Thursday, August 22, 2013

Why I say that the "homo rights in Russia" lobby is full of crap

In the comments section of my previous post, Jack brought to my attention the following video:

It is supposed to show how a "Gay Reporter Kicked off Kremlin Network After Protesting Anti Gay Law"

Now the way this video ends one could be forgiven for thinking that the homo in question, James Kirchick, was rudely thrown off the set or something similar.  Except that what actually happened is that they simply let him finish his rant and never asked him another question again.  You can watch the full segment here:

But that is not the main point.  The main point is that Kirchick claims that the homo topic is not covered on RT.  Of course, it is, like in this panel discussion about just that:

Kirchick also makes a really funny statement about journalists being routinely harassed and tortured (!) in Russia.  While I cannot prove a negative, I can do something about his outrageous claim that the homo topic is not covered on Russian TV.

One of the most popular TV show on Russian TV is the show "K Barieru" ("To the Stand") of Vladimir Soloviev.  The show is known for inviting guest who strongly disagree with each other and it typically features a lively verbal slugfest between the opposing sides.  Last year Soloviev invited Nikolai Alekseev who is the most famous "gay" activist in Russia and who is the main organizer of the attempts to have "gay pride parades" in Russia.  In the segment above a (rather goofy looking) psychiatrist-sexologist describes the campaign of threats and harassment she has been subjected to by the Russian homo community for publishing a book the homos did not approve of.  In reaction Alekseev begins to hurl insults at her and calls her a liar.  He then makes fun of her wig and calls her a scarecrow.  At which point the host, Soloviev, interrupts the exchange to ask Alekseev how he could claim to be in favor of tolerance and acceptance while at the same time insulting a lady.  At which point Alekseev takes off his mike, smashes it and leaves the studio followed by a group of Western homos who had come with him to the show.  Check for yourself the video of this moment (no need to speak Russian to get it all):

My point?

First - homos have plenty of access to Russian TV.  If only because there is a huge amount Russian journalists who are homosexuals.  True, they don't advertise it like James Kirchick, but they don't do much to hide it either.  Many of them to an excellent job, by the way, like the two main Western Europe correspondents of the TV channel NTV.  Not only that, by tens of talkshows have been organized in Russia when this entire homo furore began. And then there are many homos in arts, such a ballet, of course, or even (crappy) pop music (like Philipp Kirkorov).

Second, the homo lobby (as opposed to Russian homosexuals) in Russia is exactly like the homo lobby in the USA.  It is composed of pathological liars who act in an amazingly rude way, like spoiled kids really, and who deeply antagonize most of the people they are trying to rally to their cause.  The kind of rude hysterics shown by Kirchick is very much in the same style as the antics of Alekseev.  Both display a lack of basic manners and an rudely aggressive personality.

Third, and this is really crucial.  Putin and the Kremlin have absolutely no reason at all to censor folks like Kirchick and Alekseev.  Why?  Because the kind of pathetic and arrogant hysterics these folks always display to make their case is the best possible way to really get the average Russian man or woman to gag in nauseated disgust.  You know what a typical Russian guy would think listening to these two?  "Морда просит кирпича!": "this face begs for a brick!" meaning that this kind of expression deserves to have a brick smashing it.  Mind you - the vast majority of Russian homosexuals do NOT elicit this kind of feelings in most Russians.  The few truly violent homophobes in Russia are still a small minority.  Most people don't care either way.

The Western elites are making a *huge* mistake by engaging in this absolutely imbecile campaign against Russia for having laws which ban homo propaganda aimed at kids.  First, every Russian knows full well that there are many countries out there, including CLOSE allies of the US/NATO/EU (think KSA here!) where homos have it much worse than in the really sexually tolerant Russian society.  But second, this propaganda campaign associates the modern Western culture and civilization with a subservience to, or admiration for, a phenomenon which most Russians see at best as a pathology and, at worst, a sign of degeneracy.  In other words, the end result of this homo campaign will be double: a worsening of the social status of homosexuals in Russia (they will be associated with a hostile, hypocritical and aggressive West) combined with a sense of contempt, if not outright disgust, with the West and its gay parades.

As for me, I would just say that a civilization which allows itself to become the hostage of lobbies like the Zionist lobby or the homo lobby deserves nothing else but the inevitable consequences of this surrender.

The Saker