Thursday, October 2, 2014

No posts were censored and nobody banned

Dear friends,

I have absolutely no idea what happened recently, but I am getting comments and emails form many of you saying that their comments had been "censored".  Guys, I did not censor any comments or, much less so, ban anybody (well, I did trash a few comments, but they were either totally insulting and rude, or spam; I mean no "normal" comment was trashed)

Blogger is clearly doing something weird again, that's all.  I took a look at the Google Apps Dashboard (see for yourself here: and it reports nothing.  So maybe it is a local problem to some geographical area were all the "censored" comments came from?  I have no idea.  But here is my request to all of you:

1) Please do not immediately assume that your comment has been "censored" or that you have been "banned".

2) If a comment you posted does not appear within at the most 24 hours, just resubmit and email me.

3) On the new blog server the moderation policy will be both crystal clear and very simple.  So wait just a little more.

Speaking of which,

I was hoping to have the new server up by today, but it might take a few more days.  Please remember that the 3 IT specialists helping me are not getting paid a single penny and that they do that on whatever time they have left after work, family life, and personal "meatspace" obligations.  I think that you will all like the result very much, but we all have to be patient.  God willing, there is no much left to wait.

Kind regards to all,

The Saker