Monday, February 16, 2015

The dumbest sanction ever

Nevermind that Europe really cannot afford alienating Russia and nevermind that Merkel and Hollande have just thanked Putin for his role in bringing about Minsk-2, the Eurocretins have passed yet more sanctions against Russia.  But that is not the worst.  The worst is that including in the sanctions list was Iosif Kobzon, an immensely popular singer (in Russia and the Ukraine), who was born in a Jewish family near Kramatorsk and who spent his youth in the Donbass.  Kobzon's "crime"?  It was double: not only did Kobzon dare to fully support the Novorussians (with humanitarian aid and messages of support), he traveled to Donetsk to sing in a concert while the city was bombed by the "anti-terrorist" forces and he even invited Zakharchenko on-stage to sing with him.

Clearly, Kobzon is a very dangerous terrorist.  See him committing his worst crime:

Somewhere I can even understand the Eurocretins: here is a famous Jewish personality who is a local of the Donbass and who categorically rejects the official AngloZionist narrative about this war.  That is, indeed, very offensive to them.  But while I can understand the rage and frustration of the European plutocrats, I still marvel at their stupidity.  

The problem is that Kobzon is immensely popular.  Make sure to read his Wikipedia entry to get all the details of his very interesting career. In fact, he is so popular that he even has his own statue in Donetsk!  The second problem is that the only reason Kobzon has to travel to the EU is to get medical treatment.  Now, this treatment will be denied to him which is ugly enough.  But imagine what this will look like if something happens to him.  Kobzon was born in 1937, that makes him 77 years old, not exactly prime youth, and to make things worse, it appears that Kobzon suffers from an advanced stage of prostate cancer.  Of course, Kobzon can get treatment not only in Russia, but anywhere else outside the "Axis of Kindness", but since his condition is that severe a fatal outcome is a real possibility.  Now how will that look if Kobzon dies while being denied treatment in the EU?  Even if he is successfully treated in Russia, Israel or China - what about the very notion of denying a cancer-patient his treatment on account of his singing and delivering humanitarian aid?

Yet again the EU leaders have shown their total lack of common sense combined with a no less total lack of common decency.  That latest sanction is a monument of stupidity at best, and a vicious petty and ugly crime at worst.

Oh, and needless to say, the "Euro-Charlies" won't even notice any of that.

Personally I never never liked Kobzon or his music.  But today I see him as a hero (though his first heroic act was in 2002 - see the Wikipedia entry).

And my disgust with the continent I was born in knows no limits today.

The Saker