Recent years have seen the transfer of wealth from the bottom poor to the top rich unprecedented in human history. At the top of list of the world wealthiest people in history are: the Windsors (related to Bushes) and the Rothshildes (founders of Israel). That's AngloZionist empire.

Anonymous said...

Recommend Syrian Arab Army on FB: syrianmilitary

Anonymous said...

@guest77 hasbaratchik ( I expect next to hear that Mao Tse Tung and Ho Chi Minh were jews too).

Mao was not Jew, but:

"Sidney Rittenberg (August 14, 1921; Chinese name: Lǐ Dūnbái 李敦白) is an American interpreter and scholar who lived in China from 1944 to 1979. He worked closely with People's Republic of China (PRC) founder Mao Zedong, military leader Zhu De, statesman Zhou Enlai, and other leaders of the Communist party during the war, and was with these central Communist leaders at Yan'an. He witnessed first-hand much of what occurred at upper levels of the CCP and knew many of its leaders personally. He was the first American citizen to join the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)".

"Three CPPCC [politburo] members with foreign origins celebrated their 90th birthday (2005) together at Jingfeng Hotel, one of the hotels in Beijing appointed for the NPC and CPPCC sessions, on March 8. Israel Epstein, Sidney Shapiro (Sha Boli) and Chen Bidi were born in Poland, the United States and Canada respectively, and they obtained Chinese nationality in 1957 and 1963. As experts who have long been working in the field of foreign publicity, they witnessed China's revolution and socialist modernization drive".

I don't know about Ho Chi Minh. There is a vague allusion nonetheless (Wikipedia):

"In 1946, future Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion and Ho Chi Minh stayed at the same hotel in Paris, and became very friendly. Ho Chi Minh offered Ben Gurion a Jewish home-in-exile in Vietnam. Ben-Gurion turned the offer down, however, telling Ho Chi Minh: "I am certain we shall be able to establish a Jewish Government in Palestine."


Macon Richardson said...

As to your phrase "Anglozionist empire", I love it! It rolls Cecil Rhodes and Teodor Hertzl into one neat universalist package. For those not aware of the fact, fact is that the majority of Zionists in the world are fundamentalist North American Christians.

As to your analysis, I concur. My fear is that the Anglozionist empire will not go gladly into that good night. The lunatics with their fingers on the button may decide they can outlive nuclear holocaust and emerge to a renewed paradise. I fear that instead of a shining city on a hill they will only be able to build a city on a glowing slag heap.

Surprisingly, though I disagree completely with her philosophy, Any Rand describes just such a collapse as you project in her Atlas Shrugged, as does Jarad Diamond in his book Collapse.

Anonymous said...

Very sober and true analysis as usually.
It is absolutely very simple, so many lies from the past are coming out/ even lies which century old /. There is no power on this earth which can stop this collapse because so many people and nations got hurt.If you go these days through the Mexico - USA or Canada-USA border you will experience exact treatment what was used in the former communist countries. This is nothning just a confirmation that the Empire was holding the communist countries under terror and they have just simply "rehearsed" for many years what they are implying right now under the pretext of the Globalization.The invasion of Hungary and Czechoslovakia was intentional because the plan wasn't finish yet.
If you don't like the analysis from the Saker what about the script when the Russia,China,Saudi Arabia, India,Brazil will ask the USA to repay their debt exactly at the same day!!!!!!!!
It will be nothing else just simply and quietly pull the rug from the bottom of the house built from the cards.
These greedy psychopaths has destroyed the middle class around the all world, they have destroyed the very important part of the structure of the society and the question for now is:"Who is going to hold the roof before the all thing will colapse?"

Anonymous said...

Time is running out for the US dollar

...“ The US doesn't have that much time in order to prepare for a serious weakening of the US dollar on the global stage and, conversely, for a serious strengthening of regional currencies' role. The maximum amount of time they can count on is 18 months. During this period they must prepare for a situation in which their main instrument of global control, i.e. the control of the circulation of the main global reserve and trade currency, will become seriously weakened,” he wrote in a recent blogpost cited by the Russian media outlets.

