Saturday, October 11, 2014

Ukraine SITREP October 11th, 13:05 UTC/Zulu: no Novorussian "sellout" after all

A few short items about the situation in the Ukraine.

First, here is the latest map of the combat situation: (for high res click here)

Second, Colonel Cassad is confirming that the Russians are finishing the pipeline which will bring Russian gas to some areas of Novorussia over the course of the upcoming winter.

Third, Cassad also confirms that while the voentorg (Russian covert military aid) is currently closed, the Novorussians command have received ironclad guarantees that in case of Ukie attack the voentorg would be fully reopened.  This agreement between Russia and Novorussia was finalized yesterday.

Lastly, as you have probably read elsewhere, the Novorussians and the Ukies, which have been negotiating under the watchful eyes of officially invited Russian General Staff officers, have agreed to a demarcation line although Kiev has immediately denied that.  What Kiev says really does not matter at all - they always spew nonsense - but it appears that the deal was made or is very close to being finalized.

Conclusion: all the panic about Russia "selling out" Novorussia now turns out to be utter nonsense.

The Saker

PS - important correction:

In my last SITREP I wrote:
The infighting of Novorussian political leaders and field commanders continues. At best, some of them simply ignore everybody else (Khodakovski or Cossack leaders) at worst, they openly fight each other (Bezler and Zakharchenko). In fact, Zakharchenko apparently resigned, then this resignation was pulled back.
This is incorrect. An anonymous reader correctly corrected (is this English?) me and wrote:
Saker, I am sorry but you appear to be misinformed: Bezler and Zakharchenko don't openly fight each other, or in fact anybody else. Whatever Bezler is doing, it's behind the scenes, and there is no reason to believe he is involved in the struggle to undermine Zakharchenko. The only field commander doing it seems to be Mozgovoi, with the full support and even encouragement from Strelkov.Strelkov and Mozgovoi are doing their best to undermine Zakharchenko, nobody else does. Strelkov seems to have fallen out with all the other senior Novorossian commanders, except for Mozgovoi.