Monday, February 16, 2015

Saker thanks to snail-mailers!

Dear friends,

I am slowly catching up with my need to thank those who have supported this blog with their donations and today I want to thank those who sent their contributions by regular (snail) mail.  They are:

ET, Anonymous (with Amazon card), RK, LF, PM, PTT, BO, LS, KBH, JJ, MG, DK, RS, TM, DL, ET, MP, CU, SL, DK, PT, SJB, STO, MD, MG, HJ, AFI, EE

Thanks a lot to you all, not only for the donations, but also for the very kind and often interesting letters you sent me with your donations.  I wish that I had the time to reply to you one by one, but I simply cannot.  So please forgive me for thanking you together today.

Many thanks to you all and kind regards,

The Saker