During Obama's second term, the relations between the US and most global players including China, Russia, India and, to a certain extent, the EU have reached new low points. This situation is somewhat similar to the situation before WWII and WWI when America benefited from global conflicts that destroyed the economies of America's competitors. It is said that third time is charm, but the rest of the world would be better off if Washington can't pull the same trick for a third time in a row. The era in which Washington was the main beneficiary of global instability and regional conflicts must come to an end."

вот так

Robert Snefjella said...

I am wondering Saker if you can find anything positive in Khrushchev’s legacy? I am thinking especially of the short period in which he established a ‘pen pal’ relationship with JFK.

Both of them seemed to recognize that they were at least nominally presiding over a military confrontation and weapons technology that had brought the planet to the very edge of nuclear disaster. And they both seemed to learn from and react to the way-too-close-an-encounter with nuclear war with a personally dangerous willingness to challenge the mutual knee-jerk militarism and animosity and distrust that fueled the build up of the arsenals. The Nuclear Limited Test Ban Treaty was one result.

A book which I recommend which delves into this subject is JFK and the Unspeakable by Douglass. The exchanged letters can be found at

Anonymous said...

@ I am tired of hearing you refer to America as an 'AngloZionist'

Oh, yes, perhaps is better to call it British Israelism:

British Israelism (also called Anglo-Israelism) is a doctrine based on the hypothesis that people of Western European descent, particularly those in Great Britain, are the direct lineal descendants of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel. The doctrine often includes the tenet that the British Royal Family is directly descended from the line of King David...
The movement has never had a head organisation or a centralized structure. Various British Israelite organisations were set up across the British Empire and in America from the 1870s; a small number of such organisations are still active today"

What about "When Scotland Was Jewish"? (By Elizabeth Caldwell Hirschman and Donald N. Yates).

"Te popular image of Scotland is dominated by widely recognized elements of Celtic culture. But could it be that a significant non-Celtic influence on Scotland’s history has been largely ignored or unknown for centuries? This book argues just such a case, maintaining that much of Scotland’s history and culture from 1100 forward is Jewish. The authors provide evidence that much of the population, including several national heroes, villains, rulers, nobles, traders, merchants, bishops, guild members, burgesses, and ministers, were of Jewish descent. They describe how the ancestors of these persons originated in France and Spain and then made their way to Scotland’s shores, moors, burgs and castles from the reign of Malcolm Canmore to the aftermath of the Spanish Inquisition".


uh-huh said...

"The facts speak for themselves"

...and so the cranks.

Anonymous said...


What are your thoughts on:

Finland being pressed to join NATO?

Crimean tatar leader being banned?

Moyes sacking? Lol ;)


Anonymous said...

You are very educational, as always. With minor judgmental reservations I am with you all the way. Stalin had his priorities: 1) Fatherland:
2) Socialism ;

3) Party. Adhering to this strategy with all his mind and might. Stalin was able to collectivize the agriculture; Industrialize the country; Clean up the fifth column; and purge the country from the traitors of the Revolution--the Trotskyist saboteurs-conspirators against the USSR. Thast's how he won the existential war against the Soviet Union. And, lest I forget, Stalin is the reason we have our savior Putin today. Putin today

Anonymous said...

More zionazi psyops BS:

Former Crimean Tatar leader’s notice of 5-year entry ban to Russia ‘just a piece of paper’

..."But Washington was quick to support Dzhimilev's statements that he has made after his return from Crimea, in particular accusations the Russian Security Service is keeping a close watch on the Tatar poulation of Crimea.

This is not the first time over the last few weeks the US has backed its rhetorical comments for the Western media with questionable documents presented as hard evidence.

Last week a letter urging the Jews of Donetsk to get registered or have their citizenships revoked, was presented as factual evidence of chaos and widespread human rights abuses by the US Secretary of State in Geneva. The letter turned out to be a fake according to a man whose name was typed on the communication."

вот так

Anonymous said...

@Letter Jews Donetsk,

"Anonymous Ukraine, the group that intercepted emails outlining false flag terror attack plans made by the US Embassy in Kiev in March, has done it again. Emails intercepted between Washington DC offices tied to the Anti-Defamation League sent to neo-Nazi extremists in the Ukraine were the sources of the outrageous materials...

