Monday, August 5, 2013

Dimitri Medvedev gives a rather interesting interview to RT TV

I find this interview not so interesting from the point of view of Medvedev's personal recollection of the 08.08.08 - there is a lot that he is not saying or, even, admitting to - but from the point of his views on wars in general because here he expresses what I would call the "Russian social consensus on war" and that consensus is a key element in the shaping of the current and, I believe, future, Russian foreign policy.  Medvedev also explains how the Russian view is different from the one of the West and in particular the one still prevailing in the USA.

As I have said the past, Medvedev is what I call an "Atlantic integrationist" and yet on the issue of war even he takes a stance which is radically different from the one adopted in the US-EU.  This just goes to show how far Russia, as a country, a culture, a civilization, has drifted away from the US-EU even when we look into the views of its most pro-Western politicians.

Anyway, interesting stuff.  Check it out.


The Saker