Sunday, October 26, 2014

Oligarchs beat Nazis in Ukraine elections

According to exit polls, here are the (provisional) results of the elections in Banderastan:

Poroshenko: 23%
Iatseniuk: 21%
Self-Help: 13%
Opposition Block: 7%
Liashko: 6%
Tiagnibok: 5%
Timoshenko: 5%

Assuming this is more or less correct, this means that the various oligarch controlled parties (in blue above) have won a strong victory against the various Nazi parties (in red): 44% vs 16%.  Even if we add the Self-Help party to the Nazis, we still get 44% vs 29%.

I think we will have to wait for Wednesday for official and final results.

Kind regards, have a great week.

The Saker