The offending email attachments were sent to the Ukraine from the United States in a series of emails dated April 10 and 11, 2014, according to Anonymous. Within hours of their distribution to those leaving Passover services, copies were distributed to news media.
“Our good friends in the press,” as one email stated, had been briefed in advance with “talking points.” An unconfirmed source indicates these to have been included:

- Accusations of imaginary “historical anti-Semitism” to be made against the Eastern Ukrainian Russian population than the heavily neo-Nazi Western Ukraine (formerly Eastern Poland), a major recruiting ground for Nazi Germany during World War II
- Stories should be concocted to show that those responsible for anti-Semitism are under orders from President Putin
- Secretary of State Kerry’s reaction is to be purposefully mischaracterized, not only to blame Russia, but to do so in a threatening manner"

The fact that the ADL had to have recourse to such gross stunts shows that the Kagans of Nuland are quite in a bind. The introduction of the provisions to combat "anti-Semitism" in the Geneva agreement was certainly pushed by the Russians to put the Nulanders in an untenable position. How to explain the declaration of Abe Foxman that in Ukraine "anti-Semitism was overblown" and "cynically used for political reasons". If they are true to their own rethoric, they should condemn Svoboda and Pravyi Sektor, but then they would turn these ones against them. If not, it exposes them as hypocrits and liers. So, they adopted a rather imbecilic stance, to shift the blame on the "real" antisemits that were always the Russians, Tsarists Black Centuries or Stalinists, and therefore Putinists. Did not Putin "persecuted" Khodorkovsky?


Anonymous said...

Sort of OT.

Disputed islands within scope of US-Japan security treaty - Obama

The Israeli-Americans are in a cold war against China as well as against Russia. It looks like, with this latest move, they have taken their aggression to the next level.

вот так

Dee CapeTown said...

Cold N. Holefield
Please do some research on the so called Russian "anti gay" laws.
Here is one American LGBT activist who took the time to translate, read, understand, and compare to US situation.
You may be very, very surprised - and question what else you are misinformed on.
White paper by Brian Heiss -US LGBT activist here :
or if you prefer listening instead of reading the long, detailed white paper :

As to dog attacks in the streets - did you get that idea from CNN's CRAZY Sochi reporting perhaps?!
And whilst there is no doubt a long way to go to reverse the decades long ravages of Russian oligarchy plunder, the progress in past +-?12yrs vastly outstrips the decline seen in the United Stazi of America in that time imo.

Hu Bris said...

I note with some amusement that the very same people here now trying to desperately rehabilitate the despicable Communist butcher Josef Stalin are the exact same people that would viciously attack any corresponding effort to question some of the tenets of the Secular religion of Holocaustism.

Hu Bris said...


As regards statements made about "Kazhars" - Arthur Koestler adequately described the Russian Jewish Kazahar heritage in his book The 13th Tribe

and regarding Khazars and the Russian bolshevick revolution: Bertrand Russell
visiited Russia shortly after the revolution

Russell described it as "A tryanny of Americanised Jews, where no vestige of liberty, in thought or deed, remains."

danielrichjp said...

If this poll is anything to go by, the notion of a dissatisfied and rather polarized world is undeniable. @

Anonymous said...

It can be said perhaps that Zionism and International Communism were two heads of the same snake created and maintained by the Rothschild dynasty for their purposes. Both ideologies (some say religions) were posited on the philosophy of the same man, Moses Hess, who is sometimes called the father of both. And both have been supported strongly by the international banking cabal, led of course, by the Rothschilds and their fellow bankers.

That the USSR was one leg of a Hegelian Dialectic is not without some degree of reason perhaps.

But there is little question that one of the greatest influences on Stalin over the years was the Jewish Internationalist. Stalin was part of that group that originally seized power and organised the the new State and which was composed primarily of Jewish Internationalists, many of whom had never even lived in Russia.

This all leads me to enquire, Saker, as to your views on Stalin (which you alluded to in this post), his relationship to the Jewish Internationalists, and how that relationship deteriorated over the years. Do you have an opinion?

Rowan Berkeley said...

Re the Press TV link, this is as I guessed before I even looked at it, another Gordon Duff product. I consider Veterans Today to be a worthless sham, composed entirely of either provocateurs or just irresponsible fantasists who think that in propaganda, truth is unimportant. Over the years I have heard or seen a stream of nonsense from Duff. Veterans Today provide several of the cranks and irresponsible fantasists who write 'analysis' for Press TV, but there are others who appear there, almost as bad, indiscriminately mixed up without any attempt at fact-checking or quality control. Press TV has become a really, really bad advertisement for Iran, IMHO.

stozi said...

