Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on the biggest distortion of Islam in history

The horrible events in Pakistan immediately brought to my mind the barbaric attack by Wahabi Chechens against the school in Beslan.  It is amazing for me to see that, apparently, attacking schools and taking children hostage is a God-pleasing action in the sick minds of the human reptiles known as Wahabis.  They also love to slit throats, torture and, occasionally, eat livers.  Truly, this ideology which we can call Wahabism or, probably even more accurately, Takfirism is satanic in its very core.  Ramzan Kadyrov is very wise when he refers to these militants as "shaitans" or devils.  He is, I think, quite literally true.

Unlike the Anglo "coalition of the willing", the Russian and Syrian armed forces have done a superb job killing as many of these "shaitans" as possible, as have the truly Muslim Chechens.  But one can only kill people, not ideologies.  And Takfirism cannot be eliminated by Russian or Syrian guns.  Takfirism can only be defeated by Islam.  This is what Ramzan Kadyrov has done in Chechnia and this is what Hezbollah is trying to do in Lebanon and this is what Iran is trying to achieve in the Middle-East.

In this video, Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah explains the nature of Takfirism and the threat it poses to the Muslim world: