Friday, October 10, 2014

Four minor housekeeping issues

Dear friends,

In this short post I just want to share with you four small housekeeping items:

1) Your suggestions and comments about the new blog: they have all been carefully parsed and we have made a few immediate corrections, but there are still major problems with the migration to the new blog which have to be taken care of first before we turn to ironing out the aesthetic issues.

2) Many of you are still commenting on the old (this) version of the blog. Please do this only if posting comments here is impossible. Still, as long as there are unresolved problems with the new blog I will keep the other one open.

3) The Serbian blog is almost ready and I hope to make an official announcement about it very soon.

4) Some of you have asked me to react to something published by Gleb Bazov
(Slavyangrad) or Vladimir Suchan. I have nothing to say to them and no comments to make about anything they post; any comment referring to them will be deleted.

Kind regards to all,

The Saker