The US was founded on 'principles' of freedom and liberty exclusively for WASP oligarchs to slave drive and instigate genocide against native americans without the interference of the British monarchy. Jefferson and Washington deserve no more reverence than Stalin.

Reccommend: Liberalism- A Counter History by Domenico Losurdo

JT said...

The US was founded on 'principles' of freedom and liberty exclusively for WASP oligarchs to slave drive and instigate genocide against native americans without the interference of the British monarchy. Jefferson and Washington deserve no more reverence than Stalin.

Reccommend: Liberalism- A Counter History by Domenico Losurdo

Dei iudicium said...

Veritas vincit (Truth conquers)

roger said...

I am very glad you are not eagerly awaiting the collapse of what Saker calls the "AngloZionist Empire". For two simple reasons; it does not exist as the Saker imagines it, and secondly the structure of Anglo-American capitalism that he wrongly believes to be a worldwide conspiracy is stronger now than it has ever been. Certainly there are socialists who abhor the inevitable inequalities of capitalism and freedom, but these socialists find that in order to achieve prosperity they have to embrace Anglo-American capitalism. Of course Saker is apparently a devout Christian so he will believe that God created the universe, well you can't get a bigger conspiracy theory than that. I sense that you are an American and somewhat dismayed at our current state, don't worry, we have been in worse pickles than this. As you rightly say we do have problems and some are very serious, but we will survive and prosper.
"Despotism Tempered by Assassination" is a Russian proverb, or saying. For Saker to have a banner over his blog "Russia means Freedom", and then to live in the same beautiful State of Florida as I do, is at the very least rank hypocrisy and may actually point to serious mental issues. Oh well, we are all crazy to some extent.
roger in florida

Rowan Berkeley said...

Anonymous, Apr 23, 10:26: Your remark about Moses Hess, intended to shore up your Rothschilds/ Hegelian Dialectic argument, should be easy for anyone who has actually read Hess to dismiss. Hess is just not a serious writer, and it is impossible to imagine him as the 'father' of anything, except in the sense of literary conceit. Marx, I should say, enjoyed Hess's somewhat delirious fantasies when both were young, but dismissed his later work as that of a crank. There is a tendency among the people who promote these theories to not actually read the authors they claim as authorities, but simply to read one another.

The next claim, regarding the supposedly hegelian twins, zionism and communism, that "both have been supported strongly by the international banking cabal, led of course, by the Rothschilds and their fellow bankers," needs some support. I do accept that Rothschild support for Zionism has indeed been continuous beneath the radar, even though above the radar only individual episodes of what they call 'philanthropy' can be seen. But I think it's nonsensical to assert that this bankster cabal supported Communism.

Ibelieve this whole theory is a John Birch Society meme that has generalised out into so-called 'libertarian' culture in the US, that's all. There are some notable literary forgeries that seem to support it, I grant: not just the infamous Protocols, but also the really clever "Red Symphony" forgery by George Knupffer, the emigre Russian activist, who produced this sometime in the 1970s. But I digress.

Rowan Berkeley said...

PS to my comment about the 'hegelian dialectic', the Rothschilds, communism and zionism. I have just thought of one fascinating person who might seem like an instance of what you are claiming, and that is Victor Rothschild, who is now widely understood to have been a Soviet agent, in the fact the real "fifth man" in the Burgess Maclean Philby Blunt cell. There is a good book about Victor by an Australian journalist called Roland Perry (called "The Fifth Man"), but otherwise he has disappeared from the general radar. My eventual conclusion is that he was a Zionist agent, pretending (to the Soviets) to be a Soviet agent while officially a British agent. In other words, he was a genuine triple agent. But he was not a Communist and a Zionist at the same time. It is impossible to be a communist and a zionist at the same time, and don't let anyone tell you different.

Grim Deadman said...

