Sunday, February 8, 2015

My reply to the deluge of letters from the "other West"

Oh boy, when I posted my recent exchange with "Carpenter" along with my thoughts about the "other West" and the danger of war I had no idea that I would trigger such a deluge of comments and private email.  In less than 24 hours I got well over 100 emails, often long and heartfelt ones too.  First, and this really saddens me a lot, believe me, but I have to begin by saying that I physically cannot answer such a deluge of letters.  I am very, very, sorry about that, as every one of them would deserve a lengthy reply.

I physically cannot reply to you all, please forgive me for that.

like submarines in the desert
Second, the intensity of the replies just comforts me in my belief that there really *is* this other west, that even though we all feel like submarines in a desert, we are very far from being alone.  Frankly, I am *awed* at the level of sober and profound comprehension in find in the letters I have received over the past 24 hours.  There are a lot of people who really see through it all, and that is nothing short of terrific news.  This tells me that while it appears that that imperial propaganda machine has succeeded in turning us all into passive, compliant and stupidified zombies, it has really failed with a lot of us.

What also amazes me is how many letters I got from former Cold War "warriors" who today oppose the AngloZionist Empire on exactly the same grounds that they opposed the Soviet Union.  I very much include myself in that group.  Sure, now I know that we were naive, that we were lied to, that "our" side was no better than "their" side, but even if we were mislead and naive in identifying "our" side with values such as freedom, human rights or self-determination, we were not wrong in our desire to stand up and defend these values.  In my more goofy moments I imagine creating an organization for Cold War veterans called something like "Cold Warriors for Putin" or "US patriots for Russia".

I think that it was Gilad Atzmon who said in an interview that "future politics must be ethics-based" or something very similar.  I agree.  We should not defend a country, a flag or a "side" - but only specific values even if these values have been hijacked by despicable ideologies.  Take, for example, "democracy".

I think that we can all agree in saying that "democracy" is at best a sad joke, and that in reality "democracy" is just a means to maintain the total power of the plutocracy which rules the Empire.  But in itself, the notions of government authority stemming form the consensus of the people, of popular participation in political decision-making or of a free competition of ideas are good ones.

At a time when Russia is clearly turning away from "the West" and towards the South and the East, I find a lot of comfort that there is a good part of that "West" which is doing exactly the same thing.  Does that make sense to you?  Because if, God willing, a full-scale war does not happen, then we might see a very complex reality building: the comprador "elites" in the East and the South will keep their gaze and hopes on the "West" while those in the "other West" will instead keep their eyes and hopes on the East and the South.

We can call that a "civilizational struggle" and a "class struggle", as I believe both of these categories fully apply here.

I feel very privileged to have been granted the opportunity to start a blog and a community which can bring together very different people united not by nationality, ethnicity, ideology or religion, but by a common stance in this "civilizational and class" struggle which truly defines out time.

I am immensely grateful to all of your for your kindness, support and understanding.  Let's keep up the good struggle!  I don't know that we can prevent a war from happening, but I know that we have to try as hard as we can.  And if we do, then maybe God will have mercy on us all.

Kindest regards,

The Saker