Saturday, October 11, 2014

Novorussian field commander Givi talks about the Donetsk airport situation

Dear friends,

Tonight I want to share two videos with you.  The first one is of a young but very talented Novorussian commander known has "Givi" who is one of the two commanders tasked with securing the Dontesk Airport (the other one being "Motorola").  In this video Givi explains what that problem is:

But, while I am at it, I wanted to share another short video showing Givi being interviewed at the moment when the Ukies fire a volley from their "Grad" MLRS.  The rockets land very close to Givi and yet while everybody runs for cover, Givi remains absolutely impassible.  His cool is most impressive and says a lot about the kind of man Givi is.


The Saker