The highly idealistic interpretation of the USSR demise leaves much room for dispute, which I am reluctant to elucidate within the confines of this blog. Consequently, it seems to me that the final demise of the AZE, using the conventionally accepted terminology, is nowhere near. The US has yet to see its share of Heliogabals and Valentinians before it so much as recinds to being a regional power. Perhaps a miracle such as a president-isolationist would accelerate things, but this prospect so far remains a miracle.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me quite relevant Dead Souls: The Denationalization of the American Elite

Anonymous said...

New citizenship shortcut for Russian-speakers of Soviet, Imperial ancestry

Brian_J said...

Thank you for these fascinating insights Saker. I have found myself imagining the stunned silence which would prevail if your observation were presented at e.g. the Cato Institute where they have been getting their truths from Andrey Nikolayevich.

There is one aspect of the unwinding of the Soviet Union which you did not address directly: the role of dissidents like Solzhenitsyn and celebrity cultural defectors. Most Westerners are ill equipped to evaluate the impact these people had within the Soviet Union. Are there analogies with Western dissidents like Edward Snowden?

The turning against "black is white and white is black" is well underway. People are leaning to recognize that Western dissidents are not raving lunatics. There are many cases of the early leaders of massive social change being portayed as mad extremists (abolitionist, suffragettes) but with persistence comes credence.
Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

Surely some revelation is at hand;

From W.B Yeats written in 1919

In the coming days I would that worst and best are restored to their proper places.


Anonymous said...

"Few U.S. officials think of their ability to act hypocritically as a key strategic resource. Indeed, one of the reasons American hypocrisy is so effective is that it stems from sincerity: most U.S. politicians do not recognize just how two-faced their country is. Yet as the United States finds itself less able to deny the gaps between its actions and its words, it will face increasingly difficult choices -- and may ultimately be compelled to start practicing what it preaches."

Great article in Foreign Affairs from last year that elucidates your more than valid point about hypocrisy even further:

one who flew from a commy nest said...

I think this article pushes the comparison US vs USSR to a level of abstraction that devoids it of substance. A totalitarian system be it Nazism, Communism or Neo-liberal (Anglo Zionist, if you prefer) has three centres of power: Central Committee & Political Bureau, Secret Service and the Army. The first centre is visible, the others are not or at least not to the naked eye (they are assumed by the population though). The first cannot exist without the other two and the second (Secret Service) cannot exist without the Army. Both the Secret Service and the Army MUST enjoy a standard of living well ABOVE the rest of the population. When this is no longer true internecine struggles occur between the two power centres and within each power centre separately. The economic debacle of the system simply did not allow the two supporting power centres to be "fed" at the required level for them to justify further their atrocities against an entire nation who is visibly dying. Some of the members of these centres will join the suffering nation, others will make deals with outside predator powers aso. The top power centre, the Political Bureau cannot rely on them anymore which results in some kind of coup d'état. In the economic sens I find the current US-EU situation dramatically close to that of the 1970-80 in the communist countries. The US-EU economy is overstretched and the regime-supporting population is visibly shrinking. At some point the balance will tilt the other way...

Anonymous said...

WizOz said:

@Roger,Of course Saker is apparently a devout Christian so he will believe that God created the universe, well you can't get a bigger conspiracy theory than that

Calling Christianity a conspiracy reveals instantly the Hasbara.
See for illustration:

"The Passover Plot is a controversial, best-selling 1965 book, by British biblical scholar Hugh J. Schonfield who also published a translation of the New Testament with a Jewish perspective".

"The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail (retitled Holy Blood, Holy Grail in the United States) is a book by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln (first published in 1982, re-edited in 2005). Book plagiarized by Dan Brown in the ridiculous Da Vinci Code.

More recently another piece of ridiculous Hasbara:
"Caesar's Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus"


roger said...

I am not Jewish, neither do I have a Jewish perspective, in fact I had to look up "Hasbara" as I had never heard of it. What is fascinating though is the instant assumption that "The Jews" are to blame. Saker does it with his "AngloZionist" stuff.
What you zealots should try and get your heads around is that there never was a virgin birth and nobody was ever raised from the dead. Free yourselves, once you have cleansed your heads of religious nonsense you will be able to think more clearly about other issues, including what is actually happening between US and Russia.


@roger: the instant assumption that "The Jews" are to blame. Saker does it with his "AngloZionist" stuff.

