Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Weird stuff again (only for Window$ users)

Okay, some of you are getting redirected to with a title page of "Advert".  appears to be related to some kind of malware.

Some of you have reported:  Trojan.Win32.Generic

I doubt that it comes from Google who has a very solid security.

However, others have had that problem too:!topic/blogger/_rwBSluJk5k

One person claims SiteMeter might be compromised, so just in case I removed it too (it is useless anyway)

It ain't coming from my machines, none of them are Window$.
Mediafire uses Java, so maybe your JVMs have been compromised?
Or Mediafire is compromised.  I doubt it.


You can grab the same files one by one from these two locations:

I have uploaded the same two files to Dropbox:

And, just for the record.  This is not the CIA, NSA or Mossad or some dark powers that be.

This is your computer.

And the real solution is STOP USING WINDOW$!  That is what the "Win32" in the trojan ID stands for: Microsoft Windows 32 bit. Linux, BSD, Android and Mac machines will not be affected by this.

If you must use Window$, please at least use Firefox with the NoScript add-on.

I am sorry to have to tell you that I don't have the time or, frankly, inclination to find out what is going wrong this time.  Using Window$ is a de-facto consent to have your machine hacked, trojaned, virus-infected, backdoored, cracked, taken over, etc. etc. etc.  A no amount of "anti-virus" "computer security" "firewalls" or any other external tools will protect you.  In fact, most of them just make your machines slower and less stable.

Whatever is going on, I am very sorry for it but, forgive me, this is not my problem.  This is your problem.

Kind regards and good-luck,

The Saker