While Anglo is arguably an ethnicity, Zionist is not. Nor did I ever say that "the Jews" are to blame for anything. In fact, I have vehemently denounced that many times, even recently. Are you totally stupid or totally dishonest or both?

The Saker

roger said...

You are splitting hairs: When you say "Zionist" your audience will assume you mean Jews, you know this, I know this.
Very touchy you are, incidentally you never answered my question: Why are you living in Florida?


@roger: being careful and accurate in my use of words is not splitting hairs, its making sure that it says what I want it to say and that what I say cannot be misrepresented. As for my audience, I assure you that with the occasional zombie who has a heart-attack at the word "Zionist" they understand *exactly* what I mean. I would add that you are one or two generations late. The Zionists tried to convince the world that when somebody says "Zionist" he/she means "Jews" in order to a) frame the debate and make a discussion of Zionism impossible b) to destroy the other side with the anti-Semite ad hominem (as if everybody was somehow obliged to love Semites?!) and c) to avoid answering on the substance of the argument. Then came the next one: speaking of Neocons was also a "crypto-reference" to Jews. Same reasons. But then, the French so-called "new philosopher" Bernard Henri Levi came out with the best one of all. He said, "anti-Americanism is a metaphor for anti-Semitism". Awesome no? You say that the US has no business bombing, say, Libya and bang! before you know it - you are an anti-Semite. Or a self-hating Jew.


As for why I live in Florida, has it ever occurred to you that this is not any of your business? That I use a (rather silly) pen name to *avoid* putting personalities before issues?

Besides - who cares why I live in Florida? Really? Does that in any way affect any of my arguments? Are they somehow validated or invalidated by my personal life?

But, as an exception, I will reply. While I did spend many months in Russia I never lived there. I come from a country whose per capita income is FAR above the US one. It just so happens that my wife has a US citizenship (she was born in CT) and that I love Florida. So when I lost my career in my home country, I came here to live where she could work (she could not do that in my home country). Bottom line: it was a personal family decision, it had exactly zero political considerations, and it is absolutely none of your damn business anyway. Finally, I have the option of leaving for any EU country I want anytime and I never took the US citizenship, though I easily could, because I don't want what I call the "imperial identity". I love Florida, I love the USA and I love the American people but I truly loathe the Empire and I will never pledge allegiance to its flag and what it stands for. Can you imagine that? Can you try get that through your thick skull? The US is not the beacon of light for the rest of mankind. Most people out there hate the Empire (no, not the people, the 1%er regime which rules over them).

Now that I answered your absolutely inappropriate question, are you done with looking for something to hang an ad hominem on?

Also, before posting next time, please try to think, ok? It is really sad to see intelligent and well-informed discussions being sidetracks by petty hyper-politically-correct idiots like you who don't even understand the need for an accurate terminology.

The Saker

roger said...

Thank you for your response. You clearly demonstrate what a small minded, confused, ignorant, resentful, jealous person you are.
roger in florida

Anonymous said...

I am not sure if this was discussed here before but the very good point to start investigating who has been running the ZioAngloUS empire are articles about the Committee of 300: Committee of 300 Member List. BTW you can see for yourselves that thedecisions on who is to be the next US president are taken during the Bliderberg group meetings on the election year.
I also recommend great blog of Aangirfan @ uk disclosing on daily basis the perverse and inhumane machinations of that criminal global elite.

Anonymous said...

Zionism is rooted in terror, that's where the current Israeli leadership stems from. Even Eistein and other Jewish were aware of this and terrified, called for action against that evil. 1948. Also worth reading Ten Questions to the Zionists

Anonymous said...

"AIPAC gambling boss may flee US

Yesterday, federal officials took into custody the reputed partner of gambling boss Sheldon Adelson, the chief financial backer for the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and primary financier for America’s GOP or Republican Party.

Sources at the Department of Justice say Adelson is accused of laundering $364 million dollars, much of which went into the pockets of politicians in Washington “friendly” to Israel.

If Adelson is indicted, and sources in the Justice Department say this process is well underway, politicians around the US, all Republicans, will be required to return millions in what would then be not only illegal campaign contributions but clearly proof of ties between the GOP and organized crime.

Many of the politicians Adelson has supported on state government level have worked to suppress wages and workers’ rights, blocked regulations protecting consumers from mortgage and investment fraud and supported questionable gambling initiatives.

Adelson’s extremist politics have been a dark stain on the soul of America.

Sources direct to the investigation tell us that a special grand jury is preparing an indictment against Adelson for a long list of offenses, including but not limited to money laundering, mail and wire fraud and conspiracy.

Adelson, one of the world’s wealthiest men, with massive holdings in Las Vegas and Macao, never turns away from controversy. Adelson enraged the veterans community in the United States when he told an AIPAC audience that he was ashamed of having served in the American military when he felt loyalty only to Israel.

Critical is Adelson’s virtual control of America’s pro-Israel Republican Party. The GOP had hopes of using Adelson cash to gain control of the United States Senate. Analysts predict that were this to happen, America would not only move toward domestic collapse but there is a real possibility that regions of the US would seek to withdraw from the union, seeking an “autonomous zone.”

Adelson and his GOP “employees” have long stated the desire to use nuclear weapons in a preemptory attack on Iran and may well attack Russia and China as well. Though elected officials and, theoretically answerable for their positions, Adelson’s “gang” in Washington regularly promise to bring America to a full-scale war.

Our sources say that federal officials are presenting witness testimony to the grand jury that they believe ties Adelson directly to money laundering..." in

Anonymous said...

I wonder, what does the author mean saying "with the very notable exception of the race to the moon which the USSR lost on 24th of October 1960"

Aubrey said...

I would like to draw your attention to an article either in the guardian or FT about some senior polico saying that Romania should now invade or takeover Odessa and surrounding province ( ie in the name of Nato) in order to support the Kiev regime as Kiev does not have the resources or capacity to do same. Naturally there is opposition to Nato and subjection to US in Romania, but it is a dangerous sign of intent. The other item I would like to draw your attention to is Paul Craig Robert's site. Here he feels that Russia must act fast if it is to scupper Nato's deployments and plans to control Black Sea. He feels that Russia is perhaps being too slow, meanwhile Nato moves ahead.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Saker. We (I live in Odessa and at russian Internet) don't know so much about the life of simple Americans (but we heard about Occupy).

About the USSR as a Zio-banker project - I think it is so. The Russian Empire was not so weak to simply break itself (weak empires can't build Transsibs and do Brusilovsky breakthroughs). And the main result of WW1 was destroying of all empires who could defeat the British Zioempire. And Russians - the ones who stopped Napoleon just a century ago - had to be defeated. And a bloody revolution is the best way to ruin an empire.

But there was a mistake. Lenin didn't want to build another colony to the English crown. He - surprise! - wanted to build communism, which - surprise! - is the main antagonist to the British bankers. What a fooly mistake of MI6... ahahah, it was their first and LAST communistic revolution. All their next revolutions were nazi (Hi, Hitler! Hi, Maidan!) or democracy-capitalistic (Hi, Russian Federation!).

About the death of USSR - in Odessa you can't find a human who doesn't think the Soviet Union was broken by Gorbachev's betrayal. Almost all Ukraine (except, maybe, western) and all Russia think so too. Gorbachev opened the gate to capitalistic propaganda - it was named "гласность" - publicity. In a few ages, all Soviet people believed that the Western Europe and the USA are the Heaven... or Valinor... the land where all is better than at their Union. This propaganda was excellentely added to "the poison of disillusionment and cynicism" described at the article.

About Maidan - it lives because of Ashton's cookies, secret Brennan's arrival, public Biden's arrival, some Greystone invaders and... emmm... some hundreds of Right Sector gangsters. Even our oligarhs - except Poroshenko and Kolomoiskiy - don't really believe in it. (For example, Akhmetov does NOTHING. And his 22,5 billions are more than Ahston's 5 billions.)

If Saker is right... and Obama is so stupid... and other American politics are not more clever (remember Hillari's "Putin doesn't have a soul")... when the American Revolution 2.0 starts?

Я умею талдычить на великом и мочучем и солов'їною мовою.

Ghifari X said...

How true. When folks begin to diss you your days are numbered. Staker is as accurate as history has revealed. I have always targeted leadership by removing the psychological barrier they so boldly arrogate but with truism-sooner than you think folks will join the chorus mocking.....its time to pack your bags. The United States of Washington is around that corner.